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Happy Ending.

Happy Ending.

“Please have a seat Mr. Haner. We’ll be with you shortly,” the woman said in a thick Asian accent.

Brian uncomfortably took a seat in the waiting area, catching glances from a few of the people around. He could feel them judging him, wondering why he was here. Maybe it was weird that a guy like him was sitting in this massage parlor, but just one day, he wanted a moment of relaxation. He'd been on tour for almost a year, and his body was too tense for words. He would easily admit to himself that he indeed felt awkward and uncomfortable, but the people that worked in this profession were, well, professionals, so no judgment would be passed. He looked at his hands, folded loosely in his lap, still feeing the eyes burning holes through him. Through the ink that adorned both of his bare arms. A sigh escaped through his thin lips as he fiddled with his thumbs. Time passed, and kept on passing.

“Mr. Haner, follow me,” the same woman said.

Brian got up and followed the woman past the desk, into a long, narrow hallway. Peculiar sounds entered his ears, causing him to arch an eyebrow, wondering what was going on. Professional massages were good, but were they that good that people would be moaning? He entered one of the empty rooms behind the woman, the soothing sound of running water filled his ears. The woman instructed him to strip down, wrap the towel around his waist, lay comfortably on the table and just wait for the masseuse who would be in shortly. Once she left, he did as instructed, laying comfortably on the table, face down like he had seen everywhere. As he laid there, he imagined that his masseuse would be some old Asian lady, because he knew with his luck, he wouldn't get somebody who was attractive. More time was passing, and Brian was almost asleep when he heard the door open.

“How are we doing today, Mr. Haner?” a girl asked, speaking perfect clear English.

Brian looked up to see the girl enter the room. His breath got caught in his throat as he admired her. Mahogany colored hair pinned up neatly with two chopstick pins. Squared, black rimmed glasses over a pair of chocolate brown eyes. Dimples formed in her cheeks as she smiled. The work outfit consisted of what looked like a smock, a skirt that fell just above her knees.

“Wow umm, I expected some old Chinese person,” he said.

“I get that a lot,” she said, smiling. “I’m Lisa.” She picked up the clipboard to see exactly what was purchased.

“You can call me Brian.”

“Alright, Brian. Just lay down and relax.”

He almost couldn’t take his eyes off of her, but managed to lay back down. She began to massage his shoulders and his back, admiring the artwork that was inked all over his body. The moment remained silent except for the dribbling water as she went to work on her massage. Lisa was blushing the whole time, thankful that he couldn’t see her. Just as he had stated that she wasn’t the stereotypical Asian, she stated to herself that he wasn’t the typical customer. She was used to other women, gay men, or creepy old guys who would always ask for a 'happy ending.' Time passed as she felt the tension leaving his back as she rhythmically moved her hands over his muscles to relieve the stress. As it ended sooner than she wanted it to, he rolled over and sat up, clearly looking more refreshed.

“Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Haner?” Lisa asked as she smoothly signed the paper.

“How about a happy ending?” He asked in a sly, yet joking way, hoping she had a sense of humor.

She glanced at him from over the top of her glasses, a smirk curling up the right corner of her mouth. After eyeing the nearly goofy grin he wore, she turned to him. “I might have to charge extra for that.” Her voice dropped to a more seductive tone.

Brian blushed slightly at her intent to actually take the offer. The sly grin spread across her whole face as she put the clipboard back on the table. “Mr. Haner, if you would just lay down and relax again, I will get to work.”

Her seductive tone was slowly arousing him, and he was using his energy to keep calm and not instantly get hard as he laid back down. She grabbed a washcloth, dampened it with warm water before placing it over Brian’s eyes. He didn’t do anything to react, because he just wanted to go with the flow. He jumped when she began massaging his thighs while the towel still rested there. Her fingers hitting the deep tissue tension, getting closer and closer to his cock. He still maintained thoughts to keep him from getting hard at the snap of a finger, but he could slowly feel the blood rushing to his core. He twitched lightly when soft hands now touched the skin of his thighs, again moving closer. His breath was caught in his throat again, resisting every urge to get up, bend her over the table, and fuck her brains out like he’d been used to doing with other girls. A low groan escaped his throat when her hand wrapped around his dick, slowly massaging him into full arousal. The blood rushed through his body faster, racing to the core of his body. As her palm massaged the underside, her thumb would tease the tip before her hand wrapped around him, moving up and down the length. He could feel her wrist turning, massaging him in more than one direction.

