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You Chose This Life

I Think She Likes It

"Will you stop pinching her cheeks?" Brian came out of the kitchen holding Jesse's milk bottle while glaring at Zacky. Ashley left before even breastfeeding Jesse, and Brian didn't want other women to do it so he got her some formula milk.

"I can't! She is so.. f- freaking cute!" Zacky always remained safe language around Jesse although she still didn't understand anything yet. "I know" Brian sat down next to Zacky looking at her as she was staring in space waving her little arms around.

The door opened widely as Jimmy entered with three sacks of pampers following him Matt and Val. They were holding all the things they needed for the baby. They got the help from Suzy and Kim -Matt's mother- and picked some clothes for her. Jimmy went through the baby bag he had on his shoulder and grabbed an outfit that was full black with skeleton design all over it, which was very cool. And also got a bib with the devil sign printed on it.

They were making this baby as metal as possible since they liked this kind of genre and clothing. And the thought of a metal baby made them want to attempt the idea. Also when growing up, her father will be a successful rockstar if they ever made it out with a record company that is willing to sign them up. They were taking a short break to get used to the fact they have a baby with them and to plan how everything will work out.

They didn't think about it when Ashley was pregnant because they thought she will be with them. She was Brian's support in everything that is why Brian broke down when he knew she left. Luckily, he got his friends and family to support him and they were the ones who wanted the baby, more than Ashley.

"What else did you get her?" Brian asked giving Zacky the milk bottle. Zacky was so into the baby and he was telling everyone -even his parents and siblings- how he will be the greatest uncle ever. He was doing a pretty good job at it and made Jesse wiggle around in happiness with his silly faces.

"The stroller is in the car and whole bunch of outfit we picked. Some baby food and toys" Val said walking next to Zacky and showed Jesse her new toy which was a small purple dragon.
"We also got her a crib! I picked it myself!" Matt said proudly.

Jimmy had a frown on his face after what Matt said which Brian questioned "Matt didn't let him pick the one he wanted"

"It had wheels though!" Jimmy said moving his arms in the air "You idiot the wheels aren't movable! Plus, it was 10 times the one we got!" Jimmy pouted and flipped him off.
Both three boys went outside and got the bags and the stroller and the box that had all the crib's parts. They went up to Brian's room since he wanted all her stuff to be near her father. They took out all Ashley's stuff that she left and placed them in the garage yet not knowing what to do with them.

"ZACKY! VAL! COME UP HERE WITH JESSE!" Matt yelled from the top of the stairs while Jimmy and Brian closed their ears shut with their hands. "You could've went downstairs and told them that!" Matt scoffed and continued arranging Jesse's stuff.

The room was good enough for both of them. Brian had Jesse all by himself right now. He is happy about her being near him and knew from that moment he will not get sleep more than 3 hours. The color of his walls weren't as bright as what a baby would want, but he didn't think that Jesse would mind since she was still 2 weeks old.

Brian took Jesse from Zacky's arms which he was upset about. Everyone in this house grew love for little Jesse. She gave them a soft side and they couldn't help it.

"You like it baby?" Brian whispered to her. Her eyes went around her surroundings and wiggled her arms. Noises came out and Brian was so happy to see his daughter like this. Its like he knew she was happy about it.

"This is your crib, Uncle Matt got it for you" Matt stood proudly with a smile on his face showing his dimples. The crib looked like train and had a small drawer in the back of it. The color of it was light brown and didn't have that much details but it looked cool enough for them.

"You will be sleeping here next to me" He placed her inside the crib and pushed the mobile that was shaped as planets and played soft music while moving. Brian turned around looking at his friends "I think she likes it!"

Everyone looked at happy Jesse that was making happy noises with smiles all over their faces. The thing they were about to do was big and about to change their careers. She will be growing up with no mother, but they promised each other that they will stick together until she grows up and understands what was her mother decision. That was what Brian was most afraid of.


sorry its short ;-;


Love this.

DaniVengeance DaniVengeance

THANK YOU SO MUCH I really am happy you like it ^-^ i will post a chapter i already wrote before later today and stuff omg thanks dude baby JJ this is so cute i never thought about it *-*

I already love this story!
Please update soon...I have a feeling Ashley will leave Brian and baby JJ
But as you mentioned it in this chapter! FAMILY!!! will always be there!
So I can't wait for chapter 2

MylMyl MylMyl