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We've Just Gained Control

One out of One

My mouth hangs open dumbly. I shake my head. There's no way I had heard that right. I stare at Brian.

"Come on baby, just hear me out." Brian pleads. I nod my head telling him to continue.

"It would be a one time thing." He pauses when I make no motion to show I've heard him. In actuality I'd heard Brian loud and clear.

"Which one?" I question.

"Matt." I could hear the uncertainty of his statement.

He had said one of his band mates. I knew asking this would be useless.

"Matt Berry?" I already knew he meant the other Matt.

"No. Matt Sanders." Brian replies.

"Of all your band mates why Shads?" I ask.

This is what I couldn't understand. There had been multiple occasions where Matt and I had to be physically separated. Everything about Matt made my blood boil.

If I were honest I hated and despised Matthew Charles Sanders.

I glare at Brian. "No way in hell." I storm out of the house.

How could Brian even ask me that? Brian knew how I felt about Matt. Hell everyone knew how I felt about Matt. I was so angry that my entire body felt hot.

How dare Brian put me in this situation? The usually calming ocean air did nothing for me. I kept coming back to one thing; why Matt? I'm brought back to reality by the nip of the cold breeze.

Standing up I make my way back to my car. Brian is sitting on the front porch as I pull up. Shifting the car into park I pull the keys from the engine then climb out of the car. Brian's face tells me that the answer I'm looking for would be best told in private. I walk past him and into our house. Not even a minute later I hear the door close.

"I'll tell you what. We do this one time, I'll explain why I chose Matt and you'll tell me why you hate him." I turn to look at Brian.

His chocolate brown eyes begging me to agree to this. I grind my teeth settling on nodding my head knowing if I spoke it would not be convincing in the least bit. A grin breaks out across Brian's lips. Brian pecks my cheek then dashes out of the room. I got the feeling he was going to make the call to Matt saying I had said yes.

Just then it slammed into me. Why had Matt wanted to do this? I hated myself for not asking this sooner. All of a sudden Matt's motive in all of this swarms my brain.

I couldn't help but come up with reasons why Matt would do this. Not one of them was good. I swore to God if Matt was dong this just to post naked pictures of me on the internet I'd fucking kill him.

I was now kicking myself for being stupid enough to agree to this.

"Everything is all set for Saturday." Brian says.

Saturday? That's two days from today. I didn't think this would be happening for a couple weeks or months even. I never thought two days from now. Saturday came quicker than I expected. I couldn't see this turning out well no matter how many times I pictured it in my mind.

My nerves were starting to get the better of me. I wanted to kick myself. I was not this person. The shy, quiet, nervous girl. Fuck no. I was the loud mouth, confident, bitch. I loathed feeling like this.

Even worse nothing that usually calmed me was working. Walking the beach with Pinkly. Nothing. A nice streaming hot shower. Zip. A shot of Jack Daniel's. Ziltch.

I knew the only way to get over my nerves would be to get this over with. Another thing I knew was that if I was going to get this over with I was going to need more alcohol in my system.

I make my way to the kitchen. I stretch up on my tip toes to grab a glass. My shirt rides up exposing my flesh. Goosebumps rush my skin as finger tips brush over my hip. I turn around. Looking up I find Matt's face instead of Brian's.

I'm taken back to my 17th birthday. The A7X guys found out I've never had a drink. Johnny and Jimmy make it their personal mission to get me drunk. That was accomplished in spades. I stumble my way over to Matt.

"Matty." I whisper. He looks down at me.

"What-y?" He whispers back. I giggle.

"I've got a secret." I motion him down to my level.He leans his ear next to my mouth.

Gripping his cheek I turn his head to the side. Without a second thought I crash my lips against Matt's. Matt starts kissing back. Our lips more in perfect sync. Hia tongue runs along my bottom lip. I couldn't resist. My mouth opens of it's own accord. We break apart for air. Matt grabs my hand. At this moment I was thankful that the party was being held at Zacky's house. He leads me upstairs to Zacky's bedroom.

Our lips are connected the second the door is closed. My hands travel to Matt's neck pulling him closer to me. The back of my knees hit the bed. I fall back Matt landing on top of me. Matt's hand climbs under my shirt. His fingers trace my skin. Matt pulls away long enough for my shirt to be removed. Kisses travel down my neck. A moan rushes from my throat as Matt bites down on my collar bone.

