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The Diary Of Bree


Avenged Sevenfold Fanfiction.....sequel will be up soon


  1. memories

    Bree deals with her memory , and the death of a friend

  2. He Saw What He Wasn't Meant to See

    Flashback to that fateful night , and where everything changed

  3. Eternal Darkness

    Bree choses her fate, but will fate let her have her way?

  4. I Thought I Could Never Forget, But Now I Have

    amnesia leaves Bree with many questions

  5. Sweet Lie, or Soon to be Nightmare

    Bree's lies just may become reality

  6. When A Lie Becomes Reality

    Bree's lie catches up with herin the real life

  7. Birthday Surprise

    Bree gets a surprise from some unexpected guests

  8. Painful Memories Resurfaced

    Avenged asks Bree about her past, will she tell them or keep her past a secret?

  9. Naked Truth

    Bree and a band member see eachothers true skin

  10. Can I Have A Future?

    Brian asks Bree to stay with them, will she take his offer or will her past get in the way, and possibe hault all of their lives?

  11. New Song

    Four large men crammed on a tiny couch

  12. Joke

    Avenged plays a little halloween joke on Brian

  13. The New Guy

    Bree meets someone who she cant sto thinking about

  14. Johnny's Birthday!

    Johnnys party at Club 911 !!

  15. Stitches

    Bree gets some stitches after a crazy encounter with an almost naked band member

  16. You're My Lifeline

    Jacoby and Bree on the couch in the living room

  17. Super Sex :)

    sexual content....enough said

  18. I'm Back

    someone comes back that Bree never thought she would see again

  19. Lonely Heart, 4 Days Gone

    Coby goes into a mini depression, Can Matt smack him out of it?

  20. Fate Hotel

    Bree and Coby undergo torture of different kinds

  21. Lifeless With No Hope

    Bree is in the hospital

  22. Lifeless With No Hope

    Bree is in the hospital

  23. Lifeless With No Hope


Sorry for the last ch being posted 3 times...I really have no idea what happened and how to remove them since when I go to edit the ch. doesn't show up...if you know how please tell me
FIRgirl93 FIRgirl93