A deeper groan escaped his throat as he was getting closer and closer to his release. As he was seconds away, her hand pulled away. Frustration was trying to tell him to look and see what she was doing, but he remained as he was. He could feel the massage bench moving, and he felt her body touch the skin of his legs as she climbed on the table to sit between them. Her hand wrapped around the base, massaging his balls now, and he twitched when he felt what he could only assume was her tongue teasing the tip. Once again he was choking on his breath as she slowly teased his length into her mouth, tongue massaging the underside, hand massaging his balls slowly. His fists clenched at his sides, resisting the new urge to grab onto her head and force himself as far as he could get into her mouth.

As the tip brushed near her throat, she let out a low groan, sending a few vibrations into his body. He groaned again, his hips bucking out of reflex. She gagged at the reflex, but continued to massage him with her tongue. He could feel the ecstasy beginning to form in the pit of his stomach as he was getting closer again to releasing. As if she could sense it as well, she lifted her head and wrapped her hand around him again, jerking quickly. He groaned deeply and his whole body shuddered briefly as he came, releasing the warm, sticky substance into her hand. Moments later after he regained control of his breathing, he sat up, flushed, shocked. He had the reputation of a man-whore, and slept around, but he had never had anything this amazing. He looked towards Lisa. She wore another cheeky grin.

“So, umm, how much extra will you be charging?” he asked, breaking the awkward silence.

She continued to grin as she locked the door to the room. “Well, what do you think would be a good price?” Her seductive smile was beginning to get him hard again.

He wrapped the towel back around his waist, slid off the bench and walked over to her. “Well, I could deal a happy ending as well,” he said in his own seductive tone as he pulled the chopsticks from her hair, releasing the long mahogany locks. He then wrapped his arms around her.

Lisa was now the one choking on her breath as it hitched in her throat. He held her tightly against him, leaning down and latching his lips to her neck, placing a wet kiss right behind her earlobe. A spot that instantly made her weak. He crashed his lips to hers as he released her from his grip, placing his hands on her hips, guiding her to the bed while he kissed her deeply. He backed her into the bench, leaning over her as she arched her back to lean against it. One of his hands roamed her body, reaching for the hemline of her uniform. Her skin felt so soft against his hand as he trailed towards her core. Reflexively, she lifted the same leg and wrapped it around his waist, allowing him more access to her. Through the fabric of her panties, he could feel the moisture and the heat. He brushed his fingers against her, eliciting a soft moan from her lips. His hand trailed higher, under her bra and cupping a breast in his hand.

She reached her hands and managed to unbutton her uniform, allowing him even better access. He unhooked her bra, exposing her breasts to the air. As the air cooled her breasts and she became more aroused, her nipples became hard. As he kissed her hungrily again, he cupped both breasts in his hands, using his thumbs to tease her nipples. She groaned lightly again and his hands once again traveled to her core which was now throbbing in desire for his touch. Brian teased her again through the fabric of her panties. He unhooked her leg from around his waist so he could slide them down her legs and off her body. They locked eyes as his fingers rubbed against the slit of her core. She begged him with her eyes to touch her. He pulled his hand away before kissing her again. Trailing kisses down her body until he kneeled in front of her. He now used his tongue to tease her. She leaned back onto the bench more comfortably, picking her feet off the ground. He pushed her legs apart just enough to allow him full access, then began teasing her with his tongue, lightly pressing it against her clit. The small bundle of nerves slowly became sensitive as his tongue traced it.

“Oh, God,” she whispered breathlessly, a white knuckle grip on the edge of the bench.

