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She's a Little Bit Country, He's a Little Bit Rock N' Roll

Little Black Boxes

The sun hit my eyes with a burning rage as I slowly opened them, feeling the heat against my skin from the window. I shot up realizing what time it was.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit!” I gasped rolling out of bed and hitting my elbow on my bedside table, wincing in pain.

The loud thud from my fall caused Matt to jolt up in bed.

“Ivy, are you okay!?” He asked rubbing his eyes.

“Fuck...where the fuck is my uniform?” I mumbled as I threw everything out of my dirty clothes hamper.

“What are you doing?” He yawned.

“It’s fucking eight thirty! I was supposed to be at work half an hour ago!” I huffed.

I heard a small chuckled escape Matt’s lips as he admired my frustration.

“Ivy you don’t work today. You don’t work for the club anymore.” He smirked putting his feet on the ground and stretching his back out.

“What do you mean I don’t work for the club anymore?” I scrunched my brows together.

“Zacky called for you and Pixie last night after we found out the news. We all have the managers number and he’s a pretty nice guy. We explained the reasoning and he said you two needed a fun break from the adult world after spending so much time in school, anyway. He said we could come by and pick up your paycheck for the one shift you guys worked.” He laughed.

I didn’t want to seem like a shitty employee. My work ethic was highly strong, and it’s something I’ve always taken pride in myself for. My parents taught me all about hard work.

I sat on the bed and let out a deep breath. There was no point in trying to go back to sleep with the way I jumped out of bed. Not the best way to start a morning, but seeing his smile made it worth it.

“So what’s the plan for today?” I yawned, planting a soft kiss on his forehead.


My front door was thrown open with a very chipper Pixie walking in, lit Marlboro in hand and a huge smile plastered on her face.

“Guess who’s shopping today!” She grinned attack hugging me.

I leaned in and took a drag off of the cigarette as she held it still in her hand, letting the nicotine relax me from the hectic morning.

“As I was saying before Pixie ruined the surprise, me and the guys have a busy day with our manager getting everything sorted out so Zacky and I are giving you girls our cards to go shopping.” He grinned.

“Matt I already spent enough of your money yesterday.” I frowned.

“You’re worth every penny I have and then some, beautiful girl. Enjoy the day with your best friend. You both need it.” He kissed me.

“Get a fucking room.” Pixie chuckled.

“Fuck off Pixie you’re in my apartment. Besides, I could say the same everytime I see you with Zacky.” I smirked.

“Yeah, about that, looks like your girl is officially off the market and I don’t have a bad suitor I must say.” She grinned.

Matt and I congratulated them on their newfound relationship. It was so odd being a part of this. I never thought I’d see the day where I could tell people that Pixie and I dropped our day jobs to go on tour with a famous band, and to top it all off we were dating two of the members. Is this real life?

"Are you wearing that shopping?" I motioned towards Pixie's laid back outfit of shorts, a t shirt and converse with her messy bun.

"Absolutely. I don't feel like getting a dolled up in this heat of hell." She laughed.

I jumped out of bed and walked to my closet, grabbing an ensemble closely resembling hers before tossing it on the bed. Matt's phone began to buzz and he read over the text carefully.

"Alright girls, we gotta head out. Boss man is waiting." Matt smiled leaning down to kiss me as Zacky did the same for Pix.

We watched them walk out the door before falling into my bed.

"Do you even feel like shopping today?" I chuckled.

"It's just so fucking hot outside. Satan decided to sit on California today!" She sighed.

"I don't feel like going crazy. I just want to get what I need for the tour, grab some food, and head back here to my comfy cold room." I stood up and slid off clothes so I could change.

Pixie has seen me naked a million times over. It doesn't really phase either of us anymore.

"Do you wanna run by the club to pick up our checks first? We'll have one whole day's worth of extra cash for ourselves." Pixie chuckled stretching her body out.

"Yeah, I want to apologize to everyone. I don't want them to think I'm a failure." I smirked throwing my t shirt over my head.

I slipped on my converse and shoved Matt's card into my wallet, gathering up all of my items for the day to survive, including a cold water bottle.

Walking outside literally felt like walking into an oven. There was no way we could walk around any of the outlets today, so we had no choice but to go to the mall. We hopped into my car and headed towards the club. It felt relaxing knowing we didn't have to work there another day, and that I was free from possibly having to kick Valary's ass if she decided to provoke me at said workplace.

"So when are you going to punch me in the face?" Pixie chuckled taking a drag off a cigarette and exhaling the smoke out the passenger side window.

"Why would I punch you?"

"So I know this is all real." She smirked and leaned her head against the seat.

"I know what you mean. A couple of days ago we were just another statistic in the great city of Huntington Beach. Now look at us." I sighed.

The rest of the drive went quickly. Everyone at the club wished us luck on our adventures and told us to be safe and have fun. I can't think of anything but fun when I'm with Matt. I couldn't explain our connection but it was like a lit match to gasoline. Instantly intense.

