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Bite Me

Blood Pumping

“Brian... I don’t understand what’s happening.” Leslie muttered as she gazed out of the window into the deep, blue ocean stringing out as far as she could see.

Her voice was so low, she almost thought he wouldn’t hear, but he did. He was very cautious of her. Every noise she made, breath she took, and movement that would catch his eye was monitored.

He was angry. It was obvious, for his chest was heaving and his breaths came out in short huffs. He looked over at Leslie with sorrowful eyes, and offered her a sympathetic smile, which she returned shyly.

“Don’t worry, love. Nothing will ever hurt you again.” He said quietly, further confusing the short brunette. Just over an hour ago, she thought she was a normal human being, with a normal life, then suddenly she was pulled into a whirlwind of supernatural beings and feelings she couldn’t understand.

Why did she care so much for Brian, and why did he seem to care back? None of her questions were being answered and she was getting pissed because of that. Brian could sense her anger but knew better than to let every secret that he kept, out. Soon enough she would know everything.

A few short minutes later they pulled into an extravagant home that made her eyes widen.

“Holy shit.” She muttered under her breath, but Brian had heard, as he did with everything she said, and it caused him to laugh. The sound of his laugh warmed Leslie’s heart, for it was hearty and genuine. She smiled because he was smiling. His mood was just that contagious to her. He looked over at the small girl, with her dimpled smile plastered on her face and couldn’t help but smile even bigger, and look down upon her with a loving gaze. There was something about her that drove him crazy.

“Come on.” He nodded towards the mansion and exited the car, Leslie following soon after. They met in the front, and Brian grabbed her hand tentatively, a blush erupting on her face from the contact. They entered the grand home and Leslie gasped. The outside didn’t do the inside justice. It was GIANT! Everything was beautifully decorated and it had such a comforting vibe.

“C’mon, I have someone you have to meet.” Her eyes widened in fear as he said that. She was not good with meeting new people. She got nervous and often stuttered.

“Hey, it’s okay! You don’t have to be worried. Nothing with hurt you, remember? I keep my promises.” Brian said softly to her while bending down to eye level with her and looking into her worried, hazel. She took a few deep breaths before nodding her head, signaling that she was ready. They entered a room with large, french doors. Once in the room she saw a bookcase, a desk with chairs in front of it, and a larger computer chair turned around to face the large-scale window directly behind the desk.

“Hey Dad.”

“Hello, son.”

“I have someone you have to meet.” Once that left Brian’s thin, kiss-able lips the chair swiveled around to reveal an elder Dom. The resemblance between Brian and his father was striking.

“Ah, Leslie. It’s nice to meet you! Please take a seat.” How had she known her name? They sat down, none the less, in the chairs in front of the dark, oak desk.

“You too sir.” She replied shyly.

“My friends in the Council told me all about you. How you’re rather quiet, and shy but have a spark. They were spot on.”

Leslie smiled at the older Dom which he returned.

“There are some things you need to know, M’dear and I am here to tell you.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt Sir, but could you possibly tell me what the fuck a socius is?”

He chuckled at her bluntness and shook his head.

“There’s that spark. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave that explanation to Jr. here. It is not my place to tell. But I can tell you that we have found the dealer in which you were bought from.” That made Brian tense up and tighten his grip on Leslie’s hand.

“Son, relax. You will get your chance to do all you want to that scum.”

“I fucking better.” He seethed from beside her, and she started rubbing his hand with her thumb in a comforting manner to calm him, which seemed to work. He sent her a grateful smile and turned back to his father.

“We have also contacted your parents and they are on their way.”

“Dad, really? That’s a lot to handle for her.” Brian said exasperatedly.

“It is your job to keep her well, Brian. She will be fine. Now, they will be here in about an hour, so Son, explain what you have to before they get here. Once they arrive we will conduct the de-glamouring ritual. Leslie, again, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

She smiled at him before standing along side Brian and leaving the office.

“Wow, that was terrifying.” She said quietly once they were out of the room, making Brian laugh quietly.

“You did amazing.” He pulled her into a hug, making her heart swell. She seemed to fit perfectly. His long, muscular arms wrapped completely around her petite frame, engulfing her in warmness. He smelt fabulously to her. A scent in which she would never tire.

“Let’s go upstairs.” He grabbed her hand and led her up a grand staircase and into a stereotypical teenage boy room. She was surprised by how ordinary it looked, but then she remembered that he was just a normal teenage boy, in some sense.

They went and sat on the bed together, facing each other.

“Okay, now what do you want answered first?”

“What the fucking fuck is socius? And if you don’t tell me I will bite you.” She threatened. He laughed at her outburst but thought her attempt at trying to be tough and in charge was adorable. He wasn’t gonna lie, the thought of her biting him turned him on to no extent.

“A socius is the Latin word for Mate. Leslie... you are my mate. We were made for each other, now you don’t have to accept it... but we will both eventually die without the mate-ship. It’s completely up to you.”

Time seemed to stop. She was his mate. The guy that had filled her every thought since the moment they met eyes was her mate. What the fuck.

“It all makes sense now.. but why have I never craved blood if I’m a Fertile?”

“It’s because of the Glamour. It keeps you from showing any vampire traits, including the need for blood. The minute the de-glamouring ritual is complete, you will be craving blood like you’ve never craved anything before. The thought will consume you, but only my blood will satisfy you, which is why I must be there. Without being satisfied, you’d have gone on a killing rampage, which don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see, but it wouldn’t be very good for our reputation.”

She laughed at his wording and looked up into his chocolate orbs. He was her mate. They were destined to be together. Forever. A wide smile spread along her face as she looked adoringly at Brian.

“You know, since the moment we looked at each other, I knew you were my mate. Man, I’m the luckiest Dom in the world.” He said quietly, caressing her cheek with his large, calloused hand.

“I think you have that the wrong way. I’m the luckiest fertile alive. That’s weird to say. Fertile.” She drew out the ‘i’ in the word, making Brian laugh at her goofiness. There was that amazing laugh again.

“You’re so beautiful, Leslie.” She blushed at the compliment and thanked him quietly when he suddenly started to lean in. He leaned in slowly, as did Leslie, her breathing becoming shallow and her heart beating erratically. They were close enough that they could feel each other’s warm breaths on their faces and their noses were touching. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment, and right as Brian was about to close the space between them

the doorbell rang.


Brian's Room: http://www.housedecoratingidea.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Black-White-Room-Designs-for-Teenage-Boys.jpg


Oh my glob I love where you took this story too, please find it in your heart to update again.

Kanda Kanda

Love this..

DaniVengeance DaniVengeance

Update soon please

iateurdino iateurdino

Update soon please

iateurdino iateurdino

I was a little curious when I first saw this and... WOW was that good. I hope you'll come back to this soon!

Traaya Traaya