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Bite Me

Never Get Enough

“Here’s your timetable, and locker information. Have a good day.”

“Yeah, you too. Thank you.” I said to the office secretary that had terrible body odor and looked like she’d rather be anywhere but here. I exited the stuffy, dense office and made my way down the empty hallway, since technically the school day hasn’t started yet. I located my locker and put my bag in it, making sure to lock it.

“Well, here goes nothing.” I mumbled after the loud, obnoxious warning bell rang throughout the school, making me cringe. I had English first thing, so I made my way towards the classroom, using the small map I had received while in the office. I sped through the hall, turning and ducking in and around students who had no shame. I finally made it to the classroom after almost getting hit in the face with a textbook, and entered the room just as the bell rang.

“Ah, you must be-” The teacher checked over his clip board before looking back up.”-you must be Ms.Brooks. Welcome to Huntington High.” He said kindly, over the loud chatter of the students. I smiled shyly and thanked him.

“Here are your books for this class, and we are just about to start a novel study, which by your school records, says you are very good with reading and writing so this term should be easy for you.”

I felt relief wash over me and thanked him again, as he looked me over, seeming to try and figure something out.

“Uh, you can just take a seat right on the border, up front.” He explained and turned, about to start the lesson. I looked at all the students and noticed an obvious line splitting the class in half. On one side was all the humans, and the other was vampires. I made my way to my seat and sat down. To my right on the opposite side of the border was a Fertile with bright red hair. She gave me a small smile, reassuring me that I was not in trouble for sitting next to her, which I gladly returned. To my left was an oblivious jock, wearing a Varsity jacket. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was the stereotypical teenage heartthrob, but he just disgusted me. I turned my attention to the teacher as he began his lesson, and I zoned out.


The rest of the day went as usual, and now it was lunch. Just as the lunch bell rang, everyone jumped up and bolted from the room, except for me. I was the only human left in the room, but I hadn’t noticed a small group of vampires had laid back, probably to not have to deal with the other humans.

Right as I was about to leave the room a small, cold hand grabbed mine and turned me around.

“Hiya! I’m Amber!” The redheaded Fertile from English said in her bubbly, high-pitched voice.

“H-hi.” I stammered in fear. Why was a Fertile talking to me? They usually ignore humans.

“What’s your name? I love your hair, it’s beautiful! Oh my gosh, your eyes are gorgeous!” She rambled and the rest of the vampires she was with before laughed at her spontaneousness.

“I’m Leslie.” I replied quietly.

“Nice to meet you Leslie, what are you?” She bluntly asked and everyone in the room went quiet.

“I’m a human.” I said quietly, almost in a whisper. The group of two Dom’s and two Fertiles all looked at each other with a confused expression.

“Hmm... Well, it was nice talking to you.” Amber said quickly, and they all fled the room, leaving me extremely confused and scared. What just happened?

I sat alone at lunch outside on the grass, just listening to music. I laid back and watched the clouds pass, basking in their beauty. Nature really was amazing. The fluffy, white clouds calmed me right down.

Suddenly a familiar pair of brown eyes flashed through my mind, reminding me of the Dom I had accidentally made eye contact with this morning. He was undoubtably gorgeous, but completely off limits. He was a Dom, and I was merely a human, but there was something about him that attracted me in a way no other person has. It was probably just raging teenage hormones. That had to be it, for there was no other explanation.

My thoughts were interrupted by the lunch bell ringing loudly in my ears. I guess I sat here longer then I had thought. I stood and made my way back into the school, dodging spastic teens in the hall. I had Mathematics, so I made my way down the busy halls and slipped into the nearly empty room. The only other people being a nervous and scared looking nerd with his eyes glued to the book in front of him, and the teacher who looked to be a Fertile.

“Hello, hun! What’s your name?” I slowly walked up to his desk, nervously.

“Leslie Brooks.”

“Ah! Right, well here are your books and you can take a seat anywhere you’d like.” He smiled at me which I returned and moved to sit near the middle of the room. The Fertiles here were nicer then the ones at my old school, thats for sure.

Suddenly everyone started piling in and taking their seats, but I noticed a group of three cheerleaders sat behind me, sending me glares that could kill as they walked by.

