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When Stars Align

Still Here

The next few minutes were a blur of medical and law enforcement personnel, walking in and out of the house. They stabilized Sadie and lifted her onto the gurney, a whimper escaped her. Blood already stained the white sheet they draped over her exposed body.
Holding her hand Matt started to walk out with her

“Shadz...they want to talk to you, I can go with her.”

Zacky said as he walked up, Matt nodded numbly

“Just...stay with her ok?”

“Of course man.”

Zacky pulled the larger man into a hug.

Matt and the remainder of the band arrived at the hospital, the ride there was quiet, no one really sure of what to say.
Sadie was already in a room. Her once crimson skin was restored to its ivory color, bandages covered her wounds. She looked peaceful as she slept, Zacky was draped across the chair next to her bed.

“How is she Zacky?”

He stood up walking to the group, he spoke in a hushed tone.

“They had to sedate her a while ago...she started freaking out when they were tending to the cuts. “


Matt slumped down into the chair

“This is my fault.”

“How is that crazy bitch torturing Sadie your fault man? Look we’ll get through this-”

“I should have protected her Brian! She could be dead! She would be if you all didn’t show up when you did!”

The guys watched as Matt came undone, his chest heaving tears dropping down his face.


Brian shook him by the shoulders

“She’s not dead! She’s here! She’s alive and she needs you! So you need to get it together and be there! Both physically and mentally! Yes it was a fucked up situation, but you’re ok and Sadie is going to be ok!”

“Do ya’ll have to yell?”

A weak voice spoke from the bed, their heads snapped to face the small woman.

“Hey honey”

Matt gently took her hand in his own. She had tubes and IVs everywhere, she had already had one bag of blood and was working on a second. Placing a gentle kiss on her uninjured cheek.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I was tortured by a psychotic bitch.”

“Cause you were!”

Johnny piped up, trying to be funny. Sadie giggled, but quickly stifled it when the pain began to spread.

“Son of a-”

A nurse walked in

“Alright guys, I know you have been through a lot today, but visiting hours are over. Miss Lynn needs to get some rest.”

Matt gave Sadie a desperate look, she gave a small reassuring smile.

“I’ll be ok honey. Go home, have a beer, and have another one for me.”

“Ok...I’ll be back in the morning ok?”

“Ok, I love you Matt Sanders.”

“And I love you Sadie Lynn.”

Pulling up in front of the house there were still pieces of caution tape tied to the banisters on the porch. Zacky pulled out a knife and proceeded to cut them off, opening the front door the home seemed normal, aside from the small drops of blood on the floor.

“I’ll go get the cleaning shit.”

Johnny walked towards the utility closet in the kitchen. Matt slowly made his way of the stairs, his stomach turning with every step he took. He walked to the door of the guest room, he almost got sick just looking at it. The smell of blood permeated the air. The chairs and bindings were gone, taken into evidence. But the blood stain below where Sadie sat was the elephant in the room.
He slid down the wall into a sitting position as the events replayed in his mind. Over and over he saw Sadie’s face, heard her scream.

A voice cut through his thoughts

“Fuck Bri! You scared the shit out of me!”

“I’m sorry, I was just coming to check on you.”

He took a seat beside his lead singer. Looking over he also saw the stain on the floor, bright red.

The next day Matt picked up some rainbow gerbera daisies on the way to the hospital. Walking into her room there were a group of people standing around, a tall brunette made her way over.

“Matt I presume?”

“Yeah...you are?”

“Jennifer, Sadie’s best friends.”

“It’s nice to finally meet, I heard a lot about you... I’m sorry it was under these circumstances.”

“Yeah...me too”

“How is she?”

“A little better….what the fuck happened?”

He could tell she was irritated, mad and scared for her best friend. Matt took a breath, spilling the whole story again as he did to the police. He watch the look of horror spread across her face.
“You were supposed to protect her….she was supposed to be safe with you.”

She spoke quietly, as not to disturb Sadie.He knew this, and he was still beating himself up, he couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking of what he could have done differently.

“And I tried my damndest ok?! There was only so much I could do! Tied to a fucking chair as my Fiance was being tortured in front of me!”

“Woah! What?!”


Sadie spoke up, Matt’s voice attracting attention. Making his way over he sat on the edge of the bed.

“So I did say yes…”

Her brain was a little rattled at that point in time, unsure of whether she actually said it or dreamed it in her unconscious state.

“Yes. But I know you weren't in the right mind at the time, so if you didn’t mean-”

“-Just shut up and kiss me.”


Thank-you for reading, I've really enjoyed writing this story!
I'm debating on writing a sequel to go more in-depth into Matt and Sadie's relationship, maybe throw a few more twists and turns in there, what do ya'll think??


I’m all for a sequel for this, I’d love to see more into their lives/relationship.

Man I love this story...

BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I hope Matt realizes what Sadie was doing...


BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I am so glad to see this has been updated! I’ve missed this story. I can’t wait for more!