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Can't Fight The Moonlight


Leah Dales was just a typical teenager, till the night her parents were brutally murdered and taken from her, and younger sister, Trinity. Five year later, Twenty-Three year old Leah is working an Coyote in uptown New York, trying to support her baby sister and herself. But when Leah meets Zacky Vengeance of Avenged Sevenfold. Leah finds her world turning around, and supernatural beings coming out. What will happen? Will Leah survive with her baby sister? Or will this be the end for her?

I do not own anyone famous or Zacky Vengeance. Do not steal, this is my idea and plot and character, so don't steal...




27. Engaged to Matt. Meet him at a concert when they first started out. Started dating one night after he confessed he’d liked her. Started modeling for Suicide Girls after he consented.

Leah Dales

Leah Dales

23. Lost her parents when she was a teenager and had to raise her young sister by herself. Works in a strip joint called Coyote Ugly. Doesn't let her little sister know what she does. Has never had any chance for love, and hopes one day that could change.

Leah Dales

Leah Dales

7. Younger sister of Leah. Never knew her parents and considers Leah her mommy. Is a sweetheart and hyper half of the time.

Zachary Baker/Zacky Vengeance

Zachary Baker/Zacky Vengeance

27. Never succeeded in his love life. Has dark secrets about him that no one knows about. Caring person and tends to stay quiet and shy at times.


  1. Gave You All I Had

  2. Tonight I'm a bit crazy

  3. Well baby, you are all that I adore

    I don't care if heaven won't take me back. I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.


Loved the update! Cant wait to read more. Coyote ugly is one of my favorite movies. I was excited that this will be similar :-) please update soon.
AvyD AvyD
Continue please!
forREVer-A7X forREVer-A7X
Love this already!!! Can't wait for more!