He reaches behind my undoing my bra. He massages my breasts. Matt has barely touched me and I was wet already. His lips meet mine again. The kiss is short lived.

"I'm a virgin." I tell Matt. I couldn't go further without telling him the truth. Matt stares at me.

The expression on his face completely stoic. His eyes are serious. "You need to leave." He says.

I rush out the door pulling my shirt on.Tears race down my cheeks. As I'm escaping Zacky's house praying to forget this horrible night I bump into someone.

"Are you okay? Evalynn, please talk to me." I look up and see Brian concern written all over his face. Shaking my head I try to walk around him.

Brian grabs my arm. He leads me to his car all the while trying to get me to talk. I couldn't form any words. I had tried to have sex with Matt. How could I have been so stupid? I lower my head in shame. I wasn't sure what had me more angry, the fact that I thought I could have sex with Matt, the fact that I actually went through with the action or the fact that I had a crush on Matt and actually believed he would have sex with me. Brian helps me from the car all the way up to my bedroom. He pulls the blanket all the way up to my chin tucking me in.

"Call me if you need anything." Brian tells me.

"Thanks Brian. It means a lot."

As the door of my bedroom is closing behind him I wondered why I couldn't have had a crush on Brian instead of Matt. If I had things may have turned out differently.

I'm brought back to the present as Brian's lip carress my neck. I turn in his arms. My lips press to Brian's. That one kiss melted away most of my insecurities. My eyes travel Matt's body. He was actually really easy on the eyes, though I would never admit that out loud.

As well as keeping my lips sealed about being curious how he'd be in bed. Brian starts walking from the kitchen. I grab Matt's hand giving him a smile as I pull him along. A trail of clothes could be found leading up to our bedroom. I'm shoved against the door two mouths exploring my body. Brian moves up to my lips pecking them quickly. The pair share a look. Brian stands back watching us.

His hand grips my panties the ripping of the fabric is astoundingly loud. Matt's hand skims my sex. He parts my lips. The digit brushes my clit on its way down. I moan as the finger goes inside me. Almost immediately it's pulled back out. Just as I'm about to voice my frustration Matt's finger starts rubbing my clit. My hips buck craving more friction. Matt speeds up. I moan. My eyes find Matt's cock. It's standing at full attention. Holy Shit! Horse cock. It's more like ten horses's junk piled into one dick. Suddenly Matt's finger is gone. Matt walks over taking a seat on the bed.

Brian walks to Matt. He drops to his knees. Brian leans forward kissing the tip of little Matt. His mouth opens, tongue flicking out tasting the pre-cum oozing from the slit. I could not believe my eyes as Matt's cock is taken fully into Brian's mouth.

Brian's Pov: I glance over ay Evalynn. Her eyes wide as Matt's member goes down my throat. I flash her a small smirk. I pull all the way off Matt. Taking just the head back into my mouth I graze my teeth along knowing how much Matt likes that.

My head starts bobbing up and down. His hand tangles in my hair. Matt groans as my tongue traces the vein on the underside of his horse cock. Taking a deep breathe I force myself to take Matt's entire dick down my throat. Matt moans loudly.

Using his thighs for leverage I start fucking my throat with Matt's cock. Matt's fingers tighten in my hair urging me on. I reach up grabbing Matt's left ball massaging it. My finger nails dig in as I feel Evalynn's mouth enclose around my cock. I moan. The vibration reverberates through my body and into Matt causing his cum to shoot down my throat. I hum in satifaction as a few sucks later Evalynn is swallowing my seed.

Evalynn's Pov: Matt walks through the front door. My eyes take in his body. Time had done Matthew Sanders justice. That all to familiar warmth bubbles in my stomach.

"I can't believe we've been at this for ten years." Matt comments. We all chuckle.

"No what I can't believe is that all this started because Jimmy dared you to give Matt a blow job." I state. Brian nods. Matt simply smiles.

"Just think we wouldn't have happened if Brian hadn't. Who cares to go upstairs?" Matt inputs.

Our beers are forgotten as the three of us make our way to the bedroom. All of us knowing tonight was going to be extraordinary. It always was when the three of us got together.



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