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When Stars Align

Knock Knock

A knock on the door woke Sadie, but she refused to open her eyes.
A blanket was tossed over her bare body and whispers spoke from the door, hearing it close she opened her eyes and watched Matt set the tray of food on the ottoman at the end of her bed.
Sitting up she let the blanket slide down from around her body.

“Well good morning”
Matt crawled onto the bed craning his neck out for a kiss, smiling at their lips met.

“Since when do they do room service here?”

“When you tip them enough, coffee?”

Running her hands through her tangled blonde hair she watch Matt who stood only in his boxers fixing mugs of coffee. She hand’t known him long but she wasn’t shy or guarded around him, it all felt so natural.
She took the mug letting it warm her hands, taking a sip, it was perfect.
Matt laid down beside Sadie running his hand up and down her back, he could see the goosebumps it caused. This woman was like no one he’s ever been with before, he didn’t feel the least bit hesitant and holding her and touching her just made him feel at peace like this point in time could last forever and it wouldn’t bother him.
The rest of the morning was spent cuddling, they didn’t exactly feel like getting out of bed. The smell of Matt’s cologne clung to the sheets and made Sadie’s tummy do little flips when she smelled it, this man seemed so freaking perfect.
A ringing phone brought them both back to reality

“Ugh that’s me.”
Sadie reached out to her side table and snatched it up.


“So you are alive.”

“Haha nice to talk to you too Jen.”

“Where are you?”

“New Mexico at The Lodge”

“Doing another one of your little retreat things?”
Jen is Sadie’s best friend, even before she was famous, she’s never changed.

It was now that Matt decided to cough rather loudly, pretty sure purposefully.

“What was that?”
Of course Jen heard him.

“Uhhhh nothing…”

“Bullshit! Please don’t tell me its a fanboy. it will get all in the tabs.”

“It’s not”

“Does he know who you are?”

“I really don’t think so.”

“Wow, well alright. Have fun, see you when you get home. Remember no glove no love! Love you!”
Sadie laughed

“Alright see you later, love you too!”
Ending the call she tossed her phone back on the table.

“Wanna shower?”
Matt mumbled into her neck as his stubble tickled her. Sadie agreed and started the shower while Matt went to his room to get fresh clothes, she pulled out an outfit for herself, jeans, boots and her black Johnny Cash shirt.
She stepped into the hot water letting it wash over her bare body, Matt soon joined her. He grabbed her shower poof and lathered it up and ran it across her skin washing every crevice. He knelt down to wash her legs, Sadie’s legs almost buckled when his tongue flicked her clit.
Her hands went to his hair as he did it again…and again…and again.

“Oh god Matt!”

He stood up running his hands down her back.

"Turn around baby."

He pushed into her from behind, the sensation for both of them drove them crazy. Sadie put her hands against the wall bracing herself, feeling Matt thrust in again hitting her G spot she almost cried out in pure pleasure. It wasn’t long before the tingling warm sensation spread through her and Matt held her unmoving. For god sake they even came at the same time, how often does that happen? Its like a sign that both of them can’t ignore. This was meant to be.



I’m all for a sequel for this, I’d love to see more into their lives/relationship.

Man I love this story...

BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I hope Matt realizes what Sadie was doing...


BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I am so glad to see this has been updated! I’ve missed this story. I can’t wait for more!