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A Night to Remember

Was it rape?

“You shithead I will fucking kill you for laying a hand on my brother.” Gerard had conned the front desk women to let him have the Avenged room keys and had burst through the door two minutes later.

Gerard had Jimmy up against the wall, the rest of Avenged Sevenfold were either behind him or trying to pull him off of their guitarist.

“You’re a dead man Sullivan. I’m getting a rape kit done on my brother and your ass is going to prison for what you did.” Gerard pulled is arms free and walked out the door slamming it behind him.

“You had sex with his baby brother last night didn’t you?” Brian, Jimmy’s roommate for the duration in this town, asked quietly.

“Rape?” Jimmy sat down on the bed, the rest of his band taking seats anywhere they could find. “I know I can’t remember anything, but rape?”

“How much did you drink last night?” Matt wondered sitting on the bed right beside the drummer.

“I didn’t that I can remember.” Jimmy looked to the door and then back at the floor beneath his feet.

“You don’t remember drinking at all? Did you take any drugs last night?” Matt asked again pulling his friends hair out of the way when he leaned over the bed and heaved into the wastebasket.

“No, no drugs just my main meds.” Jimmy stated after he had finished. Zack picked up the garbage can and set it outside the door for room service to pick up the bag. Everyone else sat silently pondering the situation.

“Do you think you were drugged?” Brian was the one to break the silence after nearly a five minute period.

“That’s the only thing I can think of too.” Matt put his arm around the older man and put his forehead on his shoulder. If Jimmy was in this shit so were they. “You should go get drug tested if nothing else.”

“You think Mikey drugged me?” Jimmy wondered aloud; closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“It’s possible.” Matt mumbled.

“Then why doesn’t he remember what happened either?” Matt’s back stiffened and he sat up strait. Matt and Brian spoke up at the same time.

“Go get tested.”

“He could be lying.”

Jimmy looked between both of his friends who just happened to be glaring one another down.

“I doubt it.”

“Even if he didn’t do it, go get tested anyway, that way if they do press rape charges you can’t be held accountable for your actions if you were drugged.” Matt finally tore his gaze off of Brian. “I highly doubt you drugged yourself.”

“Fine I guess I’ll go just so I don’t wind up in handcuffs again.” Jimmy stood up and looked back at his band. “But I need to do this alone.”

The hospital was overcrowded and Jimmy had to wait nearly an hour to get tested for STD’s and a TOX screen. The doctor had asked questions did the tests and left him to wait another hour before coming back into the room along with two officers.

“Hi my name is Detective Riley Mills.” Jimmy tensed up. Fucking Gerard would call the cops on him he never doubted it. But couldn’t it have waited until he got his results back. “Doctor Keegan called me because he found a known date rape drug in your system. I work with the Special Victims Unit and it’s my job to find out if you want to pressed charges and get any information you can give me.”

“I wasn’t raped, that I can remember anyway.” Jimmy’s bottom lip pulled between his teeth, he worried it a few times and let it go again. “I woke up in bed with someone on my tour but he can’t remember what happened last night either.”

Jimmy answered all of the woman’s questions and when he was released by the doctor with a promise of his results in two weeks. He was walking out of the hospital room when he heard.
“He’s the one who raped my brother!” Gerard had an accusatory finger pointed towards Jimmy. The detective next to the singer exchanged glances with the one by Jimmy.

“Put your hands behind your back sir I need to take you in for questioning.” The man came closer to Jimmy but the woman stepped in front of him.

“That’s not necessary Booth.” The woman stood her ground.

“The DNA we received from the victim will prove his guilt.” Detective Booth tried to walk around her but she placed herself between the men once again.

“If this man goes it will be as a victim.” Gerard listened closely to the police officers as they spoke to one another. How the hell could Sullivan be a victim?

“Riley you are new I know you don’t understand what-“

“No you hold it right there. You might have more experience in this field than I do but I will not let you take an innocent man in on charges he didn’t commit. I assume he had some sort of Date Rape drug in his system?”

“Yes but-“

“So does he; so once again Booth, he will not be going in as a suspect.”

“I’m not pressing charges anyway.” A timid voice spoke up. Mikey had come out of his hospital room. He had been conned into getting a rape kit by Gerard and had gone through hours of poking and prodding.

