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I Love Vengeance

04: The Interviews

"So do you think this will work?" I asked Syn, getting ready to head out for the day. "Yeah." He simply replied. "I'll get some dirt on all of them, don't worry." He smirked. I smiled, shaking my head at him. Today was an easy day for the girls. All they had to do was hang out and be interviewed by Synyster. I had to spend my day being interviewed myself and go to a photo shoot, which I hated.

I then headed out of my bedroom and down the stairs to meet all of the ladies. "So, as all you know I will be gone for the day. Syn will be looking out for you girls and trying to get to know all of you for me." I stated, halfway down the staircase. They all nodded and I headed out the door.

"Your fun filled day awaits you." Brian yelled before I closed the door. I then headed to my car and jumped in. My hand grasped the ignition just before I heard my phone go off. I had received a text message,[i] from Gena.[/i]

Syn’s point of view.

"So I'll be interviewing all of you today, starting with Beatrix." I smiled, ushering Beatrix into another room where I'd be doing the interviews. I soon felt like I was offering a job to someone. An interview, for a guy? Oh how I loved being an assistant on a reality dating show.

"Two words. Impress me." I stated, glaring into her bright green eyes. "My names Beatrix. I'm 25. I was born and raised in a upper class neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. I work at a hair salon. My last relationship was more than two years ago. I really think me and Zacky would make a great match for each other." Her words didn't stick with me. It sounded for like gibberish then anything.

I began to write down some positives and negatives with each girl I interviewed. I knew my best friend long enough and what type of woman that attracts him. I gave each girl a grading on a scale of 1-10. It was all depending on their personality and looks.

"My name is Dezarae. You can call me Dez for short." A medium tall girl smiled. She looked so young, so fragile and so innocent. I knew Zacky would love her. Her smile to me seemed so genuine. "How old are you?" I asked, seeing that this girl didn't look very old. She looked like a kid. "I'm eighteen." I said, seeming worried. "Just making sure you at least legal for this show." I laughed. "What do you think might impress Zacky about you?" I asked, writing down her positives. "I'm a longtime fan of A7X and I'm a roller derby champion." She giggled. My eyebrows rose. Roller derby champion? I liked it.

I finished my interview with Dezarae and picked another girl. "Cocoa." I smiled, an older woman walked towards me and into the room. "Cocoa, huh?" I asked, finding the name weird. "I was actually named after my mother’s dog that died before I was born." She explained, her Latin accent taking over. I then laughed a little. Cocoa is named after a dog? Too funny.

I started to right down her positives, sexy Latin accent, unique name, big boobies, a possible MILF, a cougar. "What do you do for work?" I asked. "I'm a lawyer." She smiled, obviously proud of her profession. She should be a lawyer. You’re kidding, that's awesome. "I also am a mommy." She confessed, sounding worried. "You are." I said, writing down her negatives, a mom, makes more money than you, older. "Thank you Cocoa. Send in Kylie for me." I smiled.

Soon a short, beautiful girl walked in. She had sandy blond hair and rich brown eyes. "Hi honey." She smiled, showing off her thick Staten Island accent. My brain soon exploded thinking of another jersey shore bitch. "Please don't compare me to any other tanned, bitch ass Staten island babe okay. I'm not like that at all and I hate Staten Island boys." She explained. I simply nodded and filled in her grade. "Thanks, send in Lucy for me." I smiled.

Lucy's point of view.

"You’re up." Cocoa announced, pointing to me. I stood up and made my way into the room. I soon had seen Brian sitting at a desk with a huge notebook. "Hi." I greeted him, taking a seat across from him. "Two words. Impress me." He stated, staring at me as if he was a blood sucking vampire and I was his dinner. "My name is Lucy. My dad is a record producer for BBB records so I get to meet a lot of celebs. I'm 25 and I love shopping, partying and going tanning." I explained, raising a brow as he started to jot down information about me.

