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(Love) Contract


Matt Sanders is just trying to help his band mate and best friend and tries to find the best way in getting his lead guitarist Syn Gates back under control.
Would be so easy if he would just listen to him, but Gates values alcohol and drugs and changing girlfriends at the moment more then his band or friendships...

So Matt develops a plan to save his friend and band...

Tara Hall has no money, no home, and is currently sleeping on her sister’s couch.
She needs a job, fast, but that is easier said than done.
When she accidentally walks into the wrong office and finds herself interviewed for the role of fake girlfriend of the famous Synyster Gates, can she really do it?

Special Thanks to Aggie (Holy7X) for making such a beautiful header for me... again :D <3

Disclaimer: I do not own Avenged Sevenfold but I do own the OC and plot so please don't steal!


Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

Jimmy The Rev, Zacky V and Johnny Christ

Brian Haner jr.  (Syn Gates)

Brian Haner jr. (Syn Gates)

John Barnes

John Barnes

Tara's Ex-Boyfriend

Matt Sanders (M. Shadows)

Matt Sanders (M. Shadows)

Tara Hall

Tara Hall


  1. Find a solution and a job

  2. Flashbacks

  3. Babysitter

  4. Contract

  5. Job interview

  6. The finals

  7. Fear of flying

  8. Found him

  9. First Encounter

  10. My side or his side

  11. Wrong door

  12. On time

  13. A love story and a talk for two

  14. Dancing

  15. Found some fun?

  16. All night long

  17. Remaining control

  18. Wise decision?!

  19. Distraction

  20. Coming home...

  21. Head in the game

  22. Preparing the signing

  23. First kiss and an evening alone

  24. Just ask...

  25. Picking up

  26. Out of my head?!

  27. Totally my style

  28. Parameters are set

  29. At the Bar

  30. Long night...

  31. The night is not over yet

  32. The morning after...

  33. So close

  34. Let me make it up to you...

  35. Meeting the band

  36. Date time

  37. Live music

  38. The nights not over yet

  39. Interrupted

  40. Surprise visit

  41. A nice way to wake up and a concerned friend

  42. Open Questions

  43. Finally

  44. Start of the tour

  45. What's going on?

  46. Give and take

  47. Warn you

  48. Pushed into the limelight

  49. Something is wrong

  50. Will you tell me why?

  51. Admitting feelings

  52. Messages

  53. Memory Lane

  54. Bro-Code?!

  55. Back to the room

  56. Overdressed

  57. Clueless

  58. Hey Stranger

  59. Pick up lines

  60. Tell him or not...

  61. Like the others?

  62. Up for a ride?

  63. Tara?

  64. New problems

  65. Time to reveal?

  66. My reward?

  67. Trying to find the truth

  68. Lost

  69. Settle this?!

  70. You made me feel

  71. It was - you

  72. You have to believe me

  73. Everything is cleared?!

  74. A talk between two men

  75. Gathering

  76. Think about it

  77. I got my connections

  78. 2 Days

  79. On our way

  80. Another Idea

  81. Trying to stay calm...

  82. Finish the talk

  83. What should we do?

  84. Library Fun

  85. Set everything up

  86. Good morning

  87. Negotiations

  88. Making the video

  89. Making the video Part 2

  90. Preparation

  91. Can't back out

  92. I got everything under control

  93. Perfect Ending?!

  94. My fantasy

  95. New plans...

    Final Chapter

  96. Author's Note

    New Story


Hahaha... thank you ;)
there is a lot more to find :P

MeRi MeRi

Okies. So, you totes need to write more. This was amazeballs!! Now I'm off to find more of your stories!

synology synology

Hi, actually I'm new over here. And I already posted a chap. for my first story. Please read it and tell me how you find it:)

DaphneG DaphneG

Awwnn so nice knowing someone is still reading!
Hope u liked it ;b

MeRi MeRi

I'm so happy for Matt:)

DaphneG DaphneG