Her arousal was turning him on as he slowly flicked his tongue over her clit, gradually increasing the speed of which he was doing it. As the pleasure raced through her body, her breath was getting caught in her throat. She felt a finger slowly slide into her, prodding at her inner walls, sending even more waves of pleasure through her body. His finger found the other spongy bundle of nerves inside her, and as he hit it, her hips bucked. With his lips and tongue attached to her clit, and a finger inside of her, she was nearly choking on her breath, holding in the deep moans that threatened to escape from her throat. Her hands cramped from gripping the bench, her legs were shaking, and she could feel her climax slowly beginning to form in the pit of her stomach. Her whole body began to shake as she was closing in on her release. He stopped, standing back up and leaning over her.

“You taste so sweet, baby,” he whispered into her ear, sending a chill through her body.

She caught her breath, but frustrated as she was so close, but he stopped. “Why did you stop?” she asked.

Brian just grinned, grabbing both of her hands and pulling her into his body again. Without any words, he turned her around, bending her over the bench the other way now. He trailed more wet kisses down her spine, waiting for her to calm down a little bit. The view of her bent over the bench was somehow the hottest thing he had seen, and made him nearly rock hard again. His hands cupped her ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze as he trailed kisses back up towards her neck. Lisa was growing impatient as lust and desire were burning through her whole body.

“Brian, I need you right now,” she said breathlessly.

With a grin, he teased her opening with the tip of his cock. A hand placed firmly between her shoulder blades held her from trying to push back to cover him. He teased a bit more before slowly sliding inside of her. As he entered slowly, and she let out a low groan as he filled her. The needy desire slowly faded with each thrust. With a firm grip on her hips, he pulled her back as he jerked forward, going into her as deep as he could possibly get. She bit on a towel to keep her moans muffled. With each thrust, his tip would hit that bundle of nerves inside of her that his finger was prodding earlier. Pleasure was racing through her body in waves similar to those of a violent hurricane. She had been used to feeling some pleasure from sex, but this felt completely new and different to her. Her legs began to shake again as her orgasm built back up. One of his hands trailed up her spine, and his fingers intertwined with her hair before pulling gently, causing a new sensation to race through her body. Once again as she neared her climax, he stopped and pulled himself out of her.

Lisa groaned in frustration again, as she tried to regain control of her breathing. “You need to stop that,” she said breathlessly. “The extra charge is enough, you don’t need to get it any higher.”

He leaned over her, pressing his body to hers. “Nobody has ever made me feel like that before,” he said, pressing another kiss at the nape of her neck.

“Well, Mr. Haner, I’m getting tired of being frustrated right now, so I’d like for this to get taken care of,” she said using a professional sounding, yet seductive tone.

He stood straight up, pulling her with him. After turning both of them around, he got back up on the bench, laying down, still keeping eye contact with her. His eyes asked her to get on top of him, and she did, straddling his hips as he slid back into her. She began to grind her hips against his, clenching her core muscles around him. His hands grabbed her hips as she moved them around in circles, not just bobbing up and down. Another new sensation for Brian. As her hips grinded against his, she could feel the tip once again prodding at her spot. Each thrust sending the waves out. The feeling once again formed in her stomach, slowly climbing to her throat. She leaned down, burying her face in Brian’s neck as her body began to quiver. Finally a last thrust sent her over the edge, and a deep moan released itself into Brian’s neck as her body shuddered with the climax. A few more thrusts later, Brian had climaxed again. Both bodies were beaded with sweat, and they remained in the position until their breathing returned to normal.

The room was filled with an awkward silence as both got dressed, regaining their composure. Minutes went by before Lisa unlocked the door.

“They’ll take your paperwork at the front desk Mr. Haner,” she said, bringing back the pure professional tone in her voice.

He just nodded once and exited the room, feeling more than just refreshed. With a happy ending like that, he was sure to be a regular customer here.


So yeah, I have smutty one-shots on Mibba that I'll start posting here. I hope you enjoy!!!


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