A small group of Vampires then entered, Mr.Brown Eyes being in that group. He looked right at me as he walked in, making my breath hitch for a moment. He sent me a small smile before turning his attention back to his friends, Amber being in the group with them. She also smiled as she passed and gave a little wave. I smiled back and focused on the teacher who had started the lesson.

“I heard her parents died when she was younger, that’s why she’s such a little emo bitch.” My eyes widened at the words I heard behind me.

“Yeah, and I heard her old adoptive parents used to rape her and stuff. How pathetic, she disgusts me.” The blondest of them added in. Tears started welling up in my eyes, and my lip started to quiver. How did they know these things?

“She should just go kill herself, I bet she cuts herself like the emo faggot she is.” The last of the three added in. I took a deep breath and looked around the room, suddenly locking eyes with Mr.Brown Eyes again, and let me tell you, he did not look happy. The whole Vampire group looked at me, obviously hearing everything, since they have better hearing then humans.

“Your worthless, no one wants you here. Your better off dead.” The head cheerleader that was sat right behind me whispered to me. That’s it. I couldn’t take this anymore.

My hand shot up, grabbing the teachers attention, who then called on me.

“Can I please go to the nurse, I don’t feel well” I said quietly, he nodded and continued teaching. I stood and made my way from the room, not able to stop the tears from flowing any longer.

I don’t know why I was crying, I mean they were right. I was worthless. I was a past rape and abuse victim, and to be honest... I was suicidal. As I walked down the hall, I tried to stop crying, but to no avail.

I continued sobbing as I went further down the hall, wanting to escape this place. Suddenly I ran right into a solid wall, sending me down to the ground with an ‘oomph’

I sat up, with my eyes closed and my hands holding my now throbbing head, and opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was not a wall, but a pair of shoes. I slowly raked my eyes further up to see jeans, then a belt, black t-shirt, whoops no V-neck, chin stubble, thin lips, nicely proportioned nose, then there they were. The deep, chocolatey eyes that have been invading my mind all day.

Then my mind started processing everything properly and I realized who I had just ran into.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t watching where I was going. I’m so sorry, sir.” I rambled my apology, not wanting to get tortured by the Dom I had foolishly ran into. I scrambled up and apologized again wanting to escape as quickly as possible, when a cold hand grabbed onto my arm and turned me around.

“Hey, it’s okay! Don’t worry about it.” He said, smiling at me. His voice was deep and velvety, the type of voice that could make girls swoon. I’m sure I could listen to it for hours.

I smiled back at him, confused as to why he was being to nice to me.

“I’m Brian, and you are?” He stuck his hand out for me to shake, which I did. I placed my exceptionally smaller hand into his large one.

“Leslie, sir.” I said formally. You never want to piss off a Dom.

“Ah don’t call me sir, only human scum have to call me that.” He joked, which confused me more. Then it dawned on me.

“You think I’m a Fertile, don’t you?”

“I’m convinced you are. I mean, you wreak of human, no offense, but you act, look and have a Fertile vibe. It honestly doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“That makes two of us..” I mumbled.

“Oh and don’t worry about those inferior whores, I took them from class and their now chained up in the torture chamber, waiting for me. I had to make sure you were okay first. I cannot believe they would stoop so low. It fucking sickens me.” He snarled, his eyes turning from brown, to a piercing black.

“Would you like to watch?” He said lowly, his voice raspier then before. Well, that was fucking hot. I bit my lip nervously and looked up to meet his eyes.

“Uhh, I don’t know.” I stammered unintelligently. He just chuckled before grabbing my hand, making electricity shoot up my arm and through my whole body. My petite hand fit perfectly into his large one.

He led me down many halls, and down stairs, leading to what I assumed was the dungeons. I had heard about them, but only Dom’s went down there. We stopped in front of a dark metal door, which he pushed open, to reveal a room with a wooden, rectangular table in the middle of it. The walls were stone, making the room clammy and cold.

“Wakey wakey, lovelies.” He said mockingly, as he turned on the light, illuminating the whole room and revealing the three cheerleaders chained to the wall with blood dripping down parts of their pristine faces, unconscious.

I watched as he slapped them all forcefully, waking them up. When they fully came to, they looked scared out of their minds as their eyes flashed from Brian to me, and back to Brian in fear.

“Now girls, that shit you pulled back in class is unacceptable.” He tsked as he paced in front of them.

“I hope you realize how fucking stupid you were to do that. Do you?” He asked and they all nodded their heads vigorously while sobbing.

