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Will You Stand By Me?

Will You Stand By Me?

“Mantha, time to rise and shine.”

Samantha groans lightly and rolls over to stare weakly at her mother. Her mom hates when she sleeps past 9am, even on her summer break that she is currently on.

“Ok mom, I’m getting up,” says Samantha.

With a feeling of accomplishment, Mrs. Walker leaves her 17-year-old daughters bedroom. Samantha stares at the ceiling for a second before stretching her tired legs over the side of her bed. The mirror beside her dresser reflects her severe case of bedhead. Samantha can’t help but giggle a bit as she walks over to the mirror while combing her fingers through her medium length black hair, hoping to undo the knots. After detangling her hair she turns on her stereo, Metallica immediately blaring from it. While bobbing her head to the music, she picks out a pair of purple undergarments from her top drawer and a Black Pantera tee with jean shorts from the drawer beneath. After showering, getting dressed and putting on eyeliner, Sammy heads down to the kitchen for breakfast. Her mom is sitting at the kitchen table with a look of concentration as she holds her tablet. Samantha’s parents aren’t very tech savvy so to speak. So once they learned to use tablets they can’t seem to put them down.

“The only cereal left is Cheerios, baby. Your dad ate the last bit of Frosted Flakes before work this morning,” blurts out her mom, still concentrating on her tablet.

“That figures. Next time I’m writing my name on the box,” Samantha replies with a sigh as she gets a bowl, milk and a spoon.

“What are you doing today?” her mom asks, finally looking up from her tablet.

“Not sure yet. I’ll most likely hang out with Matt today.”

Matthew Sanders was Samantha’s best friend. They’ve been neighbors and best friends since pre-school.

“Hmm sounds good. I have to run some errands with Grandma Betty today. Then tonight your father and i are going to see that new horror movie. So I’m trusting you to stay out of trouble.”

“Pfft. Since when do I cause trouble, mom?” Sammy inquires as she takes her last bite of cereal.

“I never said you caused it. You know exactly what I’m talking about, Samantha.”

Samantha was never the person to start trouble. Her parents raised her to be a good person. The bar was set high for her when it came to school and probably even higher as far as reputation goes. Her best friend on the other hand is the complete opposite. Matthew Sanders is known to cause trouble with his little group of friends. But he knows Sammy is the more courteous friend and never pressures her to jump out of her comfort zone.


“Hey, copy cat.”

Samantha recognizes the voice and looks up with a smirk as she sits on the street curb in front of her house. Matt walks over to her wearing a black Pantera tee and baggy black jeans. He runs his hand through his black-slicked back hair as a smirk takes over his pierced lips, dimples dotting at his cheeks.

“Pfft, I’m pretty sure I woke up before you. So you can’t say shit, Sanders,” Sam replies with playfulness in her voice.

Matt sits beside her on the street curb.

“Dammit, Walker. You know me all to well,” he laughs as he hangs his arms over his knees.

Sammy chuckles, leaning back, feeling the California sun heating up her body.

“So, I’m hanging with the guys at the beach today. Wanna join?” Matt inquires.

“ Sure. Don’t I always?” Sam replies with questioning eyes.

“You weren’t there last week. And I know you hate helping your dad fix his Chevy so I knew you were lying.” Matt throws back at her while fixing his Hazel eyes on her dark brown ones.

Samantha knew she’d been caught lying. Sam never lied to get out of hanging with Matt before. That’s until he started bringing around Melissa. Melissa was a rich girl who ALWAYS had a bitchy, stuck-up attitude. Samantha knows Matt hates the stuck-up rich people that reside in Huntington Beach, so why would he hang around her? Samantha had her question answered a week ago when Matt told her he was only using Melissa as a fuck buddy. Samantha came out of her thoughts, realizing she never responded to Matt’s accusation.

“Its Melissa isn’t?” Matt asks while sighing.

He knows how Samantha feels about Melissa. He even knows the shit Melissa says to her in school. He hooked up with her once at a party a week ago and a few more times last week. He has no intentions of dating her or befriending her. He just wants to get laid every once in a while.

“Yeah. Pretty sure you know that Matt.”

Silence falls around them as they sit on the curb looking down at their feet.

“Sammy…you know I don’t actually like her. She’s nothing more than a lay..not even that great of a lay. Plus, you never told me how you really felt about this situation since you avoided hanging out last week. You’re my best friend and I care about you. Please come with me today. If she shows up and talks shit, I’ll tell her to leave.”

Samantha sits there and ponders on what he said. He’s right, she never brought up his fling with Melissa. Maybe going with him to the beach won’t be too bad. If Melissa does show up and starts shit, Samantha can simply leave.

“Fine. I’ll go with you,” Sam replies looking at Matt with a small smile.

“Fuck Yeah!” Matt shouts as he leans over to pull his best friend into a tight hug. Samantha leans into him, inhaling his usual soothing scent.


