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Seventeen and Pregnant (Avenged Sevenfold)

Chapter 8

Deanna’s P.O.V.
Today was the third day that Katie was here and she was with me and my brother. I was so happy that she was here and having Jimmy along with me was the best! Even though we haven’t really been together for a few days, he still came over in the morning and at night for breakfast and dinner.
“Jimmy!” I exclaimed. It was noon and we were all going to Matt’s for their practice. Katie was excited to hear them play and I was happy to be with my boyfriend again. I came and ran to the door, jumping and wrapping my legs around my boyfriends waist making him chuckle and hold me tightly as he hugged me.
“I missed you,” He whispered to me. I giggled and snuggled to him.
“I missed you too baby,” I smiled and kissed the crook of his neck. I hopped down and Katie came and said hello to Matt, actually looking very happy to see him.
“Hey Katie,” He smiled at her and came and hugged her and she hugged him back making me smile. Those two were talking, Jimmy grabbed my hand and made my come to the couch and pulled me onto his lap and kissed me.
“Guess what beloved?” He asked, my heart fluttering when he called me that.
“Yes?” I asked, my arms wrapped around his neck smiling brightly at him.
“Matt sent a few emails out to see if we can get money to do our album ourselves,” he smiled brightly at me and I gasped. I was so happy to hear this! This was my baby’s dream and I was going to be there for him no matter what.
“Oh my goodness baby that’s amazing!” I hugged him tightly and I felt him nuzzling to me and holding me tight.
“Did you get a reply yet baby?” I asked pulling away and Jimmy shook his head.
“Nope not yet my love, but, soon,” He smiled. I hugged him again and we were talking, I was telling him about the skateboard competition that was coming up soon and how I needed to be sponsored but of course I couldn’t get it right yet because I didn’t have a video to show the skate shops. Jimmy said he would help me of course but today it was an important day, I could feel it.
“You guys ready?” Matt asked. Jimmy picked me up and screamed that he was born ready making me giggle. We came down to the basement, Jimmy tossing me onto the couch and kissing me telling me that he loved me. I of course pulled him into a sweet kiss leaving me and him breathless, fireworks exploding through my body and I smiled.
“I love you too my sweet love,” I whispered against his lips and he went off behind his kit. I sat up and Katie sat beside me and I smiled, “So you and Mattie boy hm?” I chuckled. She looked at me, her face flushing and she scratched the back of her head.
“Well…ugh…” She said looking away from me, “No…” She said shyly and lightly. I chuckled and put my arm around her and pulled her close.
“Aw you like him huh?” I asked her and she blushed, burring her face in my arm as she admitted it. I laughed and Matt and his friends started to play. I stood and was clapping and cheering acting like an audience and Katie looked at me like I was crazy, which I was. I mean come on, my boyfriend is crazy of them all, then my brother was second.
“You ready to rock?!” Matt called in the mic and I was screaming and jumping and Jimmy started them off and they started to play Darkness Surrounding which was my favorite song ever! They played their set and on their last song Warmness on the Soul, I was swaying and singing along with Matt looking at my baby smiling at him.
I looked at Matt, seeing him holding Katie’s gauze the whole time. This made me smile, made me think that my two best friends were going to be together before Katie left in two weeks, sadly.
They finished and I was screaming and clapping again making Jimmy laugh. I got up and ran to him and kissed him and hugged him tight.
“Baby you were so freaking amazing,” I squealed. That’s when I jumped and screamed and tripped over Jimmy’s drum set letting my head hit the rim since Matt wanted to randomly shout. Zacky dropped his guitar and Johnny dropped the beer all over his amp and looked at Matt like he was going to bash the bottle on his head.
“What in the heck was that?!” Brian yelled, Jimmy helped me to my feet and I put my hand on my head. Stupid head cuts.
“WE GOT IT!” Matt was jumping up and down looking at his phone and Katie ran to him looking over his shoulder. She squealed and kissed him, putting him into shock and the rest of us holding our tongues. Matt dropped his phone making me chuckle and he came and pulled Katie close to him, her arms wrapping around his neck as she kissed him.
“AWWWW!!!” Jimmy awed at them and I elbowed his stomach, Katie and Matt quickly jerking away.
“Aw! You ruined it,” I glared at my boyfriend who looked up at me and rolled his eyes.
“I ruined nothing,”
“Did too,” I argued, “That was so cute!” I said and winked to my friends. Katie was blushing like crazy and Matt just stumbled for his phone and cleared his throat. This was his first kiss, and I was happy that it came from my best friend.
“Let’s party,” I suggested and hopped over to my brother and put my arm around his shoulders, “My best friends are making their dreams come true and one amazing album is underway,’ I smiled and Katie agreed, Jimmy definitely agreed and the rest of the gang.
We were going to party hard and make sure no one was going to stop us.



That's okay! <3 Thank you! :)

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haha im sorry, its not up yet, I should of told you guys that XD it will be up soon! Ill post an authors note and tell you lovely people <3

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I can't find the other story. I tried searching for it and can't find it...

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Idk that's what I've seen

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Idk that's what I've seen

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