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She's a Little Bit Country, He's a Little Bit Rock N' Roll

Highs and Lows.

My eyes traced over her body in an endless loop. She was driving me insane. She held such innocence but her eyes turned dark with deviousness as she bit her lip and pulled me close to her.

My lips trailed across her collar bone, up her neck and back down to her chest. Her chest rose and fell with every deep breath she had in her. I could hear her heartbeat as my cheek rested against her skin, sounding as though her heart was about to burst.

My lips connected back with hers and we moved together in an intimate dance for dominance. My hands pinning her arms down over her head, around her delicate frame. Her warm breath was hitting my bottom lip as my tongue slid across hers, her mouth opening slightly for me to enter.

I rolled us over and placed her hips on top of mine, sitting up and reaching around to unhook the thin lace cloth from her breasts, exposing them to the cold air. I placed my lips upon every inch of skin as my fingertips ran lines across her back.

I just wanted to touch her. I wanted to feel connected to her as much as I could. I wanted to be one with her.

She bent down and slightly sank her teeth into my neck, resulting in a low growl from my throat. My fingers wrapped themselves in the short hair at the back of her neck as I pulled her away from my neck by it and onto my lips. They crashed into mine. It was heated, fiery, passionate…everything I’ve wanted from her.

I stood up with her legs wrapped around my waist, dropping her onto the bed in the middle of it. I slowly slid off the rest of her lingerie and tossed it to the side, her legs falling open slightly making my mouth water.

I got on my knees at the foot of the bed and pulled her closer to me by her hips, my lips and tongue running along the inside of her thighs. She was glistening from her core and by her squirming hips I could sense that she was aching for me. My tongue slid across her clit as I began to taste her. Her skin was warm and tasted sweet. I watched as her hands gripped the sheets as a soft moan escaped her lips. It made me smile against her skin.

Her fingers went to my hair as she held my head in one place, moving her hips in slow circles against my tongue. She was in control of me and that turned me on more than anything.

I took my time in taking her body in, enjoying the taste of her skin and the moans from her lips. Her legs began to shake and I knew she was extremely close, but I didn’t want to push her over that edge just yet. I wanted to build her up to the point of pure ecstasy. I wanted to be the best she’s ever had, and the only one she’ll have for the rest of her life.

I kissed my way back up her body until our lips meant once more as I slid out of my jeans and boxers, both of us purely exposed and vulnerable. Her fingertips gripped my arms as I lowered myself and slid into her, a loud gasp erupting from her throat. I rocked my hips into her at an even pace, getting faster and deeper with each thrust. Her hands grasped at my arms in different places like she was searching for something that wasn’t there. Her head fell back onto the pillow and she repeated my name over and over, encouraging me to go faster.

“Fuck…Ivy…” My breathing was shallow and I could feel the tension build up in my lower stomach. It burned so intensely that I knew my release was close. I want to feel her cum for me. I want to feel her skin twitch and tighten around my length as she comes down from her orgasm.

“Matt…I-…I’m gonna—“

I bent down to her ear, thrusting faster before I whisered “Please cum for me, baby.”

Her arms quickly wrapped around my neck as she rode out her orgasm with me. Both of us in Heaven together before I fell next to her, trying to catch my breath.

It wasn’t long before she sat up and crawled over me, kissing down my chest and outlining my tattoos with her tongue. Her lips felt so good against my skin.

“Ivy…wh-what are you…d-doing…” I breathed as she kissed lower and lower.

“I want to taste you.” She purred, her tongue running along the tip of my cock.

As soon as I felt her, it felt as though a jolt of electricity went through my body. My fist clenched and I bit my lower lip. I looked down to see her eyes on mine as she took my length into her mouth, sliding her tongue around it beginning to suck lightly. She began moaning in appreciation as my fingers went to her hair, guiding her head up and down as my entire lower half relaxed into the bed.

“Your mouth feels so fucking g-…good…” I growled.

She kept her mouth on the tip as her hand wrapped around the base, moving up and down with an even motion. She removed her mouth with a subtle pop, her hand still moving up and down along my cock as she studied my face.

“Please cum for me, Mattie…again.” She smirked.

God, this girl had no idea what she was doing to me.

My eyes closed tightly as I felt that rush flow over me once more. My breathing became hitched in my throat and my entire body tensed up.

“Oh fuck Ivy I’m cumming! Please don’t stop!” I grunted.

She gladly put her mouth over the tip of my cock and took in every ounce of cum I had to offer her, small moans escaping through her. I was impressed to be honest. I’ve never had sex with a girl who was happy to swallow.

She smiled and wiped the corner of her mouth off with her thumb before crashing next to me in the bed. We laid there in comfortable silence, our hard breathing filling the air.

“Ivy, just…wow…” I grinned down at her and kissed the top of her head.

“Was it bad?” She bit her lip.

I almost scoffed at the fact that she would even ask that. It was hands down the best sex I had ever been a part of. I never felt that connected with Val or any other girls I’ve slept with. This time it was passionate and it felt like it meant something rather than having sex just to fuck. You can get to know so much about a person when you’re intimate with them. You can point out their insecurities and their wants.

“Ivy how could you even ask that? Of course it wasn’t bad. That was the best intimate experience of my life. You felt amazing.” I smiled.

Her eyes widened as if I just impressed her with my answer. I wasn’t sure why she was questioning it so much.