The sound of waves and chatter was immediately present as Matt and Samantha walked along the shore to meet up with the other guys. Samantha is Matt’s only female best friend. Jimmy, Brian, Zacky and Johnny were his best guy friends, or as he called them, his crew.

“SAMMY, where the fuck have you been?” yells an overly excited Jimmy.

He picks Sammy up and twirls her around.

“Jim, I’m gonna puke on you if you don’t put me down,” Sam laughs as she hold on to the tall boy for dear life.

“Sorry, Sam. It’s just I haven’t seen you in days.” Jimmy replies with a chuckle.

Samantha sticks out her tongue playfully as she sits down in the sand between Brian and Zacky.

“Nice to see you again, Sam!” Said green eyed Zack Baker.

“What’d you do? Fall off the face of the fucking planet?” joked brown eyed Brian Haner Jr.

“No, if you must know I’ve been busy,” replied Samantha with a smirk.

“Oooo, Sammy’s been fucking around with a guy!!” Brain yells loud enough for the whole group to hear.

The sound of hoots and hollers come from all the guys except Matt, who is staring at Sammy with wide eyes.

“Sorry, Bri. You’re wrong. Plus you know I couldn’t get a guys attention even if I tried."

Samantha’s far from ugly. Her dark hair contrasts perfectly with her pale skin. Her cheekbones stand out slightly with her full wide lips. She’s around 5’10 and has soft curves. Despite all of these nice features, Samantha still notices all her “flaws” more than anything.

“I’d bang you if we weren’t such good friends,” Zacky confesses with a smirk.

Sammy blushes hard as the guys throw playful taunts at Zacky. However, Matt didn’t find that funny at all. He sat there with a small smile trying to hide his slight anger over the guys’ dirty remarks about his best friend…his beautiful best friend.


It’s going on 5pm and the Guys along with Samantha are resting in the sand, drinking beer and chatting about Jimmy’s arrest at Central Park last Friday. These stories come up quite often and are pretty damn funny. Samantha had one beer to shut the guys up. Water would satisfy her more than anything at this point. Especially after running from Jimmy, who chased her down the shore with a crab in his hand.

“Mattie, I knew I’d find you here”.

Everyone knew that annoying high pitched voice. It belonged to none other than Melissa. Matt quickly glanced at Melissa as she stood there wearing a pink bikini top and a black mini skirt. He then looked over to his best friend, Samantha, who looked more than displeased.

“Melissa. What are you doing here?" Matt inquired with slight irritation in his voice.

“I came to chill with you Guys."

Samantha knew her good day had come to an end. She caught the cold glare Melissa was giving her and rolled her eyes. Melissa sat down next to Matt, kissing his cheek. Matt lightly pushed her shoulder away, hoping she’d take a hint. The guys could feel the tension in the air as Matt looked at Sam with apologetic eyes. Zacky decided to cut the tension by pouring his half can of beer over Johnny’s head. The short boy let out a string of curses while jumping from his spot in the sand, shaking his head in the process. Everyone laughs, letting the previous tension simmer a bit.

“Fuck you guys.” Johnny invokes, trying to hold back a smile.

Johnny is always the target for bullying from the guys. Maybe it’s because he’s 3 years younger than everyone else. Silence begins to over come the group of teenagers again as everyone stops laughing.

“So, Sammy. I see your parents finally let you out the house,” Melissa taunts, breaking the silence.

“They weren’t keeping me there to begin with,” Samantha replies, glancing up at Melissa with cold eyes.

Melissa giggles while running her hand on Matt’s leg. Matt rejects her affection again by moving her hand. Does she not understand the “rules” of their little fling? He remembers telling her that she would only be his booty call nothing more. Everyone notices Matt and Melissa’s interaction and suddenly their hangout feels a bit awkward.

“Oh, it’s almost 7. Chris is having that party tonight. Let’s go,” says Jimmy with excitement.

The guys nod in agreement, hoping to escape the awkward tension.

“Sounds fun James. But we all Samantha probably has curfew,” says Melissa, using Jimmy’s proper name.

Samantha knew this was coming. Melissa always made comments about her being a goody two shoes.

“So what if she does Melissa, it doesn’t have shit to do with you,” Matt immediately cuts in, moving away and glaring at Melissa.

“Ughhh”, groans Melissa, “you always come to her defense. I don’t see why you hangout with her. She’s boring and is only using you to get some sort of popularity. We all know she doesn’t fit in with this group."


By this point Samantha had had enough and didn’t stick around for Matt’s outburst towards Melissa. She was tired of Melissa’s shit. She got up and started walking towards the street that would eventually lead to her house. Sam felt her eyes starting to water. She knew if she wasn’t friends with Matt, she’d be friendless. That thought alone haunts her mind constantly. She knew she didn’t exactly have much in common with Matt’s friends. Her conscious made it difficult for her to break laws. Music, however was the one thing Sammy had in common with Matt and his friends.


