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Chapter 1

It was 8 o' clock in the morning, the sun had just fully risen and the waves crashed softly against shore line. Johnny loved being home again, he could relax- Or he could at least attempt to. Recently, he'd been finding it more and more of a struggle each day to try and find some peace of mind. He was constantly lost in deep thoughts of self-doubt and anxiety and his nights were sleepless and dragging. He daren't tell any of the band though, he concluded. They had all had enough on their plate recently with stress of touring. They deserved to have some time out. He wasn't going to burden them now. Johnny decided he best thing to do was to keep quiet and try hard to forget it. Everybody went through these phases, and it would surely be over in no time, wouldn't it? As hard as he tried to reassure himself, he wasn't completely convinced.
It was a warm day with a gentle breeze. The bright sun beamed down on Huntington, bringing it to life. Even though it was still fairly early, the people of Huntington had gathered at the beach in huge numbers. Everybody appeared to be spending the day out with their family or friends and were all having a good time. Apart from Johnny. He stood alone, isolated, on the slightly more empty end of the beach. He had his headphones in, removing himself from the world around him. He wore a black hoodie, some old washed out grey jeans and black converse. Compared to his summery surroundings, he looked dull and dead. Just for a short moment, Johnny looked up. Further up the beach, Johnny could see one hell of a beautiful girl. Silky black hair fell down her back and reached her small waist. Her skin looked soft and pale, it reminded him of vanilla icecream. Her dark red lips were slightly parted and her icy blue gaze was unavoidable. A gorgeous grin spread across her face and Johnny felt himself instantly warm up. He smiled back, thinking she was looking at him. He soon realized his mistake as he felt a large figure crash into his back. A rather tall, muscular guy stood out from behind him and crouched down slightly to look at Johnny before saying "Hey, watch out kiddo. Didn't see you down there".
The guy (who in his own eyes was everything Johnny was not) laughed and walked back to his girlfriend who was now definitely not looking at Johnny. He sighed. It was just another one of the many things that sucked about being short.
He decided to head back home. He'd had enough of the outdoors and fresh air for now. Just as he was about to turn on his iPod, his phone began to ring. Johnny rolled his eyes in frustration. He really wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone right now, he just wished it was more obvious. Looking down at his phone, he saw Zack's name and answered the call.

"Hey man, its Zack. Just wanted to let you know we're all going out tonight to celebrate tour being over and being home again. If you wanna come, meet us at Matt's at 8:00pm. Later, maybe?"

"Yeah, thanks bro. Later."

He hung up. Maybe it would be good for him to socialise a little. What could go wrong anyway?


Hope you guys like it?!
please comment with advice or tips on how i could improve it :)


I like it. I think its a good start. I'm curious as to what will happen next. ^^
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