“I’m sorry it’s just, I’ve never done that before so I wanted to make sure.” She shrugged.


“You’re a virgin…” I asked shocked.

“Was a virgin until now.” She pursed her lips.

“Ivy why didn’t you tell me!? I would have been more gentle with you! I didn’t even give you time to adjust I just went for it!” I frowned, feeling terrible because I more than likely hurt her.

“I didn’t want you to treat me like I was fragile just because I had never had sex. I wanted to see how you would touch me and how you would fuck me without knowing I had never done this before.”
She sighed.

She grabbed my face in her hands and forced me to look her in the eyes.

“You didn’t hurt me. It was uncomfortable, sure. Nothing like girls talk about, though. There wasn’t some waterfall of blood or an immense amount of unbearable pain that happened. There’s no way to avoid that uncomfortableness, and if anyone was going to make me feel it I am glad it was you.” She kissed me gently, not breaking away quickly.

“Are you sure…you’ve never done any of that before? Your mouth…it does wonders.” I chuckled dryly.

“Pixie and I used to watch a lot of porn growing up. We would grab snacks, run to her room and turn on Cinemax. Her remote had a last channel button so we would set the last channel to Disney and every time we heard someone walking towards her room we would quickly switch it back to dinner. It was a good learning system.” She chuckled reminiscing.

I shook my head in laughter. Of course she did things like that with Pixie. Their friendship is a bond I don’t think anyone will ever understand.

“You’re amazing you know that, right?” I laughed.

“I try, it’s a bit of a side job though apart from being a boss ass bitch full time.” She smirked kissing me on the cheek.

We went to jump in the shower to clean up. As much as we both badly wanted to ravish each other again, we both agreed to give Ivy’s body a break for the night so it wasn’t too overwhelming or painful.

I was slipping on boxers when I heard a knock on the front door.

“I’ll get it! I’m decent.” She chuckled.

I slapped her ass as she walked away and she giggled all the way to the door.

As soon as it opened and I heard her voice, I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Where is he you little whore!” Val spat busting through the front.

I ran to the door way, not bothering to put any clothes on.

“Valary what the fu—“

“I knew I would find you here you asshole! Am I interrupting? Did you just fuck her all night? Did our entire existence mean nothing to you?!” She growled.

“Hey! I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but you better get out of my home in the next two seconds before I throw you out.” Ivy spat.

Seeing her angry was so fucking sexy…you know, as long as it wasn’t towards me.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are little girl! You think you can just waltz in and take away my entire life that has been mine for years!?” Val yelled and pushed Ivy.

“Hey! You don’t fucking touch her Valary.” I growled stepping between the two of them.

“No, you know what it’s fine sweetheart. She can push me all she wants…but she can’t do this.”

Just like that, in the blink of an eye Ivy punched Valary square in the jaw and nose. I could hear the crack echo through the silent living room as blood started pouring from Val’s face. She stood there in shock holding her nose with tears in her eyes.

“You walk into my home and think it’s okay to pick a fight because you weren’t woman enough for this man? You’re going to learn your lesson. You never fucking deserved him, but you sure as hell deserved this. Get the fuck out of my home before I break something else on your fragile fucking body.” Ivy spat.

Valary stood there in horror as she waited for me to defend her…but I didn’t. She wasn’t a part of my life at this point. I would never condone hitting a woman, but in all honesty she deserved it.

I could never tell the guys she mentally and physically abused me. They knew about the mental abuse and how manipulative she was, but if I told anyone she hit me they would find it amusing. She would get some good punches in when she was angry. I can’t count how many bruises she had given me over the years.

Watching Ivy stand up for herself and our newfound relationship made me realize how much I adored her. I didn’t think it could increase any more than it has through this past day together but she continued to impress me.

I watched as Ivy pulled Valary by her arm and threw her out of the door, slamming it in her face and locking all of the locks.

She turned to me and blew the strand of her bangs that had fallen in her face, a calm expression like that entire event didn’t just happen.

“Have I told you today how amazing you are?” I smirked pulling her close.

“You have, but I wouldn’t mind hearing it every day for the rest of my life.” She kissed me.

I wouldn’t mind telling her every day for the rest of her life, either.

I wouldn’t mind telling her every day for the rest of our lives.


Hey guys!

I am so sorry I didn't have a chance to update yesterday! Here, have some Matt and Ivy action AND fight action to make up for it! I hope you're all loving it! Welcome to my new subscribers and commenters. I appreciate you guys so much for giving me feedback! It means the world to me. I hope you enjoyed the update! I won't be able to update until Thursday afternoon, because my day is full of work tomorrow and Thursday morning (boo to being an adult), but I will as soon as I can and hopefully this holds you over!



Hey gurl hey! Sorry I haven't been keeping up, I pretty much stopped reading fanfiction for ages. Not because I don't still enjoy it, I just wasn't motivated/in the mood to read. But I caught up on this whole thing today. And I gotta say, even though I read this wayyyy back when you first wrote it, that ending still fucked me up. I'll start reading the re-write of the sequel tomorrow. :)
- Much love, your friend always, Shazz xx

I feel like the build up of the characters was rushed. It was an ok story and all ..... just rushed.

synology synology

I love how bratty and playful Ivy and Pixie were in this chapter haha
And I did read the one before it, just so you know :)

It's Shazz, by the way :P


This is amazing :) I can't wait to read more

amyxavier amyxavier