It’s nearing 7:30pm as Samantha sits on her couch watching one of her Favorite movies. She broke down when she got home an hour ago. She cried for about 10 minutes until she decided it wasn’t worth crying over. Public humiliation was common for Sam, especially from Melissa. Samantha wondered if Matt went to the party. She also wondered if he would hook up with Melissa again after the shit she started at the beach today. Samantha pushed away from her thoughts to focus on the movie playing in front of her.

'Ding dong'.

The doorbell suddenly rings. It startles Samantha slightly as she is home alone. She wipes her hands over her blue tank top and pulls down her rising short night shorts as she walks over to the door. She opens the door to see Matt standing on the other side. Matt stands there looking at Samantha with a sorry expression. Then he notices her outfit, his eyes roaming over her figure. Her stomach is slightly exposed as the tank rises up a bit and he can’t help but stare at the smooth looking pale skin.

“What are you doing here, Matt?” Samantha blurts out, bringing him out of his daze.

“Sammy, I’m sorry about what happened at the beach. Can I come in so we can talk?”

Samantha sighs knowing she really can’t be upset at Matt. Interested in what he has to say, she opens the door wider so he can come in. They walk over to the couch and sit down in front of the TV.

“Stand By Me,” states Matt.

He knew it was Sammy’s favorite movie.

“Of course,” Sam replies in a duh tone, smiling at Matt.

They sit on the couch, watching the film while a comfortable silence falls between them.

“I’m no longer fuck buddies with Melissa..”

Matt’s hazel eyes focus on his best friend as she takes in his sudden confession. Samantha looked at Matt in shock, her dark brown eyes meeting with his hazel ones. A genuine smile takes over her face as Matt starts to smile, showing off his deep dimples.

“Really? What made you change your mind?”

Matt’s smile dropped a little.

'Does she really think I’ll continue to fuck that stuck-up bitch?' Matt thought to himself.

“I’ve been involved with her for almost 2 weeks and I just had enough of her shit. The guys don’t like her and honestly she wasn’t that great of a lay anyway. But the main reason I changed my mind is because I’m tired of her hurting you. Sammy, I realized my friendship with you is not worth loosing for some stuck-up slut. I care about you."

Samantha takes in Matt’s answer. She notices something different about Matt in this moment. His eyes are soft as he looks at her as if she were his world. Samantha unlocks her eyes with Matt, feeling emotionally exposed. Why did she suddenly feel this? This is Matt Sanders, her best friend. They talk to each other all the time. Sam stared at the TV screen in thought; not even paying attention to the movie that is still playing. Matt scoots closer to Samantha and slowly reaches his hand out to cup her cheek so that she’s facing him.


Sammy starts to question until Matt swiftly moves closer and plants a soft kiss on her lips. Samantha doesn’t kiss back, mainly due to shock. However, she can’t deny the feeling that spread through her body as Matt’s lips pressed against hers. Matt on the other hand was watching her as she tried to comprehend what just happened. He didn’t know where the urge to kiss his best friend came from. Sure he thought she was beautiful and he hated to see other guys flirt with her. But he knew that kiss between them felt right.

Oh no! I just kissed her’ Matt thought. ‘Maybe she didn’t like it’.

Matt was just about to apologize until Samantha grabbed him by the shirt and smashed her lips against his. She could feel the cold metal from his lip ring against her lips, intensifying the spark that was traveling through her body. Their lips moved in synch with each other. Their mouths started to open towards the end of the kiss. She pulled away after 15 seconds, a smack sounding through the room from their lips pulling apart from each other. Matt rubbed his thumb against her soft cheek, showing his dimples as he smiled at her. Samantha leaned into his touch, smiling back at him.

“That felt…” Sam started to speak.

“Nice,” Matt concluded.

A scream came from the movie that was still playing, making them both jump. Matt wraps his arm around Samantha’s shoulders as she leans onto his chest. They continue their movie again in comfortable silence until the credits start to scroll.

“Matthew, will you stand by me?” Samantha says in a joking tone, looking at him with playful doe eyes.

Matt laughs out loud.

“That was so fucking cheesy, Sammy”.

Samantha laughs while pushing him away playfully.

“I’ll always stand by you, Samantha. Always have, always will”


Hi! This is my first fanfic. I hope it's not bad, haha. Let me know how it is :)


The full story sequel is called Full Circle :)

Rene92 Rene92

It's great! I think you should make it a story! Please:D

DaphneG DaphneG

Aww, thanks!! :)

Rene92 Rene92

Thanks!! :)

Rene92 Rene92

This was so cute i loved it.!!!

FoREVer_Shad0wZ FoREVer_Shad0wZ