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Daddy's Little Girl


"Mom!" Braydyn yelled as we pulled into our mother's driveway.

He jumped out of the car before I even had a chance to say anything, and ran straight into her arms. We had to call her from the interstate to get directions to her house, given we've never been there. So she had been outside waiting for us when we got there.

I took a moment to pull myself together, before slowly getting out of the car. As soon as my feet hit the ground my mother came running towards me, pulling me into a tight hug.

"Oh sweetie, I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too mom!" I cried.

I really have missed her, I've forgotten how much actually. Just because I have an extreme abnormal attraction to my Dad, doesn't mean that I don't love my mom. My mom used to be my best friend. There were certain things that I could tell her that I couldn't tell my Dad. And I miss that.

"I'm so happy you made it here safely, come on inside, where it's warm. We'll come back out later and get your things."

I just nodded and followed her into the house. It was a pretty house, much larger than Dad's house. It was yellow with black shutters, a double garage, and front porch which was enclosed.

Stereotypical Suburbia. Exactly what you picture when you think of suburbia.

"Guys, there's someone I would like you to meet. This is Alberto. My fiance," my mother said.

"Fiance?" Braydyn asked.

"It means were going to be getting married," she squealed.

I'm not used to seeing her this happy. It's nice.

"That's great, nice to meet you, Alberto," I smiled, holding my hand out to the man.

"The pleasure's all mine, and you can call me Al," he smiled taking my hand, kissing it.

"Your accent, where are you from?" I asked.


"I thought as much," I smiled. "So, what do you do for a living, Al?"

"I'm a lawyer, same as your mother, it's actually how we met."

After introductions were over, mom showed us our bedrooms, while Al went outside to get our stuff. Our rooms were away from everyone else's, on a different floor actually. We had our own floor, equipped with a bathroom, kitchen and living room. In other words, they gave us the downstairs apartment. Al brought us our stuff, and we began settling in, while mom ordered pizza. It didn't take long, mostly just putting clothes away, since we didn't really bring anything else.

Mom told us next week she's going to get us enrolled in school here, something I am seriously NOT excited about.


I turned my phone back on, knowing that I must have about a billion texts from Dad. When I turned it on to call mom from the road, I had about 22 missed calls, and I don't even know how many texts. I made sure to turn it back off after we got off the phone.

I want to call him, but I'm not sure what'd I'd say. I know he would try to persuade me to come back home, but I just got here and I know that would break my mom's heart. I know I broke his heart, but he deserved it. Mom doesn't deserve that, and so I'm not going back. I just hope I have enough will power to not give in to him.

31 missed calls, 23 voice mails and 19 texts, all from Dad.

God, how I want to call him. But I can't.

I wont. Not now. I can't let him ruin this for me, I need this. I need time away from him. Besides, he probably only misses me because of the sex, and he has Val for that now. He doesn't need me.

I turned my phone off, and laid down in my new bed. Maybe I'll listen to all the voice mails and read all the texts later, but for now, all I want to do is take a nap and wait for the pizza to get here.

I never thought I would end up here, with mom I mean. I never imagined my life could turn out this way. SO much has changed in the last year, it's actually hard to believe. Both of my parents have moved on from each other, me and my Dad aren't on the best of terms, and I had sex with Zack.

I've made a mess of things, and I don't know how to fix them. I mean I do want to fix things between me and Dad, but I just don't know how to without giving in to his every whim. I don't want him to think that every thing he's done to me was okay, I just want him to know that I love him and that I'm sorry. But I know if I say that to him, he's going to try and manipulate me into coming home. Maybe I should just not talk to him for a while, ya know, at least until I can trust myself enough not to come crawling back to him as soon as he says the word.

I need to grow a backbone before I talk to him again.

On a different note, I don't know how I'm going to fix the whole Zack situation. I'm not really even sure that there is a situation. I just feel bad about sleeping with him, not because he's my Dad's friend, but because he's married. I mean what did Gena ever do to me?


Soo, I don't know if I should tell her, or if I should just keep my mouth closed and pretend nothing ever happened. What would I want if I was in her position? For someone to tell me, or to live my life in the dark?

I'd want someone to tell me. I'd want to know if the relationship I was in was real, or if it was built on lies and deceit.

So should I tell her? I mean I'd want to know, but is it my place to tell her? No. It's Zacks. So maybe I should talk to Zack and propose that we tell her, if not both of us, at least one of us.. She deserves to know.

I feel like staying with Mom for a while could be good for me. Just think of it as a rehabilitation center. A place where I can stay until I sort my life out. A place where I can get my shit together and get my life on track. This could be really good for me..

And I mean who know's, I may even come to like this place..




read the whole thing, holy shit that was one twisted story, laughed what kind of porn was into and had holy shit moment when it came out Matt been lusting for his daughter a long time. This was the most differnt story i have read on here! Loved that she got on with Zacky but thought it was her dad at frist, due to the tattoos and Zacky was so into that. hell who at some point not wanted to get banged by Zacky!

MissyGates MissyGates

to tired do keep reading will finish tomorrow. its really good and the sex is wow cant think what to say.

MissyGates MissyGates

Damn that is so wrong but dose make a hot read !

MissyGates MissyGates


MissyGates MissyGates

Holy shit got keep reading and see how far this gose!

MissyGates MissyGates