“Mikey don’t let him get away with this.” Gerard walked up to his brother and placed his hands on Mikey’s arms.

“You just herd her he was drugged too.” Mikey didn’t back down but stayed just as quiet as before.
“He could have done it to himself.” Gerard argued.

“Me, a straight man, do you honestly think I would drug myself and your brother just to sleep with him?” Jimmy asked incredulously.

“Who knows, you could have been curious about what it would be like but not have the balls to do it sober.”

“Funny coming from the alcoholic,” Jimmy retorted. “Don’t you think if I were curious about sleeping with a guy, for the first time mind you, I would want to remember fucking him?”

A bright blush lit up Mikey’s cheeks; Jimmy didn’t know what he had said but at least it got a reaction out of the other man.

“Settle down everyone. I think we need to take a seat and get some of the bigger questions out of the way.” They all made their way to an empty conference room; taking a seat everyone settled in.

“Have either of you had any problems with each other?” Detective Riley asked looking between the two. “Anything at all.”

“No, we’ve never really spent any time near one another.” Mikey sighed looking over the table at Jimmy.

“Like he said; we don’t really know one another. Our bands are touring together but that’s about it.” Jimmy kept his gaze on the bassist.

“I am assuming that since you are famous you guys have a few enemies.” Both men nodded in answer to Booth’s question. “Anyone stand out to you?”

“Where is this going Detective?” Gerard butted it.

“We have reason to believe someone targeted your brother and Mr. Sullivan. Neither have a history with one another and therefor no reason to drug one another.” Riley gave a reassuring smile that sunk to the pit of Jimmy stomach quicker than liquid.

“If that is the case both of you are victims of a rape crime.” Detective Booth leaned forward and took a piece of paper out of his folder. “I don’t know about you guys but I would like the catch the bastard that drugged you two. We have no way of knowing if they plan to attack again or if this was a onetime offense. Either way what they did was illegal.”

Mikey and Jimmy looked at each other and nodded one at a time.

“What do you need from us?” Jimmy asked leaning back in his chair.

“We need to do a rape kit on you as well Mr. Sullivan.”

“That’s impossible.” Gerard tensed up looking over at the drummer. Why the fuck isn’t he cooperating?

“Even if you were the penetrating partner we can still get DNA.” Riley handed him a pen and a piece of paper.

“You can’t do a test on me there will be no DNA.” Why weren’t they listening?

“Even if you wore a condom-”

“I took a shower!” Both detectives went quiet; finally they nodded and had both men write down their statements. After a lot more questioning on both parts they finally were released to go back to the hotel. No one spoke to each other on the elevator and Gerard had turned into a mother hen fawning all over Mikey in the parking lot.

“Can you please stop worrying about me?” Mikey spoke quietly; Jimmy knew he wasn’t supposed to hear it but Mikey apparently doesn’t know the real meaning of the word whisper.

“No now shut up and get in the car.” Gerard plastered an adoring look on his face before rolling his eyes and pointing to the door.

“Did you drive here?” It was the first set of words Mikey had spoken to Jimmy since he had left his hotel room earlier that day.

“Yeah why?”

“Can I ride with you?” Mikey pleaded with his eyes for Jimmy to understand. Against his better judgment Jimmy nodded.

“No get in the damn-”
“See you at the hotel Gee.” Mikey stated pulling Jimmy along with him not even knowing where the younger man had parked.

“Thank you.” Mikey spoke once more in the car.

“Don’t thank me; we’ve both been through the wringer today.” The rest of the car ride was silent until they both received texts from the tour manager.

Fucking hell! Neither of them happened to be looking forward to moving on to the next town.


Thank you CrazyLoveA7X for the comment! I am really glad you liked the last chapter. I hope this one was okay too. It only took about a half of an hour to write.


Who in the hell would do tht to Mikey and Jimmy like seriously anyhoo nice plot line can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
Interesting story line. I like it.
No problem :) I like your style of writing. Updatsies....again :P
CrazyLoveA7X CrazyLoveA7X
Oh it's MCR ok hahahaha. I don't listen to them very much so I didn't know who the other band was. Thanks for clearing that up xD but this is good. Updatsies :)
CrazyLoveA7X CrazyLoveA7X