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A Night to Remember

Waking up in a strange bed

Even before he opened his eyes Jimmy felt like a thousand birds were pecking at his head at the same time. He quickly snapped them closed and let out a loud groan, fuck even the slightest noise was about do him in. Forcing himself out of bed Jimmy stretched and walked into the bathroom. He closed his eyes and held himself up with one had on the wall behind the toilet while he relieved his bladder, with a groan of satisfaction.

Jimmy didn’t bother washing his hands; walking out into the hotel room he searched the floor for his bag. Never had he needed something for his headache more than right now and of course he couldn’t find his bag. What he did find was a suitcase with bright blue trim on it, fuck. He knew it didn’t belong to any one in his band which meant that he wasn’t in his hotel room. With a raised brow Jimmy looked towards the bed.

Oh man Lacy is going to be pissed. Lying face down on the bed was a thin woman with short brown hair.

Jimmy looked around for evidence of the previous night. When he didn’t find a condom his heart rate sped up. If he fucked this chick last night bare there’s always a chance of pregnancy or STD’s. Jimmy smacked himself in the forehead and immediately regretted it. Letting out a loud groan he let himself fall back into a chair resting in the corner; only slightly noticing the cold leather on his bare ass.

Rubbing at his nose and eyes didn’t help the throbbing headache. To make matters worse, with a quick glance he determined that his clothes were nowhere in sight. The woman on the bed let out a groan and rolled over on to her back.

Jimmy’s eyes went wide with recognition. The person in the bed was not female at all; the lack of boobs and the fact that the dude had a giant morning wood causing the sheets to bulge clued Jimmy in right away.

The slender man stretched with his arms above his head, arching his back. One good look at the guys face told Jimmy he had made a giant mistake last night. Not only had he fucked a man, he had slept with the youngest Way brother. Gerard was so going to have Bob kick his ass into next Tuesday.

“Fuck,” The word was quiet and Jimmy couldn’t help but be thankful for that. His head couldn’t take much more of a mind fuck right now. Mikey’s eyes slowly opened and Jimmy gave him time to take in his surroundings. His gut told him to get the fuck out but maybe Mikey could clue him in on his missing clothes.

The older male sat up in the bed, eyes wide when they landed on Jimmy sitting in his chair, elbows resting on his knees, his chin in his palms. He looked just as fucked up as Mikey felt. That’s when he noticed the lack of clothes on the drummer. Quickly Mikey looked down and lifted the sheet, nothing but skin met his eyes.

“Do you happen to remember where the fuck my clothes went?” Jimmy wasn’t happy and the tone of his voice relayed that to the bassist.

“I can’t even remember what the hell I drank last night. I don’t even recall picking up anything with alcohol, I usually avoid that stuff.” Mikey groaned climbing out of bed; he winced taking a step towards the bathroom. Jimmy closed his eyes and laid his head against the back of the chair.
Mikey made his way into the bathroom and did his business; he knew exactly what happened the night before just by the pain in his rear and the semen trying to make its way out. After cleaning himself up Mikey stepped out into the main room, half expecting to find it empty.

“Please tell me you don’t have any diseases.” Mikey nearly pleaded with the man now sprawled out on the bed butt ass naked.

“Nah, I came up clean in my last test and Lacey’s the only one I’ve been with. She went with me that day so I know she’s clean too.” Jimmy rubbed at his temples slowly.

“Well since that test have you woken up in this kind of situation?” Mikey was almost positive that the drummer had been through this before.

“If I had don’t you think I would have had the sense to leave by now?” Jimmy groaned after sending a piercing gaze at the bassist.

Mikey walked over to his bag and grabbed a pair of boxers. He quickly slipped them on and grabbed the Tylenol out as well. On second thought he got a second pair of underwear and tossed them onto Jimmy’s belly. The drummer thanked him quietly.

Mikey grabbed two glasses of water and got the right amount of pills out. He handed Jimmy his and a glass of water. He took his own, drinking down the entire glass.

“Thanks.” Jimmy took his pills and stood up to slip on the pair of underwear. Mikey couldn’t help but notice how nice the drummer’s ass looked in his briefs.

“No problem,” Mikey tore his gaze away from the younger man and started to dig through his clothes, he found to t-shirts. Tossing one to Jimmy he spoke up, “I would give you some pants but I doubt I have anything that will fit your long legs.”

“That’s fine,” Jimmy slipped his head into the shirt he had been offered and pushed his arms through. As always, he did things backwards and wound up with the shirt that direction too. He shrugged his shoulders and flipped it around quickly. “It’s not like I have far to go, only a couple floors. Uh, what floor are we on by the way?”

“Twelve,” Mikey responded, he opened the joining door to his room and peered inside. He disappeared for a few minutes and returned holding some yellow sports shorts. “I snagged these from Bob, just return them when you get the chance and I’ll make sure they get back to him.”

“I better get back before they worry.” Jimmy chuckled; heading towards the door he looked for anything of his.

“Yeah,” The tension in the air was so thick it could almost be cut by a butter knife while Jimmy slipped on the shorts.

Jimmy closed the door quietly behind him and headed towards the nearest elevator. He pressed the number seven and waited. At his room door his shoulders tensed, he could hear arguing behind the wood and he really didn’t want more of a headache. He banged on the door and when it opened he walked in nearly yelling for everyone to ‘shut the fuck up!’ ignoring how bad his head hurt.

