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Daddy's Little Girl


As the day went on Dad continued to loosen up. By that I mean he was drunk.


I'm not sure if it was because of the whole event of Jimmy bringing a carnival into the cabin, or because of the many other events that happened that morning.

What events, you may ask?

Well for starters Val gave him an ultimatum, she said that either he focus more on their relationship than he does on his relationship(s) with his children, or she was done with him.

I obviously thought he would tell her to hit the road, but instead he just gave a quiet 'Okay.'

This infuriated me, but most of all hurt me. After just this morning making up, he hurt me again. I mean he didn't really do anything yet, but the fact that he said 'Okay' means that he doesn't value his children as much as I initially thought he did.

He doesn't value ME as much as I thought he did.

Of course I could have this all wrong, maybe he said 'Okay' as in 'Go ahead and leave,' but then I seen them kissing later.

Which leads me to believe that he's giving in to her.

Dad doesn't know that I overheard their conversation, and for now I'd like to keep it that way. I honestly just want to run and hide, but the only place that I could go to is the attic, and he already knows about that.

Sooo, I'm forced to continue to act like nothing happened, and try my best to make sure Jimmy has an awesome birthday party.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I did say there were other events that occurred this morning, didn't I?

Well the 'exotic petting zoo' definitely turned out to be a terrible idea. Somehow the tarantula escaped it's tank. Upon hearing this, Jimmy went back to his trapeze bar, and hasn't come down since then except to pee. I tried multiple times to explain to him that tarantulas can climb even better than he can, so it could easily reach him where he's at, but he still refuses to come down until we find it. Which doesn't appear to be happening any time soon.

The big 'merry-go-round' in the kitchen malfunctioned and caught on fire, and to be honest, I think it fried the spider because when it caught on fire, you could smell a dead, burning animal in the house. But ya know, that could have been an animal that was already in it when we got it..

Annnnd to top it all off, just a few minutes ago, Dad and Val announced that she was pregnant. Which come to think of it, Dad probably just found out today, which could be why he's currently shit faced drunk staring at me from the opposite corner of the living room.

I just feel really bad for Jimbo. I mean he doesn't seem to be upset about anything at all, apart from the spider of course, but still, I feel like his party was ruined. Not only about all of the mishaps with the cheap carnival stuff that he rented, but also because today was supposed to be about him, and only him, but now everyone is interested in the baby. Not Jimmy.

Soo, yeah, awesome day, huh? So here I sit, completely alone. Every. Single. Person. In this house has a partner of sorts, and who do I have? No one. I did have Brian, but ever since this morning, he's been 'occupied,' if you will. I'm alone, and it looks like it's going to be that way for a while, if not permanently.

Now is the time that I wish I would have went with Mom. But hey, as Three Days Grace always says, "It's Never Too Late."



There ya go! That's all for tonight, love you guys!! :)

Gah, I'm super excited to post the next two chapters. ;) Tomorrow, maybe.


read the whole thing, holy shit that was one twisted story, laughed what kind of porn was into and had holy shit moment when it came out Matt been lusting for his daughter a long time. This was the most differnt story i have read on here! Loved that she got on with Zacky but thought it was her dad at frist, due to the tattoos and Zacky was so into that. hell who at some point not wanted to get banged by Zacky!

MissyGates MissyGates

to tired do keep reading will finish tomorrow. its really good and the sex is wow cant think what to say.

MissyGates MissyGates

Damn that is so wrong but dose make a hot read !

MissyGates MissyGates


MissyGates MissyGates

Holy shit got keep reading and see how far this gose!

MissyGates MissyGates