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Forgotten Faces


I sighed deeply. Another first day of school was here. The sun was shining its heat on me. This was one of the downsides of California, the heat. It was intolerable at times like this. I just wanted to relax and enjoy my time outside, but this heat was so bothersome.

I made my way into the familiar school grounds. Everything was the same. No one was here. It was way too early. It was probably around seven o'clock.

Yet, here I was.

I walked to school, when there was clear weather. There always seemed to be nice weather though. I liked being alone. I liked that there was no one watching, staring at me. It was a sense of comfort to me.

I doubted that anyone was really staring at me when school was in session, but I always managed to feel that creepy sensation down my spine as if someone were.

I sat down at a familiar table, and I put my head down. I could feel the hot sun burning me through my clothes. I was so relaxed that by the time I heard the bell ring that I almost contemplated not moving at all.

Lucky for me, it was just signaling that it was seven thirty, meaning I had some more time just to sit by myself and not think of a single thing.

I lifted my head slowly off of the table, and I sighed. This was not my day, was it?

I looked around my surroundings.

The flowers were the same. The bushes were the same. Hell, even the dull blue sky seemed to be exactly the same day after day to me now.

Life seemed boring and dull to me. Nothing ever seemed to spark my interest anymore. My parents were the same, same as any other parents though. Nothing special about them. We didn't have some inspiring bond that made them especially dear to me either.

I still had the same friends if they could be called friends. I guessed that they were much more like acquaintances. They weren't exciting or charming, and I often got bored of them. They were just people that sometimes tolerated me being around.

I never hung out with them. I didn't hold a conversation with any of them. I barely answered anything they'd ask me. It was a mutual thing. I just didn't enjoy very many people's company.

Of course, school was school. It was the first day of my senior year, yet I knew it'd be exactly the same as the years before this one. I would be taking some boring subjects that I would understand right away. I would have to listen to a teacher lecture about some small stupid detail someone couldn't get through their thick skull of theirs.

I scanned the area again, hoping something would grab my attention. I completely froze, when I saw him staring at me. It was a boy. A boy whose name I was somewhat familiar with even though we hadn't spoken to each other before.

I was fairly certain that I was no one to him, but now he was staring at me. His eyes seemed to be pouring into my very soul even from the distance between us.

I felt my cheeks flush, and I stood up quickly.

I didn't know this boy, but I already didn't like him. I didn't like that he made me feel like that. I felt like he was reading my thoughts or something. It was invasive. I felt violated almost.

I made myself walk away as quickly as possible. I tried my best to look like I wasn't running away. I don't think I succeeded though. My legs were moving way too fast, and my heart was pounding in my ears.

The bell rang again, and I made my way to my new first period, the evil gym class.

Apparently, someone can fail gym twice because here I was, my fourth year in gym class with the wonderful smell of sweat lingering in the gymnasium.

At least I was in the sophomore's class this year. I couldn't stand freshmen. They seemed so obnoxious, loud, and stupid. They were always talking about their 'wild middle school parties', which just annoyed me.

I slowly changed into my gym outfit, and I frowned slightly. The shirt was too tight on my chest, and the shorts seemed to be tight around my thighs,

Maybe I should've bought a new outfit, after all.

I put my hair up, and I made my way to the gymnasium.

"Avila," the coach yelled. I frowned.

Was he going to pick on me yet again this year? He always seemed to have a dislike for me. I didn't blame him though. Freshmen year, I managed to hit him with a basketball, tennis ball, and a softball.

Sports weren't my thing. Moving wasn't really my thing either though.

I smiled sweetly at Coach Harris. He was a balding, fat, old man. He was kind of ugly, but he was quite... nice, I guess. When he wanted to be at least.

"Try not to hit me with anything this year," he said chuckling. I nodded slowly.

For some odd strange reason, I was always slightly afraid of my teachers. Maybe it was because they could alter my future with a mark of their pens.

Coach Harris quickly did role call, and he made us all do the stretches and warm-ups.

"Okay, today we're playing basketball. Team up," Coach Harris called out. I groaned at the thought of it. Basketball was terrible was for me.

Hey, at least it wasn't a sport that involved any extra items though, like a racket or a bat. Then I might end up hurting someone other than myself.

I was not looking forward to having PE every day for the rest of the school year.


This is an older story of mine that I hadn't finished and really want to. I hope by me putting it up on a new site will renew some inspiration for it.


So good, update? ^.^
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
I can't wait for another update! Love it!
xShadows xShadows
I've been away for so long and just reread it :) Can't wait for more, Matt is being so mysterious ;) My name is Adriana lol, I just thought it was funny.
AvengedXLover AvengedXLover
They got to get it going soon! And Matt needs to stop smiling. Creepy face....
Eloise's Lover Eloise's Lover
Eloise's Lover Eloise's Lover