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Can't Fight The Moonlight

Tonight I'm a bit crazy

I stood over the hot stove top, making macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes for Trinity. I let a deep sigh escape my lips as I pulled the two pots off the stove top, and placed them on the small island near me. I smiled turning the stove off, and grabbing two plates from the cabinets. Walking towards the table and laying the plates at the two chairs that surrounded our table. I smiled hearing the front door bust open and the small apartment filling with laughter.

I walked out of the kitchen and leaned into the door facing of the living room smiling at Trinity. “Mac and cheese.” She cooed over the food. Simply shaking my head, I watched her sit down to eat. Walking over to the table I took a seat in front of her, placing a small amount of my food into my plate. I watched Trinity finish up as I cleared the table placing leftovers into bowls, then the fridge. Quickly washing the dishes up, I walked out and to Trinity’s room. I grabbed her Barbie duffel bag, and began placing her clothing, and everything she wanted inside of it.

Finishing up, I zipped it and tugged it onto my shoulder. I walked out of the apartment with Trinity and took her to Evie’s house five minutes from where we lived. I smiled handing her the bag and kissing her forehead. “Mind, Mrs. Santos, and don’t forget—“

Trinity giggled kissing my cheek and looking into my eyes. “To call before I go to bed, and to call when I get up. I’m going to be fine, mommy.”

I smiled hugging her tightly and kissing her one more time. Time to time, Trinity would slip up and call me mommy. For all purposes, I was. I watched her disappear into the house as I grabbed my bag and headed back to my car around the corner. Getting inside, and tossing my stuff to the backseat, I pulled out heading for the bar; I called home during the night time.


I stood in the small bathroom applying the last part of my lip-stick to my lips. I turned a little seeing Cammie on one side, Rach on the other. Shaking my head I slipped from the two and headed out behind the bar. “Lil, ready for tonight?” I laughed.

“Always am babe. Look, Jersey is here.” Lil pointed.

I turned seeing the black hair, tanned girl, coming into the scene. I smirked seeing the place already piling in. “Jersey, get your ass over here and start doing the drinks.” I chuckled climbing on top of the bar. Rach and Cammie joined in as, Devil Went Down To Georgia began blaring through the bar.

I laughed out, and began dancing with the girls. I grabbed the mic as I began singing along with the song. “ The devil went down to Georgia; he was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind 'cos he was way behind: he was willin' to make a deal.
When he came across this young man sawin' on a fiddle and playin' it hot.
And the devil jumped upon a hickory stump and said: "Boy let me tell you what:
"I bet you didn't know it, but I'm a fiddle player too.
"And if you'd care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you.
"Now you play a pretty good fiddle, boy, but give the devil his due:
"I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul, 'cos I think I'm better than you."
The boy said: "My name's Johnny and it might be a sin,
"But I'll take your bet, your gonna regret, 'cos I'm the best that's ever been."

Johnny you rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard.
'Cos hells broke loose in Georgia and the devil deals the cards.
And if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold.
But if you lose, the devil gets your soul.

The devil opened up his case and he said: "I'll start this show."
And fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow.
And he pulled the bow across his strings and it made an evil hiss.
Then a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.
When the devil finished, Johnny said: "Well you're pretty good ol' son.
"But sit down in that chair, right there, and let me show you how its done."

Fire on the mountain, run boys, run.
The devil's in the house of the risin' sun.
Chicken in the bread pan, pickin' out dough.
"Granny, does your dog bite?"
"No, child, no."

The devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat.
He laid that golden fiddle on the ground at Johnny's feet.
Johnny said: "Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again.
"I told you once, you son of a gun, I'm the best that's ever been."

And he played fire on the mountain, run boys, run.
The devil's in the house of the risin' sun.
Chicken in the bread pan, now they're pickin' out dough.
"Granny, will your dog bite?"
"No, child, no."”

Once the music finished up, I laughed jumping off the bar and getting behind. I began doing drinks, and taking shots that the guys offered to buy. I smirked at the newbie and walked over to her. “Hanging in there?” I smirked.

“Fuck you.” Megan spat.

“Oh, attitude. That gets yah far here.” I laughed going back to doing orders.


I laughed dancing on the bar counter with Cammie as we danced to; Crank It Up—Ashley Tisdale. I laughed grinding against Cammie as we saw the men get turned on more. Shaking my head I continued dancing and enjoying myself.


I walked into the bar with Matt and Brian sighing. No matter how many road trips I wanted to attend alone, never happened. I heard Holly and Rose join the two guys and rolled my eyes. No one knew how much I wanted to be alone on this trip. Just dumping Gena, fuck. I wanted to find a girl up here.

That’s now fully fucked up, thanks to the guys joining in. I bit my snake bites and saw two girls grinding one another on the bar. I smirked, loving what I was seeing. I quickly made my way toward the front of the bar, and smirked standing there. The music cut off, as the two jumped off. The dark brown haired one looked at me with a smirk plastered up on her lips.

“What can I get yah?”

“Daniels.” I smirked; l licked my lips side to side and watched every move she made. She slid the bottle towards me, as I caught it smirking. I turned to see Brian and Matt giving me the eye they always gave to me, when I had found something I liked.

“What?” I asked taking a huge swig out of the Daniels bottle.

“Fuck, dude. You have the hots for her.” Matt chuckled pulling Harley closer to him.

I rolled my eyes as I continued drinking on the Daniels. I rolled my eyes once more heading to the back of the bar. I watched her dance, one more time before the place started shutting down for the night.


I stood outside the bar smirking to myself. She was so fucking gorgeous. Her hips swaying, the leather pants hugging her hips and legs. I felt myself hard and frowned a little shaking my head. I walked away rubbing the boner down as I heard Avery talking to someone. I turned the corner and saw her talking to the girl.

“How’s Trinity doing?” Avery asked.

“Good. She’s at a friend’s house tonight and tomorrow night. I’m actually off tomorrow night. We should hang and catch up on some things.” The female spoke.

Biting on my snake bites, I thought to myself. ’Fuck, she has a beautiful voice.’ I listened to their conversation as I felt a hand on my shoulder. Jumping I turned on my heels looking at Brian. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Standing here.” I snarled.

“Dude, if you fucking like the chick. Fucking go talk to her.” Brian snapped going towards Avery. I shot him a bird and a glare. I decided against what my mind was yelling out as I walked back towards my rented car. I knew it was a waste of my time, fuck. In six god—damn months I hadn’t been on date. Why the fuck start now?

“HEY!” Someone screamed out.

Turning on my heels, I saw the girl running towards me smiling. “You left this at the bar tonight.” She smiled handing my phone over to me. I took my phone and slid it into my pocket. “Thanks, I had no clue I had left it or even lost it.” I chuckled.

“No problem.” Smiling, she turned and headed toward her orange cobalt. I smirked dashing towards her, “Hey.” I shouted towards her.

Before I could finish she was done pulled out and gone. Frustrated I slammed my fist into the wall of the bar and frowned. Rolling my eyes I headed back to the Escalade I had rented and climbed in heading to the Hotel, I was staying in for the next two weeks.


Loved the update! Cant wait to read more. Coyote ugly is one of my favorite movies. I was excited that this will be similar :-) please update soon.
AvyD AvyD
Continue please!
forREVer-A7X forREVer-A7X
Love this already!!! Can't wait for more!