The mall was surprisingly dead for a Wednesday afternoon during the summer. Usually it's packed full of teens who think it's the best hangout spot in the city. As we walked from store to store grabbing items we needed, I couldn't stop myself from thinking about last night.

Matt's body against mine was the greatest feeling I'd ever felt. His lips moved with mine so precisely that it's almost as if they were meant to be against mine. I could have stayed in bed with him for the next week and I would have loved every second of it.

I grabbed my cell phone from my purse in the dressing room, smirking as I looked over my body in the string bikini I found. I snapped a quick photo and brought up Matt's contact.

Missing you more than you know.

I smiled and hit send, only to feel my phone vibrate before I could even put it back into my bag.

God you're such a tease! I'd much rather be there with you in that dressing room than sitting around planning. Get that bikini, though. You look amazing!

I chuckled and got undressed, throwing the barely there swimsuit into my 'keep' pile.

"Ivy what do you think of this?" I heard Pixie call from the dressing room across from me.

I opened the door to reveal her in a one piece suit that had cutouts on the sides. I would kill for her body. We were the same size, but her shape was a tiny bit more curvy than mine and it made a huge difference.

"You look hot, girl! Zacky won't even know what hit him!" I chuckled.

We began talking over the curtains as we threw our clothes back on.

"Sooo, how have you and Zacky been?" I asked popping a bubble from my chewing gum.

"It's amazing Ives. Everything I could have ever asked for in a partner is gifted into him and I can't believe how lucky I've gotten with him. It's weird to think about, but I can already picture a future with him." She grinned.

"I know exactly what you mean! I can picture a life with Matt but I feel crazy for even thinking about it this soon. We barely met but our connection is so intense."

"Yeah well I better be the maid of honor in your fucking wedding." She smirked.

"Who else would I have by my side that day? Valary?" I chuckled.

We gathered our items from the dressing room and headed to check out. The rest of the day was a blur of shopping. You would think for two girls our age who are constantly broke this day would have been a dream, but both of us just wanted to get home to our guys. After finally getting everything on our lists and a few things for Matt and Zacky, we headed back to our apartment complex.

"We should go to dinner tonight. I don't feel like cooking and I'm sure the guys are going to be starving when they get back!" Pixie sighed as she took all of the bags into her arms.

If there's one thing we've learned after living on the second floor of the apartments, it's that you don't make two trips for anything.

"My arms...are going...to fall off.." I whined as I slowly made my way up the steps.

As we parted ways to our apartments my phone started ringing. It was my gorgeous boyfriend.

I will never get used to saying that.

"Hey sweetheart!" I smiled while falling onto my couch.

"Hey beautiful. We're wrapping up here so we'll be home soon! Are you girls hungry? We're starving."

"Pixie and I talked about grabbing a bite. We figured you two would be hungry. I'll tell her to get changed and we'll be waiting at my place."

"Perfect! We'll see you soon, gorgeous."

"Oh, and Matt?"


"You said you'd be home soon. I like the sound of that." I smirked.

"Home for me is now anywhere that you are. Bye, beautiful."

With that we ended the conversation. I texted Pixie the plan and quickly rummaged through my shopping bags to pull out something new to wear tonight. I settled on a casual dress and began changing. After relaxing on my bed and smoking a cigarette, I heard my front door knob jingle.

"Honey, I'm home!" Matt called out sarcastically.

I jumped off the bed and ran straight into his arms.

"I missed that gorgeous smile!" He grinned leaning down to kiss me softly.

"I missed your gorgeous everything." I chuckled.

Pixie and Zacky walked in shortly after hand in hand.

"So...we were going to wait until dinner but Zacky and I are highly impatient. We have something for you." Matt smiled.

They sat us on the couch and each pulled out a small black box.


I'm so sorry I haven't been updating! Life has definitely been throwing curve balls my way. Going through a break up, school starting, and work being super hectic. I know this chapter is shitty, and it ends with a cliffhanger, but I am going to try to start updating at least once a week! I am so sorry to disappoint you guys, but I am trying! I hope you are all doing well. Comments are always appreciated!



Hey gurl hey! Sorry I haven't been keeping up, I pretty much stopped reading fanfiction for ages. Not because I don't still enjoy it, I just wasn't motivated/in the mood to read. But I caught up on this whole thing today. And I gotta say, even though I read this wayyyy back when you first wrote it, that ending still fucked me up. I'll start reading the re-write of the sequel tomorrow. :)
- Much love, your friend always, Shazz xx

I feel like the build up of the characters was rushed. It was an ok story and all ..... just rushed.

synology synology

I love how bratty and playful Ivy and Pixie were in this chapter haha
And I did read the one before it, just so you know :)

It's Shazz, by the way :P


This is amazing :) I can't wait to read more

amyxavier amyxavier