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Wrong In All The Right Ways

the one and only chapter

Zacky's POV:

I wake up feeling full. Quickly I realize there's a cock in my ass. Turning my head I see Jimmy behind me. Jimmy flashes me a grin.

Movement in front of me draws my attention. I'm surprised to find Johnny's ass flush against my hips. He moans in his sleep.

"What do you say we wake him up?" Jimmy questions his lips trailing down my neck.

A groan escapes as his teeth scrape my sweet spot.

My bedroom door is thrown open. It's my mother. Her shrill screech pierces the air.

Johnny shoots up. His head whipping back and forth. He spots my mom. His eyes bug out of head.

"You dirty fucking freaks." She screams.

Walking over she grabs Johnny throwing him from my bed. She turns to Jimmy. Her hand raises.

I grab her wrist. Jimmy looks at me sadly. I nod to the door. Head down he takes Johnny's hand and leaves my room.

"Get out of my house you're disgusting!" Mom hollers.

I wasn't putting myself through this torture any longer. I didn't matter what they said. This is who I was and I'm done hiding.

"I'm gay mom." I tell her.

"Then you can leave right along with them you little faggot." She sneers.

Pulling clothes on I race after Johnny and Jimmy. Jimmy's on the phone. His arm is wrapped around Johnny.

Not five minutes later Brian pulls up in front of my house. The three of us climb into his car. He speeds away from the house none of us look back.

Brian Sr. let us stay at his house as long as we needed. After almost six months we were finally moved out. All of us were thankful to have someone who loves us that much.

Jimmy whispers to Brian. He tells him that it's time to go after what he truly wants. With one last hug we're on our way to our new place.

I had taken a while but Jimmy, Johnny and finally found a place that was all our own.

After another long day at work we're all in bed together. Jimmy grunts his climax shooting in Johnny's mouth. Johnny walks over to me.

He motions to the bed. I climb on to my hands and knees. I feel his spit around my hole. It turns me on knowing some of Jimmy's cum is mixed in.

Johnny grabs my waist ramming his dick into me. My hips slam back.

It isn't long before we're both panting. Jimmy's hand wraps around my cock.

"Uhhhh." I groan cumming all over Jimmy's hand.

A couple more thrusts I feel Johnny's load shoot into my ass. My chest heaves. Jimmy leans over pressing his lips to mine. He turns to Johnny.

"It's your turn now."



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