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Lost in Paradise

Chapter 1. Everybody's Fool

High school was behind me. Bullying, teachers, preps, proms, tests and being late were all now beind me. But who cared? What was I now suppose to do with all this freaking spare time? I never gave a shit, there was no freaking point in even trying to think of my future when I wasn't going to have one. I stepped onto the railing of the brige looking down at all the hard rocks and the ice cold water. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I felt a big rush of wind hit my body harshly, slightly pushing me back. I didn't fall back luckly me. "Wait!" I heard a deep male voice say. "Why should I?" I asked not taking my eyes off the harsh sight below me. "B-Because, there is so much to live for!" He said. "Bullshit! There is nothing! I have no family, no friends, nothing! No one would care if I die." "That's not true," I could hear him slowly walking closer to me. "Even though I don't know you I still care if you die or not! And there are things to live for, you just got to make it worth living for." He said his words peircing right through me. I laughed then looked passed my shoulder. "I guess there is something to live for." I whispered quietly to myself, I smiled still standing there before I felt two very large arms wrap around my waist pulling me back. I tried to fight him off but he only laughed. "Let go!!" I screamed. "Fine." He left go making me fall to my knees. I sat down on my butt and rubbed my knees trying to make the evil pain go away. I looked up at the man seeing amusement coveering his face, I glared at him for a few seconds. "What?" He asked acting innicont. "You know what, you fucker!" I cursed. "Woah, woah. I just saved you're life!" "Yeah. A life that wasn't worth living." "There you go again, look I saved you're life to give you a second chance at life, I'm not going to spend the rest of my day showing you 100 reasons why you should live!" He said crossing his arms over his chest. "Like I care." I stood up seeing he still was taller than I, or was it his hat? "Look I gotta go," he said. "Oh and don't let me find out you killed yourself, cause I'll be really mad and sad!" He said running off. I didn't feel like dying anymore, I felt like running after him but sadly I didn't. I never even knew his name.


Story was written for my friend, Brook. Hope you enjoyed it.


Love it!!!!

BabyBat124 BabyBat124
Love it! Update soon!