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Unbound (The Wild Ride)

Another Round In The Playroom

*Zacky’s P.O.V.*

Brian had his arms around my waist while his hands were under my shirt rubbing against my stomach. His face nuzzling against my neck, planting soft kisses on me. My heart swells up with fuzziness from the affection. Then, he does less nuzzling and more kissing… and some nibbling. I couldn’t help but bite my bottom lip as his hands start massaging small circles on my hips.

From the first touch I began to get a special high from my addiction to Brian. He pulls off my coat and tosses it behind him. Brian fumbles with taking my bow tie, leaving the collar he gave me left on my neck. He unbuttons my white dress shirt slowly, starting from the top and working his way down. Brian removes and tosses my shirt. He rubs his hands all over my upper body.
He nibbles on the outline of my ear, “Hot damn, you’re so fucken beautiful.”
I blush hardcore. This man does so many things to me.
“Thank you Master,” I simply reply.
I could feel, on my bottom, his erection growing hard. His hands reach my belt. He unbuckles it and pulls it out of the loops of my dress pants. I shake off my shoes. Brian unbuttons and unzips my pants. He slides a hand inside my boxers and cups me. I let out a soft moan from the feel of his warm hand and the soft velvety skin it possesses. My senses went crazy as his hand massages and squeezes me. I could feel my cock grow hard within his hand.
“Looks like My Pet wants to play,” Brian purrs into my ear.
I was turning more and more into putty in Brian’s hands, letting him do whatever to me as he wishes.

He, unfortunately, pulls away. Then, he pulls down my pants. I plan on shaking them off but Brian helps me out of them instead. He then removes my socks and lastly my boxers.
“May I undress you now Sir?” I ask, turning around to face Brian.
He smirks, “I would love that Pudding.”
I got onto my knees and start with his shoes and socks. Then I stand back up to remove his black sports jacket.
“The tie as well Sir?” I ask.
“Yes please Sugar,” Brian answers.
“Yes Sir,” I reply, earning a smile, a low hum, and a look that shows how much Brian wanted to pounce me.
After taking off his tie, I start unbuttoning his shirt. Once that was off his body, I couldn’t help but stare at such perfection.
“You’re getting off track Sugar,” Brian chimes.
I snap to, “Sorry Sir. I couldn’t help it. You’re really something to stare at Sir.”
He pets my hair, “That’s very flattering Sugar.”
I smile and blush before returning to my task. I unbuckle his belt and take it out of the loops. My mouth waters more and more as I get closer and closer to my prize.

I unbutton and unzip his pants before I peel them off his glorious legs. There left his boxers which show a tent of his cock trying to escape. I hook my fingers on the waistband and pull them down, releasing my Master’s cock. After tossing his boxers to the rest of his clothes, I stay kneeling and looking up at Brian. I wanted to devour his member, but of course Brian might have other plans.
“Go to the bare wall,” said Brian, “Kneeling with your back against the wall.”
I nod, “Yes Sir.”
I do as I’m told, anticipating what Brian has on his mind for tonight. He walks over and looks at me the whole time. The ache from my groin grows more intense. I could feel precum leaking from my cock as it rubs against my stomach. It’s throbbing, begging for Brian.
“Hands above your head,” Brian orders, “Arms stretched out.”
“Yes Sir,” I say as I do what Brian wants.
“Open your mouth and relaxing yourself,” Brian orders.
I open my mouth and relax like Brian told me to. He lines himself to my lips. He holds onto my wrists as he slides into my mouth. I can feel him pulsing in my mouth, tasting his precum on my tongue. Brian moves his hips, sliding his cock in and out of me. It drove me more and more wild when I really want to touch Brian and he had a strong hold of me. It made me inhumanely harder feeling every inch of Brian’s cock stretching my throat.
“Look at Zachary,” Brian orders.
I look up and see his chocolate eyes looking down at me. His eyes were dark with lust.
“You’re a sight to see Sugar,” Brian tells me with a smile.
I just kept looking at him since I couldn’t reply. Brian starts thrusting faster, I think he’s close to his climax. He starts breathing a bit heavier. I actually didn’t want him to come just he could keep himself in my mouth and keep tasting him.
“I’m so close,” Brian groans, “I’m going to unload myself into you… you’re going to swallow every drop.”
I nod as he keeps using my mouth for his pleasure.

A few more thrusts and, with a loud roaring grunt, Brian comes down my throat. His white hot salty cream tingle my taste buds. I swallow what I could and, after Brian released my hands, I lick the rest of him clean. I wanted more of his taste.

