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Life's A Riot.


JC Riot has always known and loved Avenged Sevenfold, after all, her brother is the bassist. However, no matter how hard she tries, she just cannot get along with him. Synyster Gates. Continuously bickering like young kids and nearly always at the others throat, neither realises how the other feels. Things change though, when drummer Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan unexpectedly dies. The band is distraught and are unsure whether to continue. Upon seeing her brothers dream crumbling and old friend Jimmy’s band falling apart, JC, along with best friends Val and Leana, makes the difficult decision to force the band to continue and live on in Jimmy’s memory. The trouble is, can she pick up those drumsticks and fill those shoes? And can she get along with Syn long enough to even finish the record?


  1. Prologue

    So just how did J.C and Syn meet?

  2. One.

    J.C makes a decision that she'll come to regret in the not too distant future....

  3. Two

    J.C starts to regret allowing the guys to live with her.

  4. Three.

    A slightly drunk J.C sends Syn's mind into overdrive

  5. Four.

    J.C attempts to remember the night before.

  6. Five

    A night out produces some unexpected surprises for both Syn and J.C

  7. Six.

    2 years after the kiss, nothing appears to have changed much ... other than Syn's new girlfriend ...

  8. Seven.

    When J.C gets confused over her jealousy towards Michelle, she turns to the only person who will understand; best friend Ash.

  9. Eight.

    Syn does his best to comfort J.C after she's had to make a tough decision.

  10. Nine.

    When Syn confesses that he's unsure about his relationship with Michelle, J.C is unsure how to react.

  11. Ten.

    J.C needs to make a choice and neither option is easy.

  12. Eleven.

    J.C shows Syn that she means what she says.

  13. Twelve.

    Two years later, the story really starts to kick off.

  14. Thirteen.

    When J.C brings her new boyfriend home to meet the guys, Syn's reaction is slightly unexpected.

  15. Fourteen.

    Everyone's fighting, but will any good come out of it??

  16. Fifteen.

    J.C attempts to work off some of her emotional baggage and recieves some advice from an unexpected source.

  17. Sixteen.

    It's Johnny and J.C's birthday and her favourite present comes from her least favourite person

  18. Seventeen.

    J.C's heartbroken and there's only one person she wants to comfort her.

  19. Eighteen.

    Zacky's birthday causes J.C and Syn to have a moment.

  20. Nineteen.

    It's christmas in the house of Sevenfold. :D

  21. Twenty

    A sudden tragedy pulls J.C and Syn closer together.

  22. Twenty One.

    J.C and Syn lean on each other for support.

  23. Twenty Two.

    The day of Jimmy's burial arrives.

  24. Twenty Three.

    J.C proves that you don't have to be old to be wise.

  25. Twenty Four.

    J.C makes the ultimate sacrifice for the guys.

  26. Twenty Five.

    J.C's feelings for Syn begin to get stronger. and seeing him shirtless isn't helping.

  27. Twenty Six.

    JC hits the road with the guys for a tour that she will never forget.

  28. Twenty Seven.

    It's the build up to the first show for J.C and she needs some moral support.

  29. Twenty Eight.

    JC prepares to perform with A7X for the first time

  30. Twenty Nine.

    J.C's started something, but is she ready to take it all the way?

  31. Thirty.

    A fight between Syn and JC leads to more than either of them expects

  32. Thirty One.

    Syn forces JC to deal with the consequences of the night before, because this time, he isn't giving up

  33. Thirty Two.

    Films on the tour bus can only lead to one thing . . . cuddles.

  34. Thirty Three.

    The tour antics continue ...

  35. Thirty Four.

    An unexpected confession hits JC hard

  36. Thirty Five.

    Syn proves to JC that he meant what he said.

  37. Thirty Six

    Syn and JC have a heart to heart.

  38. Thirty Seven.

    A visit from Ash prompts a startling flashback for JC

  39. Thirty Eight

    JC tries to return to normal after Ash's visit.

  40. Thirty Nine.

    JC and Zacky have a heart to heart.

  41. Fourty.

    JC finally gives in to Syn.

  42. Fourty One.

    It's the end of the US tour and the guys have a surprise for JC

  43. Fourty Two.

    Syn and JC show how much they've changed since they started dating

  44. Fourty Three.

    Syn and JC are late for a photoshoot.

  45. Fourty Four.

    JC and the guys play Download festival in the UK and Syn has plans to make it JC's most memorable concert ever...

  46. Fourty Five. The End.

    It's Syn and JC's honeymoon.



I loved this story!

I really hope you consider a sequal! <3
Sofaraway_A7x Sofaraway_A7x
OMG! I am loving this! And I am reading it while at my office, so everytime I get a call I get angry. lol Love it!!!
Sofaraway_A7x Sofaraway_A7x

It was absolutely amazing. I must say, I'm hoping for a part 2, and babies between those two. ;)
Danni_foREVer Danni_foREVer
Really awesome story. I laughed and cried. I went through every emotion imaginable, and I just couldn't stop reading.
Foos922 Foos922