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The Hardest Decision To Make


Matt POV

2 Weeks later

“Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you hadn’t met someone?”

I looked at the silly, petite girl beside me and took her in. Her flawless, pale skin and gorgeous hazel eyes that I had gotten lost in so many times. I’m not entirely sure whether it was her bad ass exterior or her sweet, cuddly interior that made me love her more. Yes, love. I’m not sure it really is love, but it sure feels like all the super lame lovey-dovey movies make it seem. I mean, she was literally perfect! Well, to me she was. I’m not sure how, or when but I was hooked. She had me all protective and constantly trying to get her attention, and no other girl had ever made me act this way. There was something about her that made me wild. How her name fit her perfectly, Dakota, I could say her name over and over. But what really drove me mad was when she said my name. There’s just something about the short girl that has me acting like a love-struck little bitch, something I swore I’d never be.

“Matt, are you in there?” She joked, knocking lightly on my head and smiling at me.

“Whoa, shit. Sorry Kotes! What did ya say?” I said looking at her and getting lost in her creamy caramel orbs.

“I said! Have you ever thought about how your life would change if you hadn’t met someone that you had? Like, if we never met...” She trailed off, looking at me expectantly waiting for an answer.

“If we had never met... I wouldn’t be as happy as I am, because you mean the world to me and I would die if someone ripped us apart.” I smiled at her, which she returned and I laid on the soft sand beneath me, stretching my arms above me before folding them underneath my head. I made sure to flex while doing so... kind of douchy, I know, but chicks dig muscles!

“You mean the world to me too... I love you Mattie.” My heart swelled at how cute she was and I watched as she laid down beside me, resting her head on my arm.

“If I tell you something, will you promise not to get mad.. or judge me?” She asked quietly.

I looked at her confused, “Of course, I would never judge you, kitten.”

“I just-I-I’m scared, Matt. Things at home aren’t... good.”

“What do you mean ‘aren’t good?’. You can tell me anything Dakota, I promise I won’t tell a soul or judge you.” I said truthfully, looking into her big, sad eyes.

“Dad has been drinking a lot more, and has become more... umm... violent.”

My eyes widened at what she had just said, and rage instantly filled me. How he fucking DARE touch her?! What a little pussy! Who the fuck takes their anger out on a girl? I mean, I get into a lot of fights, yeah, but I would never, ever lay a hand on a girl. That goes against everything I believe in. Women should be respected, loved and looked out for, not beaten and treated like trash. Oh no, my father taught me better then that.


“What has he done to you? I swear I’ll fucking kill him.” I seethed quietly, seeing red.

“Mattie, shh calm down. Don’t do anything, for me.” I looked back at her and sighed, trying to calm myself down from my rage fit.

“What has he done...”

“It’s just a few bruises here and there.. I can hold my own.” She replied looking into the ocean.

“I just can’t fucking believe he would stoop so low. I’m sorry but your father is scum, and the next time I see him, if the guys aren’t there to hold me back, I might end up killing him.” She looked back to me and smiled sadly, giggling quietly.

“We have to tell the guys don’t we?” She asked nervously.

“I think you should, but its not up to me.” I grabbed her hand and stood up, pulling us away from the beach and to the parking lot where my new Harley Davidson bike sat. Dakota had flipped out when she saw that I finally bought it and insisted that I drove her everywhere on it, which I didn’t mind one bit. I grabbed the helmets perched on the seat and handed one to her, then put the other on myself. We mounted the bike then fled from the scene, on our way to Brian’s house where the guys would likely be.

Dakota POV

At first I was terrified to tell the guys, I mean, they are all tall and large, heavily tattooed teenagers with crazy hormones that love to fight. Anyone would be scared. Besides Johnny of course. Despite being smaller then the other guys, he could fight just as well.

Brian was the most angry, which I kind of suspected. We had always had this bond, one somewhat like the one me and Matt shared. When I told them, he started swearing incessantly and punched a wall, leaving a gaping hole. Zacky was angry as well, but more sympathetic, making sure I was okay and comforting me. Jimmy seemed angry and upset but went to go find Brian when he stormed off to make sure he was okay, and Johnny was pissed. He would not stop yelling. Damn, that kid has a pair of lungs on him.

“You do realize that you are NOT staying at your house for a while, right? I already talked to my dad and he’s cool with you staying here.” Brian said after he returned from his temper tantrum.

“Yeah I kinda figured. Thanks Bri.” I stood and walked to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, which I had to stand on my toes to do, and his arms wrapped around my waist.

“We’ll go get your stuff in a couple of minutes.” He murmured into my hair. I simply nodded in acknowledgment as I melted into the hug, enjoying the feeling of his muscular arms around me. Thank god I have such amazing friends.

But what would my dad do when he finds out I’m gone? Oh no...


Matt's Bike: http://tinypic.com/r/10xvsz7/5

Whoohoo new update!! How cute is Matt though? I wanted to portray him as a super gentlemen that is very, VERY strongly against women abuse, i think I nailed it :P
Comment, Subscribe, Recommend! I adore hearing what you guys think! <3


I love this story! Please update it soon! Great job!

Update ASAP

DaniVengeance DaniVengeance
@Miss Jimmy Sullivan
Thank you muchly :) I have basically the whole story mapped out so it should be rolling soon!
xShadows xShadows

This story... ASDFGHJKL