“Where the hell have you been?” Matt stated crossing his arms over his chest.

“And where did you get the clothes?” Brian smirked; the guitarist was kicked back on the bed with his ankles crossed. Apparently he found what Matt and Zack had been arguing about rather funny.

“I borrowed them. What the fuck happened last night.” Jimmy immediately went for the coffee pot in the kitchen.

“We were wondering the same. You decided you wanted to go skinny dipping at three in the morning and no one went with you. We checked out the window a few times but I fell asleep almost a half hour later.” Matt explained, handing Jimmy a foam cup to pour his coffee into.

“All I know is that I woke up in someone else’s hotel room with a splitting headache and no clothes.” Jimmy closed his eyes and waited for the laughter that soon followed.

“You screwed them didn’t you?” Brian questioned not so lightly, a serious look on his face for the first time in a very long time. “Was it worth it? Are you going to tell Lacey?”

“Yeah I’m going to tell her; she’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I can’t even stomach the thought of not telling her.” Jimmy sighed and gulped down his coffee; he tossed the cup away and was at the bathroom door, planning on taking a shower.

“Was she at least hot?” Zacky piped up, looking up from his computer on the desk in the corner of a room. Jimmy paused in the doorway, his back to his friends. It’s now or never, might as well get it over with quick like a band aid.

“It wasn’t a woman.” He stated clearly and took the remaining steps into the bathroom to close the door. He listened through the wall as he re-undressed. Not a word was spoken between his friends. Jimmy had to wonder if that was a good or bad thing.

Five floors up Mikey sat with his hands fisting his hair; his wife wasn’t going to like this one bit. Of course she knew about his sexuality but when he married her he promised himself to her and only her. Fuck, what would Gerard do? Mikey couldn’t help but wonder if his brother would have any advice for him in this situation.

Mikey fished around for his phone and dialed Gee’s number while making a pot of coffee. When his brother answered in a sleepy voice he looked at the clock. It was only eleven in the morning.

“Sorry for waking you up but I’ve got a problem.” Mikey mumbled leaning back against the counter.

“What’s wrong?” Gerard was immediately on guard; Mikey could hear it in his voice.

“I had sex last night.” Mikey turned around and grabbed the pot that was only a fourth of the way filled with coffee. He poured it in a cup.

“Did Alicia surprise you last night? Why is that a bad thing?” Mikey heard Gerard groan and fall back into his bed.

“No.” A long silence followed. “Look I have no clue how it happened, last night I don’t even remember drinking anything but apparently I got smashed and wound up in bed with a guy.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Gerard’s voice became overly loud and Mikey knew the lecture was going to come. “Are you okay?”

That was a fucking shock that nearly knocked Mikey off the very think cliff he was faced with. Gerard was worried about him for reasons only the brothers knew. The one and only time Mikey had been with a man before now had turned out pretty rough and unpleasing.

“I’m fine. I just don’t know how to tell Alicia. I don’t want to hurt her Gee, she’s my wife.” Mikey sighed, pouring sugar and cream into his cup.

“You owe it to her to tell her Mikes.” Mikey could faintly hear someone wrestling around in the background before he heard Frank speak. “Who is it?”

“Mike has a problem, go back to sleep.” Gerard mumbled and turned his attention back to the phone.

“I don’t know what to do.” Mikey murmured.

“I can’t tell you what to do Mikes but I’m sure you’ll do the right thing. Were you safe at least?” Mikey groaned and mumbled no. “Damn it Mikey you know how important it is to be safe!”

“I know Gee but I don’t remember anything from last night. He said he was clean but I’m going to get tested again. I’m sure I can trust his word, he’s not the type to screw me around.” Mikey took a drink of his coffee, wincing at how strong it was.

“He’s already done that though hasn’t he.” Gerard more so stated than asked. “Don’t get your hopes up Mikes you can’t trust some random guys word on his STD situation.”

“He’s not some random guy.” Mikey mumbled knowing Gerard’s next question before it even slipped out.

“Who was it?” His brother wondered.

“James Sullivan.” Mikey heard a loud sigh over the other end of the phone and he knew Gerard had relaxed some.

“You’re right he’s not the type to dick around but you need to make sure you are clean anyway, who knows what his girl does while he’s gone. You said you don’t remember anything from last night thought?” Gerard double checked.

“Not one thing.” Mikey took a bigger gulp of his drink.

“And you didn’t touch any alcohol that you can remember?” Mikey nodded then realized his brother couldn’t see it.

“Right,” Gerard growled not so quietly into Mikey’s ear.

I’m going to kill him and then you’re going to the doctor.” Mikey’s eyes widened when the phone hung up; he had to stop his brother before he did anything that could potentially ruin their careers.


Hey everyone! This is my first ever MCR story so please bear with me and let me know if I make any mistakes on my information. I usually stick to A7X but I felt like combining the two to see what I get. Should I keep going or end it here?


Who in the hell would do tht to Mikey and Jimmy like seriously anyhoo nice plot line can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
Interesting story line. I like it.
No problem :) I like your style of writing. Updatsies....again :P
CrazyLoveA7X CrazyLoveA7X
Oh it's MCR ok hahahaha. I don't listen to them very much so I didn't know who the other band was. Thanks for clearing that up xD but this is good. Updatsies :)
CrazyLoveA7X CrazyLoveA7X