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Daddy's Little Girl


Stunned by my Dad's words, I stood there with my mouth open just staring at him like an idiot. I had no idea what to do, I had never thought this far ahead. He had his eyes fixed on mine, and I felt the farmiliar 'twitch' deep in my nether regions as I watched his hungry eyes trail all over my body, his gaze lingering on my chest.

"Well c'mon! Before I change my mind." he growled.

It took a few moments to register what he had just said, before I started making my way towards him, trembling like I was about to be hanged. Before I could make it more than three steps, he stood up and started walking towards me, stopping when his face was as close as it had been last night. He grabbed my face lovingly and placed a sweet kiss on the opposite side of my face that his hand was on before licking all the way from my chin up to my temple. He placed a kiss there, and then he started running both his hands down the sides of my arms to my hips, reaching around to cup my ass in his hands. Picking me up with ease, he walked me over to his desk, and balanced me on his left shoulder using his free arm to knock everything into the floor, sitting me down. He stepped between my legs and placed his large hands on both sides of my head, and placed a kiss on my forehead, the space between my eyes, my nose, and stopped when his lips were just barely touching mine. He snaked his tongue out and ran it over my bottom lip, causing me to wrap my arms around his neck and moan into his mouth. Then he pulled away, taking a few steps away from me, causing me to whine.

"Kiera, do you understand that if we go through with this that doesn't mean that I'm going to leave your mother, right? Apart from that if anyone finds out, then my ass is going to jail for several years. They could easily get me on more than just one charge. Statuatory rape, AND having sex with my DAUGHTER. Incest is fuckin' illegal."

"I know, Daddy.." I said, now embarrassed that I hadn't really given this as much 'in depth' thought as I should have. Even though I had been thinking about this very moment for years.

His eyes softened and he returned back to standing between my legs with his hands resting on my hips, staring deeply into my eyes.

"You know I love you with all my heart, right? You're my little girl.. Well maybe you're not so little anymore, but you are, and always be Daddy's Little Girl. I would do anything for you, and I feel like a failure as a parent for some of the things that have been going through my mind here lately. Some of the things I think about doing to you, with you are things that a father should never think of ever doing to his daughter."

He took a deep breath and pushed the bottom of my shirt up just enough to expose the skin of my lower stomach and started rubbing circles with his thumbs.

"I'm absolutely sure that I have had far worse thoughts about you, Daddy." I smirked.

"Are you really sure you want to do this? Because if not we can stop right here and try to forget any of this ever happened.."

"I'm positive."

"Okay. If you're positive, I'm going to try my best to silence my guilty conscious, and continue.. Now. Where were we?" he grinned, flashing his adorable dimples.

"I think you said something about 'Sit on my face'?" I said.

"Oh, yeah."

He removed my shirt and bra, and unbuttoned my shorts, and then stepped back to slip off his own shorts, letting his cock spring free. Standing up I slid my shorts down my legs and readjusted my panties, to nervous to take them off yet. He obviously noticed how uneasy I was.

"If you really don't wanna go through with this, I would under-" I cut him off by covering his mouth with my own, slowly deepening the kiss by running my tongue across his bottom lip, begging for entry. He silently allowed it, and so I slid my tongue into his mouth, while we both fought for dominance. Like father, like daughter. He sighed into my mouth and I tasted his sweet breath, and that's when I started to get a little vocal. I softly moaned against his lips, when he caught me by surprise by grabbing my left breast. I pulled away from the kiss to stare as him as he fondled me. I had imagined many times my Daddy touching me in this way, and now it was finally happening! I yelped as he pinched my nipple in between his fingers, rolling it around until it became taut, which didn't take long at all. Then he bent down to place his mouth over my hardened nub, I groaned at the feeling of his wet tongue on my flesh, teasing me relentlessly. He took his mouth off of my nipple just to blow on it, making me jump.

"Oh, Daddy, don't do that! It tickles..." I started to wiggle, and the pool between my legs began to deepen. I needed him now, and that's all I really cared about right now. So I pushed his head back from my breast and stood up, blushing slightly, but I promised myself that I wouldn't back out now. I turned my back to him and pushed my panties down to my ankles. I stood there, feeling the cool air of the basement on my bare pussy, and feeling the embarrassment of beingnaked in front of my Dad. I didn't want to turn around, so I stood there in indecision, until he came and wrapped his arms around my waist and laid his head on my shoulder, sending chills down my spine.

"Don't be embarrassed Baby Girl, you're beautiful. And I just want to see that beautiful body filled with mine, in the most intimate way possible. I love you, in more ways than I should, but I just can't help it. I want to see your smile turn into cries of pleasure as you squirm under me as I fill you up. I want to hear you call my name while I take away all your innocence, and let you feel how much Daddy loves you, so please just relax." He kissed my shoulder and ran his tongue up the side of my throat, causing me to shiver for the millionth time.

He laid down on his back and licked his lips. I watched as he began stroking his length, closing his eyes and allowing a moan to escape his lips.

"Mmmm, baby come here. " he growled, dark and primitive.

I walked over to him, and stood awkwardly beside him not sure of what he wanted me to do.

"Straddle my chest, with your head facing my crotch."

I did as I was told, and he pulled me back until my pussy was within distance of his tongue. I pulled his cock into my hot awaiting mouth as he dug his face into my crotch, and began devouring me. But not more than maybe one minute later, the phone rang, bringing everything to a dreadful halt.




read the whole thing, holy shit that was one twisted story, laughed what kind of porn was into and had holy shit moment when it came out Matt been lusting for his daughter a long time. This was the most differnt story i have read on here! Loved that she got on with Zacky but thought it was her dad at frist, due to the tattoos and Zacky was so into that. hell who at some point not wanted to get banged by Zacky!

MissyGates MissyGates

to tired do keep reading will finish tomorrow. its really good and the sex is wow cant think what to say.

MissyGates MissyGates

Damn that is so wrong but dose make a hot read !

MissyGates MissyGates


MissyGates MissyGates

Holy shit got keep reading and see how far this gose!

MissyGates MissyGates