*Brian’s P.O.V.*

I watch Zachary lick his lips. I’m getting turned on by knowing Zachary wants to get every drop he can. Still kneeling, Zachary looks up at me as he waits for my instructions. I pet his hair, he leans to my touch.
“Stay here Sweetheart,” I tell him before heading to the dresser.
“Okay Master,” he replies.
I smile as I skim through the dresser drawers, pulling out the goodies I plan to use tonight. I decided to go with a vibrating cockring, a ball gag, a vibrating butt plug, special vibrating anal beads, nipple clamps, lubricant, and rope.
“Close your eyes Zachary,” I order him.
Zachary closes his eyes and then smiles with curiosity.

I take my chosen goodies to the nightstand. I grab the spreader bar from under the bed and set it aside for later use. I lick my lips as I think of the plans I have for Zachary and myself. I walk to the foot of the bed.
“Open those pretty eyes,” I tell him.
He opens his eyes and looks at me. Those emeralds shine with anticipation and dark with lust.
“Come here Sugar,” I order him, “Crawl to me.”
Zachary gets on all fours and crawls slowly to my feet. Eyes locked on mine the whole time. Once at my feet, Zachary goes back to kneeling.
“On the bed,” I tell him, “Kneeling and your back to me. Your arms behind your back like you’re going to be arrested.”
“Going to cuff me Sir?” Zachary asks with glee as he climbs onto the bed.
“No,” I answer, “but you will be bonded with rope. Is that okay?”
“Never been tied with rope before,” he confesses, “but I’m okay with it.”
“You let me know if it ever starts to hurt,” I inform him.
Zachary nods, “Yes Sir.”
I grab the rope from the nightstand and then tie the rope around Zachary’s arms in a decorative fashion.
“Too tight?” I ask, “Too loose?”
“Its fine,” he responds, “I’m okay Master.”
I finish the last knot before going for the ball gag.
I flash the gag to Zachary, “Open.”
He opens his mouth and I proceed with the ball gag, making sure it’s fully secured.
“Doing alright?” I ask.
He nods.
“Bend over,” I tell him, “Show me that sweet ass.”
He does so and I go for the butt plug and lube. I lube up the plug as I stare at Zachary’s succulent ass. His puckering entrance makes my cock ache with need… need of giving that puckering entrance a good pounding.

I rim his hole with the plug before pushing it in. I hear a muffled moan from Zachary. I make sure the plug is nice and snug before going for the cockring. I had Zachary roll over before hooking the contraption onto him. Finally, the nipple clamps. I lick and suck on his left nipple, making it pointy and hard. More muffled moans come from Zachary. I clamp the left nipple before working on the right. Once that one was clamped as well, I went for the remote for the vibrating cockring and butt plug. I have Zachary kneeling in the middle the bed. His eyes are watching me, mostly on my hand with the remote. I couldn’t help but smirk when I turn it on low. I enjoy watching Zachary’s facial expressions change as the vibrations send sensations throughout his body. I see he starts squirming, probably having the butt plug get to his sweet spot. Muffled moans continue to come out from Zachary. I turn it on medium. Zachary wiggles and squirm, and once the butt plug touches his prostate, he moves uncontrollably.
“That’s it Sugar,” I mutter, “Unravel for me. Submit to those sensations you’re feeling.”
I know, without a doubt, if I didn’t have that gag on him that I would have pulled the plug out by now and tore his ass apart. His cock begins turning deep pink, begging to come all over the bed. I turn it on high and Zachary thrashes around on the bed. I grab the spreader bar and, after a few minutes from Zachary squirming so much, I attach it to Zachary’s ankles. Now he’s bent over with his legs spread, showing the butt plug that’s vibrating him into oblivion. I walk over and unhook the ball gag. Zachary takes a few moaning deep breaths.
“M-Master,” he whimpers, “Please… P-Please let me come. P-Please.”
I keep looking at him, without saying a word, as he moans loudly and looks at me with pleading eyes. I flip him over on his back and unhook the cockring. The butt plug continues to vibrate until, with my permission and a loud scream from Zachary, he comes onto his stomach. I turn the vibrations off. As Zachary catches his breath, I lick him clean of his liquid lust.

His knees still bent and his legs, thanks to the spreader bar, are open wide. I take out the plug that is snug between those glorious ass cheeks. I grab the chain connecting the nipple clamps and pull, bringing Zachary to a sit up position. I untie the rope. Zachary stretches out his arms.
“Hurt at all?” I ask.
“Nope,” he answers, “I’m okay Sir.”
Zachary gives me a crooked smile.

Damn I love that smile… I love him…

“Ready for more Sugar?” I ask.
“You bet I am Master Synyster,” Zachary answers happily.
I smile as I flip him over to a bent over position. I begin to prep the special anal beads.

