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She Wolf.

Seeing a Ghost?

Present Day;
Taking a deep breath I stand in front of my floor length mirror as I flip my hair a little onto my shoulder. I grab my lipstick and apply the light shaded pink color to my lips as I shut it and toss it down into my purse. Looking over my reflection I smile satisfy with how I look. I turn around as I see Maggie walking into the bedroom with a smile plastered upon her face, “Jason and his twin brother that I am sitting you up with are outside.” She smiles.

I roll my eyes and sigh heavily, “Maggs, I am not going on a double date to Riot’s party.” I tell her as I grab my clutch and phone.

I walk past her and head downstairs, “Why not?” She calls out as I step off the last step of the stairwell.

“Because, I want to find love my way. Not being set up on tons of blind dates.” I tell her as I turn the sharp corner and head for the front door of the town house we shared together.

“C’mon Syd, don’t be a party pooper tonight! This is for Riot, not you—“ She stops as I hear her smacking herself.

Tonight was indeed about Riot, but something lingered on for me too. I take a deep breath as I turn back and look at Maggie, “Fine if it’ll make you happy.” I snarl.

“Thank you.” She chimes in.

I roll my eyes as I clear my throat as she grabs my arm. She drags me along with her as she chimes happily. I shake my head as we exit the town house and head to the awaiting limo out front. I take a deep breath as Maggie releases my arm and runs right for her boyfriend of six years, Jason Berry, aka JB. I give him a small wave as I walk down towards the two to see his twin brother, Matt Berry aka MB get out of the limo. I smile as warm as I can at him as he rushes up greeting me with a peck to each cheek, “You look stunning, Sydney.” He whispers into ear.

“Thank you. You look handsome.” I reply.

He nods his head as he slips my arm through his and ushers me to the limo. JB and Maggie get in first as MB and I follow in suit. I sit in the oversized leather seat and smooth out my dress as I sigh. I knew I was supposed to be happy tonight for Riot. But deep down I couldn’t find myself to be happy though. Ten years ago tonight, I lost my father. I watched the man murder my father right in front of me. His face is very unforgettable. I sigh again as I notice everyone staring at me, I raise an eyebrow as I notice Maggie glaring. “Excuse me for being sad.” I snap out.

“Syd, please.” Maggie begs me.

I shake my head as I turn my attention back to the window. I knew she didn’t mean any harm by her glaring. But at the moment I was hating tonight more and more. Both of my best friends had everything they could want. Great jobs, great guys to love them, everything. Me, I had nothing. Just loving my dog, Romeo wasn’t enough these days. I missed the touch of a man touching me, kissing me, everything.

“We’re here.” I here Maggie chime out.

I watch as JB, Maggie, and MB all climb out. I take a deep breath as I take and look up to see MB smiling as he extends his hand to me, “Would you like me to carry you out?” He jokes.

I giggle shaking my head, “No thank you.” I say putting my hand into his hand.

He helps me out as he slips my arm through his as I smile. We walk into the enormous hotel that Riot’s fiancé had rented for their Engagment Party. I gulp a little as we enter the grand ball room. I look around seeing all the famous people I had seen on TV. I feel MB pat my hand as I look at him, “Just be yourself and stay calm.” He smiles.

I nod my head. We begin walking further into the room as he whips me out and pulls me back rather quickly. Taken back by his action I look at him startled as he holds me close as we dance to a slow song playing. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” He smiles.

I shrug it off, “It’s okay.” I smile.

I look around the party as I notice two familiar faces. Two men that I had been with in the past. Brian Haner Jr and Jimmy Sullivan. The two that had found out my secret and Maggie’s. I take a deep breath as I feel my muscles tense up. “Ignore those two, they are man whore’s lately.” MB says into my ear.

I shake my head as I keep staring them down. I watch carefully as Jimmy turns and our eyes lock instantly. I bite on my lip as I notice a huge grin creep onto his lips. He’d changed in the past ten years, he was taller, but darker and more mysterious than I remembered from that night. I look around as I spot out Matt and Johnny. I feel my heart racing as I realize that Riot was marrying the guy that I had known for so long. I quickly yank away from MB as I notice Jimmy racing towards me. “I gotta go.” I whisper.

I run past Maggie as I hear her thoughts;

“Don’t do this, Syd. Let him be your past!”

I ignore her as I turn a sharp corner hanging onto the door frame as I race through the hotel. I quickly head for an EXIT sign as I push the door open and begin jogging up the steps. As I turn onto another flight of steps I hear the door open up, “Sydney!” Jimmy screams out.

I could hear another voice muttering behind him. I keep running up the steps as I see another EXIT sign. I quickly run for that door and shove it open. I run onto the graveled rooftop as I stop. I begin looking around quickly as I take and see a small place I could fit in. I take off running for it as I slide into the little spot and hunker down. I see Jimmy’s black sneakers hit the gravels as I take a deep breath and sigh heavily. I notice Brian behind Jimmy as he scuffs his foot where he is, sending gravels flying towards me. I push myself back into the little corner more as I smile in relief when the gravels don’t hit near me.

“What are we doing up here Jim?” Brian asks Jimmy.

“I saw her, Bri. I saw her.” Jimmy coos out.

“Who, Jimmy?” Brian sighs shoving his hands into his pocket.

“Sydney, I saw Sydney.” Jimmy says.

“Dude, Sydney died that night her dad did. The officer said she did, Jimmy.” Brian says.

“No she didn’t Brian. I still have the same connection I had with her when we were seventeen.” Jimmy snaps at Brian.

I adjust myself in the corner as I watch Jimmy drag Brian away. I bite down on my lip as I lose my balance and end up falling out of the hidden corner onto my face. I grumble as I push myself up and dust the gravels and gravel dust off. I take and look up from my heels as I see Brian and Jimmy both staring dead at me. Both men’s mouths a gaped. I take a deep breath as I push some of my hair out of my face, “Um.” Brian says.

“I told you so!” Jimmy screams running at me.

I squeal out as he takes and picks me up and holds me close. It felt so good to be in his arms again. I could see the flash of hurt and hint of anger go through Brian’s eyes. I shoot him a weak smile as I hold onto Jimmy. After what seemed like forever, Jimmy pulls back placing me on the ground, “We thought you were dead.” Brian says coming over and hugging me tightly.

I return the hug as I pull back and look at both of them. “He might have thought that I had, but I didn’t.” I say anger raging through me.

“Syd, why did you run from us that night? You know what we are, and we know what you are. But we could sense danger, that’s why we wanted you to stay with us.” Brian says.

“I could sense my dad was in danger. Plus I was scared. He’d told me so many stories about everything. I had just found out a couple days before that about everything. I was scared to death, so I ran from you guys. When I got there, my—“ I stop taking a deep breath as I drop my head, “I watched him kill my dad, and then he tried to kill me. I managed to get away and Maggie helped me to safety.” I look up at the two tears falling from my eyes.

“We’re here now.” Jimmy says stepping closer to me.

I wrap my arms around him as I feel Brian hugging up to us. It felt good to know they were near me again. But that’d mean they’d be in the line of danger, for me.


I'll try to have another updare or two up over the weekend.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
Wow. That was amazing. Please update soon.
@synyster gates;
Yay! Thank you!
Thank you so much; I should have another update tonight.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
I really like this story. Please update soon. This is really good.