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She Wolf.


Seventeen Years Ago;

Walking through the house I stopped hearing my father yelling my name from his tiny office. I sigh to myself knowing I was in trouble for something that I couldn’t remember doing. I quietly walk down the hallway and stop in his office to see him look up from the computer, “Why on god’s earth are you dressed like a slut?” He bluntly asks.

I giggle at my dad’s comment, “Halloween party tonight. Jimmy and his friends are throwing one so I thought I’d go.” I smile at him.

“Oh okay. Then what are you supposed to be?” He questions me.

“Supposedly a hooker.” I smirk.

“Oh god. Your mother is probably—“ I glare at him for bringing her into this. “Sorry.” He mutters.

I shake my head, “I’ll be home later.” I mutter turning around.

From the other night and what my father had told me about our family history. He and I weren’t on good terms. I sigh heavily walking towards the door. I walk out and jog down the stairs to avoid anything else he had to say to me. I quickly run out of the house forgetting my key and everything else I needed. I just roll my eyes as I take and walk meeting up with my best friend, Maggie. She throws a piece of candy at me as I flip her off. “Dork!” I shout at her.

“Bitch!” She laughs.

I roll my eyes as we head off towards the haunted Graveyard for the party. “Did your dad tell you some long history story?” She asks me.

I nod as I look over at her, “Yours?” I ask.

She nods. We both lost our moms at the same time, and were left with our fathers and older brothers. I frown knowing what my father was talking about was the truth. I sigh heavily as I take and walk into the graveyard, instantly I feel a set of arms wrap around me. I smirk seeing Jimmy behind me as I pat his chest, “Mr. Sullivan you’re looking good.” I giggle.

“Aye, thank you love!” He tries a British accent as Maggie and I bust out laughing.

I stand there as his friends come walking over to us, I look at them as I notice something off about them. All their eyes were a vibrant red, and their skin paler than a normal human’s skin color. I take a deep breath as I turn and look up at Jimmy. He was the same as them. I look over at Maggie who had the same afraid look on her face. I clear my throat giving her a nod, “Maggs, think we should leave.” I tell her.

“Yeah Syd I think we should.” She whispers terror in her voice.

“What’s the rush?” Johnny asks.

I glare over at him as he comes at me as I instantly knock him down growling at him. I clear my throat as I look back at Maggie. The stories our dad’s had told us were true. There was another life out there than human. In a blink of an eye I see Johnny up and coming at me as Jimmy pushes him off, “Their not our food, Johnny.” Jimmy growls out.

I back away from them all, “Food?” I shout.

I notice some of the other guests had already gone deeper into the graveyard as I noticed Jimmy and Brian eyeing me. I glare even harder at the two as I grab Maggie’s hand, “Get away from us, you bloodsuckers!” I snarl out.

“How does she know?” Matt whispers to Brian.

“Because I was warned about you.” I growl out.

I look up at the sky as I notice the full moon appearing. I grab Maggie’s hand and begin running through the graveyard and soon the wolf. I could feel something happening to me as I look behind me at her, “We need to get out of here!” I scream at her to see her eyes already turning green.

She nods. We make our way through the wooded area to a flat area away from everyone. I drop to my knees as I scream out, as everything blurs and soon disappears…


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I'll try to have another updare or two up over the weekend.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
Wow. That was amazing. Please update soon.
@synyster gates;
Yay! Thank you!
Thank you so much; I should have another update tonight.
synyster gates; synyster gates;
I really like this story. Please update soon. This is really good.