“Now, Leslie. Who first?” He asked as he turned around to face me, twirling a very sharp looking knife in his fingers. He smiled at me and winked playfully when I pointed to the brunette, the one who did the least damage.

“She was the least terrible.” I explained and he nodded.

“Leslie I’m so sorry I didn’t mean any of that, please!” She sobbed as she looked at me, and I almost felt bad for her. Almost.

“You weren’t as bad as those two, so he’ll make it quick.” I nodded my head at Brian, and he smiled a cheesy grin at me, which I returned.

“I won’t be giving you any of my blood, so you will die quicker, but hopefully you’ll have learned your lesson.” He snarled, his eyes darkening even more, if possible. He took the blade to her cheek, and dug in, creating a cut from the side of her eye to her chin. She sobbed louder and screamed in pain and the other two were too scared to do anything. In a flash, the knife was embedded deep into her stomach, making her cry out and thrash around in pain.

To be completely honest, seeing Brian torture had to be the sexiest thing ever. He grasped the knife harder and turned it, twisted all her organs. I bit my lip to keep the moan that was trying to escape my mouth from being heard. He then pulled the knife from her torso and quickly slit her neck, rendering her dead.

He unhooked the chain, making her lifeless body fall to the floor in a lump. Blood was splattered on the wall and all over the floor, and when Brian turned around I couldn’t help but giggle.

There were small blood splatters on his face and chest, but he just smiled at me again.

“You have to cutest giggle ever.” He said making me blush and bow my head.

“Okay, who’s next.”

“Bleach blonde.” I stated quickly, craving the sight of Brian torturing someone again. I left Miss.Head Cheerleader for last, hopefully she’ll learn her lesson. Seeing him inflict pain on them brought me so much joy, it was like a drug.

He stalked over to her and punched her in the face, then the stomach. He quickly retrieved his knife and cut her shirt off. I scoffed at her polka dotted bra, how typical. He sliced a long and deep gash all across her stomach, making her scream in pain. Brian then bit his wrist and held it up to her mouth, forcing her to drink his blood.

“What’s that do?”

“It keeps them alive longer so she doesn’t die as quickly.” He explained and cut more deep gashes into her torso. The sight of her blood dripping down her body onto the floor, and the fact that Brian was the cause of it was getting me all hot and bothered, and I have no idea why.

Brian continued to torture her, cutting deep gashes all along her body before he shocked us all by plunging his hand right into her stomach and pulling her insides out. I wasn’t even focusing on how loud she was being, I just sat and watched, getting more turned on by the second as he forced her organs down her throat. He then, obviously bored of her, plunged his hand into her chest and pulled her heart out.

She fell to the ground when the chains were unhooked and laid there, dead. When Brian turned around to face me again, he was completely covered in blood. I couldn’t resist, so I stood from where I sat and walked over to him. What happened next shocked me. It was like I wasn’t the same person because the Leslie I knew, would never do something like this.

“You’ve made quite the mess.” I whispered and grabbed his hand covered in blood. I locked eyes with his and watched his reactions as I took his hand and licked his index finger. He growled when I started sucking on his finger, licking all the blood from it. His other hand cradled my cheek, as I went to work cleaning off all the blood from his hand.

“Do you like the taste, little one?” He asked seductively, his voice deep and husky as I continued to lap up the blood from his hand, it had to be the best tasting thing I’ve ever had. I nodded and licked my lips once I was done attacking his hand with my tongue.

Both his hands cradled my face then and he started leaning in. My heart beat quickened in excitement the closer he got, until I could feel his hot breath on my face.

“Dude, we have to go now!” We snapped our heads to the door where a very tall and lanky guy with black hair stood, holding the door open.

“What the fuck man!” Brian exclaimed loudly at his Dom friend.

“The Vampire Counsel is here.... and their looking for Leslie.”

I looked up at Brian worriedly, not sure what to make of it, and for a split second I saw worry flash over his features as well.

Well shit, this can only end badly.


Whoohoo!!! What's gonna happen?? :D Comment and tell me what you think!!


Oh my glob I love where you took this story too, please find it in your heart to update again.

Kanda Kanda

Love this..

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Update soon please

iateurdino iateurdino

Update soon please

iateurdino iateurdino

I was a little curious when I first saw this and... WOW was that good. I hope you'll come back to this soon!

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