"I, uh, already know Zacky." My face started to turn red as Brian looked up at me. "How?" He asked, confused by what I had just said. "Well, we met one night in Los Angeles. I went to one of your shows and because of my dad I got V.I.P tickets. Me and Zacky shared a couple drinks and talked but this was probably five years ago now." I explained, my face cooling down. He continued to just write in that stupid notebook. "Thank you, could you send in Lynn for me?" He asked. I sighed, stood up and walked out the door. I'm not sure where this interview got me but hopefully somewhere closer to talking or getting a date with Zacky again.

Brian's point of view.

I was interested in Lucy now and I wrote a little note to Zacky stating he should talk to her in private to see if she was telling the truth about the whole meeting. I didn't think she was telling the truth but thinking back five year ago I hardly remembered anything from that time so it could be possible.

"Hi." A small voice, out of a small woman greeted me. "So Lynn, where are you from?" I asked as she took a seat. "New York city." She said, her small voice turning into a loud high pitch. "Originally from China though." She added. "What brings you here for Zacky?" I asked, my eyes glaring into her dark ones. "I've listened to Zacky quite a bit and I can say now that he's amazing and everything I want." She stated. I then started to write down what I thought of her.

Zacky's point of view.

I arrived home from my long day at about 7pm. The interview went great, the photo shoot looked awesome, and my day was fairly decent besides getting that text message. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Why would Gena text me again. I parked into the garage of the A7X mansion and sat in my car. I sighed, taking out my phone and reading the message again.

[i]So I heard what you've been doing. If you think any of those girls are really there for you, your fucking crazy Zack.[/i]

I never replied to this message but I couldn't stop thinking about it. Was I crazy to think any of these girls where here for me? I wasn't really sure to deny that fact. I also thought that Gena would never contract me again, and she did. I didn't know how to feel. I was here to find another love of my life and what used to be the love of my life wants to contact me and make me hurt again. Was she a sick, heartless bitch or was she just trying to warn me from more pain?

As soon as I walked into my bedroom I saw Syn waiting for me. "Today went extremely well." He smirked. "Find anything good?" I asked. He nodded, pulling out this huge notebook. "Dude, how much shit did you write down?" My eyes went wide seeing this notebook he had. "A lot." He stated, opening the book. "First of all, according to my stats the most compatible girl to you is Safari. The sexiest looking girl is a tie between Sabrina and Sofia. The girl most likely not here for you is Lynn. The girl most likely to be your wife for life is Robin. The girl most likely to give you anything you want is a tie between Kylie and Porsha. There are other girls I think will be good for you and that includes, Dezarae, Graciella and Leilani." He explained. I just sat there, trying to register everything he had just told me. "Oh, and you should really talk to Lucy." He added.

"Why?" I asked, confused. "Here, just look at my notes and you'll see why." Syn said, handing me the notebook. I held the notebook in my hands and fell onto the bed. Sighing, I just looked up at Syn with tears starting to form in my eyes. "What's wrong, man?" He asked, sitting on the bed next to me. "Gena text me giving me some shit about none of these girls being here for me." I sighed more. "I can tell you now that some of these girls are really here for you. Don't let that bitch get to you." He said, walking out of my room.
"I guess, fuck that bitch." I said out loud to myself. "Fuck what bitch?" I heard a voice outside my door. Apparently Syn didn't close it. "Leilani, right?" I asked, looking up at this beautiful woman and making sure I had the right girl. "Yeah, Zacky right?" She smiled. I just chuckled in response to her sarcasm. "Need to talk to anybody?" She asked. I just nodded and let her into my room. I needed company and I knew sure as hell Syn's not the sensitive type.


Pre-written up to chapter 6 then it will be active so my readers can vote who goes home!



I like this story it reminds me of all the those shows based celebrities finding love, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
I bet lol. Well awesome writing for sure
AvyD AvyD
Thats what I think about everytime I'm writing this story. I loved the concept so its very easy to write.
Via Savonia Via Savonia
Now if only this were a real show... That would be epic to see zv on tv. Great story so far im loving it. Cant wait to read more
AvyD AvyD