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"Peace of mind is less than never"

Chapter 3 - In daylight;

The early morning sunlight fell through the hotel room that was shared by Zacky and Johnny; it danced across the white walls and standard hotel paintings, landing perfectly on Johnny’s furrowed brow. He began to stir and roll over away from the light wanting to remain blissfully asleep for a few more hours but it was no use.

His eyes opened and began to adjust to the room, groaning he managed to sit up and turn to his friend Zacky, who was still asleep, snoring slightly. He looked so peaceful and Johnny didn’t want to wake him up too soon. He managed to put his feet on the fluffy hotel carpet and stand up, wincing due to the show last night. No matter how horrible he felt on the inside Johnny didn’t want his fans to suffer by watching him perform badly or be boring on stage, so for that reason he still spun around crazily walking to each side of the stage getting the crowd amped up, a forced expression fixed to his face.

As he stretched and straightened his back Johnny peered over at the clock next to Zacky’s book and noted that it said 05:30AM, it was still early but the band had to be up and out the hotel by 10:00AM in order to catch a plane back to the U.S.A.

“No point going back to sleep” Johnny whispered to himself. So he turned around and walked into the bathroom, closing the door softly behind him and locking it tight. Once inside Johnny walked over to the mirror and rolled up his sleeves. It was a shame that he did this to himself given the fact that he had a mixture of beautiful tattoos snaking up his arms. He let out a deep sigh as a feeling of dread washed over him at the prospect of heading back to California later that day. He wanted to get better, to not owe money anymore and perhaps most of all, to be loved again.

Tears sprung into his eyes as he grabbed a rusted razor blade out of his washbag and sunk to the floor by the sink. Eyes closed he dug deep into his left wrist feeling instant relief course through his body as warm blood dripped down his arm. Dropping the blade to the floor his head lolled forward between his knees as the familiar feeling of dizziness overcame him.

Just as last night he was snapped awake by a banging on the bathroom door.

“Johnny! For fucks sake man! Hurry up! We’ve got to meet the others downstairs for breakfast!” Zacky pounded on the door as he was simultaneously rushing to get ready, pulling on a sock. To his knowledge they had both overslept and it was now 09:15AM and they were late meeting the other guys.

Johnny nervously looked around at the scene next to him. He was sat surrounded by the razorblade and a small pool of his own blood. Panicked he managed to quickly clean up the scene and throw his jumper back on and he opened the door to Zacky.

“Morning Zacky, sorry I must have fell asleep in there, got up too early I think”.

Zacky peered at his friend and noticed a sticky stain coming through his jumper, pushing the idea of out his mind he spoke again “It’s okay, erm just hurry up and get ready, you look like shit. I’ll meet you downstairs”

Zacky grabbed his bag and rushed out the room, leaving Johnny on his own to finish getting ready. He turned to his bag and pulled out a faded pair of grey jeans and a red plaid shirt putting everything on over his now thin frame Johnny looked into the bathroom one more time to make sure that everything was in place and finally left the room and headed downstairs to meet the rest of his friends.


Third chapter all ready done! The other guys will be making more of an appearence in the next chapter ;)


Awh yay! I can't wait! (: and it's no problem at all. Just being honest! ^.^
A7XFoREVer6661 A7XFoREVer6661
Ahahaa that's amazing to hear :D Thank you so, so much I'll try and write another chapter this week. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site!
Jennifer-Christ Jennifer-Christ
This is actually the first Fan Fic i've ever read in my life, let alone an A7X fanfic, but I just though i'd let you know that i'm in love with it. Please update soon?(:
A7XFoREVer6661 A7XFoREVer6661
Love it, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
Love it, it's ok Johnny everything will get better for u, anyhoo can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92