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Daddy's Little Girl


Dad and I made amends that morning before going back to sleep for a couple of hours. When we woke up, which was around 11, there was a lot of noise coming from down stairs. Upon arriving in the living room, I thought Dad was going to have a heart attack.

The place was a disaster. Jimmy was hanging from the ceiling, and there was various objects that didn't belong. Such as, the trampoline and swing set. In the corner there was a small inflatable swimming pool filled with what looked to be chocolate milk, and the song 'Barbie Girl' by 'Aqua' was being blasted through the surround sound.

Gavin, Braydyn, Gianna, and Mckenna were playing on the equipment with Jimmy, who was hanging from a trapeze bar that had been installed into the ceiling. All of the furniture had been removed and is currently MIA.

"Jimmy?!" Dad yelled, his eyes wide, and his face turning blood red. You could see the veins in his neck and forehead, and his hands were clenched into fists.

He was PISSED.

Jimmy simply dropped down from the ceiling and smiled at Dad, replying with a 'Morning Matty Bear!'

"What the fuck is all of this?!"

"Well," he started, "That's a swing set, a trampoline, a swimming pool, and a trapeze set. And in the kitchen-"

"In the kitchen? There's MORE?" Dad asked, his breathing labored

"Please don't interrupt your elders, Matthew," he continued. "In the kitchen, there's a merry-go-round, and down stairs is the exotic petting zoo."


"Well obviously."

"What the fuck, Jimmy?!"

"Calm down, Matty Poo, I'm celebrating my birthday early this year, and I wanted a carnival. Humph." He explained, folding his arms over his chest and sticking his nose up into the air.

He didn't say anything, instead he fell back onto the stairs and sat down, trying to catch his breath.

"Just try to relax, Dad," I soothed, sitting on the steps behind him, rubbing his shoulders.

He leaned back into be and rested his head back onto my shoulder. Closing his eyes he took deep breath's trying to calm down.

After about 5 minutes he seemed okay, because he suddenly burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

"Jimmy, you wonderful little bastard! Who else would do something like this?! Only you Jimbo!"

He fell over laughing until I could see tears running down his face.

"Dad are you okay?" I asked.

"I sure am!"

"Then what the hell are you laughing about?"



"Because there's a fucking carnival in my cabin!!"

Just then we heard a 'baaa' coming from the basement, which triggered another fit of giggles from my father.

"There's a fucking goat in the basement," he yelled between laughs.

It's going to be a LONG day.


This one is really short too.. So I'll post chapter 19 as well. Don't forget to comment babe's!


read the whole thing, holy shit that was one twisted story, laughed what kind of porn was into and had holy shit moment when it came out Matt been lusting for his daughter a long time. This was the most differnt story i have read on here! Loved that she got on with Zacky but thought it was her dad at frist, due to the tattoos and Zacky was so into that. hell who at some point not wanted to get banged by Zacky!

MissyGates MissyGates

to tired do keep reading will finish tomorrow. its really good and the sex is wow cant think what to say.

MissyGates MissyGates

Damn that is so wrong but dose make a hot read !

MissyGates MissyGates


MissyGates MissyGates

Holy shit got keep reading and see how far this gose!

MissyGates MissyGates