*Zacky’s P.O.V.*

I was so excited for more, even though my brain felt like a puddle in my head. I can see a glimpse of Brian’s next toy. Brian knew anal beads were my favorite. I feel the first bead go inside of me and I grew more and more excited. Brian pushes more beads into me. I can feel a few rubbing against my prostate. I feel Brian stop, must mean all beads are in me. I hear Brian chuckle before the anal beads begin to vibrate. My body begins to uncontrollably shake and spasm. From these vibrations, I felt trapped in my own body. My body acts on its own, my brain is too fired to do anything but submit to the shockwaves of pleasure I’m receiving. I couldn’t stop moaning and screaming my lungs out. I could see Brian watching me from the side of the bed. Being sensitive from my first orgasm, it didn’t take long for another one to form in the pit of my stomach. I can tell it would be intense as my climax brews hotter and hotter. I clench the comforter within my fists as I feel my nuts getting close to exploding.
“M-Master,” I plea once I’m able to speak, “I need to come. Master please. P-Please Sir.”
I watch Brian still standing by the bed, not saying anything, and watching me squirm. He then walks behind me. What is on my Master’s mind?

Just then, I get flipped over. Brian unhooks the spreader bar.
“Come,” said Brian, “Come for me Darling.”
He starts pumping my cock. His touch sends me over and I come all over my stomach again. He turns off the vibration anal beads. As he pulls them out, I couldn’t help but be a bit turned on from the feel. Brian licks me clean, his tongue tickling my skin. He climbs onto me and unhooks the nipple clamps, tossing them to the nightstand. Brian kisses me, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I slip him my own tongue and we begin exploring each other’s mouths. Brian tastes sweet with a bit of my saltiness. Hands roam each other’s bodies. I’m getting so turned on. I could feel Brian’s erection rubbing against me. I grew more and more crazy.
“Master,” I plea, “Please fuck me. Please Master.”
Brian puts his forehead on mine. His hands on my cheeks.
“Be careful Pet,” Brian tells me, “Be careful what you ask for. I just might pound you so hard that you can’t walk right for a month.”
I smile, “It’ll be worth it.”

Brian lines himself up with me and pushes in. Those toys can’t compare to the real thing. I felt at pure bliss having Brian inside of me. Feeling him stretch me and fill me. Brian kisses my forehead, then my nose, and finally my lips.
He whispers, “You’re so beautiful.”
I couldn’t help but blush and smile.
“I love indulging in your beauty,” Brian says with a warm smile.
“Thank you Master Synyster,” I reply.
He hums happily as he starts moving his hips. I move my own hips to the rhythm Brian has set. I feel him moving around, trying to find my prostate. Of course, it doesn’t take long for my dear Brian. He grabs a tight hold of my hips and thrust faster and harder once he finds. His cock ramming into my prostate makes me moan like a whore once again. My own cock is rubbing against his chiseled abs. All I can grab a hold of is Brian’s shoulder blades and I grab on tight. His body leans more into mine and, from my back arching, and our chests are rubbing against each other.
“Even after all that playing,” Brian says huskily in my ear, “You’re stay so tight for me.”
I tried to respond but all that could come out of my mouth were moans and screams. I even tried to have my hips keep moving along with Brian’s hips, but my brain couldn’t comprehend. All I could do was keep letting Brian fuck me into a heaven-like state. Still being sensitive, I could feel myself tighten even more around Brian. His thrusts were getting sloppy. He starts thrusting harder and faster, giving it his all. Once I could finally say words, it was just me screaming my Master’s name.
“I’m so close Zachary,” Brian says in my ear, “You’re allowed to come but only after I do.”
I nod spazzingly.
A few more thrusts and, with another roaring grunt, Brian comes within in. As he thrusts some more, milking out his orgasm, I come as well. Brian licks me clean once again before leading me to the master bedroom. He takes me into the shower with him where he helps wash me from head to toe, letting me use his shampoos and soaps. I love his scents. We finish and dry each other off. After slipping into pajamas, Brian tucks me into bed with him and holds me in his arms. Oh god just tell him you love him. Just tell him.
“Hey Brian,” I start.
“Yes Sweetheart?” he asks.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. For the love of that is good in this world, I’m in love with you.

“Good night,” I say instead… because I’m a fuck-head.
Brian kisses my forehead, “Good night Zachary.”


Told you it wouldn't be so long of a wait, lol.
Was writing this right after I got done with the previous chapter.


This is the link to the picture I had in mind for the rope tying on Zacky.


Just read this is like two days. *Clappy hands* Nice job ; ) This better not be the end, though! Who the hell is Michelle to him and why the F did Bri do that?!? Nobody hurts my Zacky.

violetshade violetshade

Yay you finally updated. Hoping zack lets brian explain things

SynIsMyAddiction SynIsMyAddiction

Been awhile but, I hope you update this again if you'e still writing it

This story was fantastic ;-;

Kanda Kanda

Hope you're doing well as well. :)

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