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Seventeen and Pregnant (Avenged Sevenfold)

Chapter 7

Jimmy’s P.O.V.
I stood there kissing my best friend with my heart beat going a million miles an hour. I can’t believe that she loved me too. It felt so unreal that this was happening. I was so happy. I was all gloom and doom but then I just finally got the courage to kiss her. She said that she loved me too, she actually said it! I was so happy to know this, that my head was wrong and that I should of told her a long time ago but nothing could be more perfect then this moment right now with her in my arms, her lips on mine, and her being close to me.
“Hey!” I heard. I looked over to see my best friend Matt coming outside with Katie and this huge smile plastered on his face. I guess he was happy that Deanna and I were finally a couple. They’ve only been bugging me about it since Kindergarten, “Finally!” He exclaimed making me and Dee laugh. Dee went with her friend to Matt’s car, Matt pulling me over to the side some while he checked Katie out.
“She is one beautiful girl,” He whispered to me and I chuckled.
“Go talk to her,” I mimicked him. He laughed sarcastically and went to the drivers side door and he drove us back to Johnny’s house were Katie was going to be staying. I was in the back with Dee while Katie sat in the front with Matt. Deanna was talking to Katie a lot and I grabbed her hand and she held it tightly three times, telling me that she loved me. It sent my heart into over drive. I squeezed her hand back four times making her giggle. I looked at Matt who had a bright smile on his face and soon, we pulled into Johnny’s house seeing the whole gang was there already.
“Come on sissy, big surprise for you inside,” Deanna said and helped her friend inside. We came inside to a huge party, well with my friends that is, all yelling surprise to Katie. We were happy to have her with us in Cali and Deanna was more then happy about it. Katie looked shocked and looked like she was going to throw up but Deanna grabbed her hand and squeezed it, letting her know that everything was going to be alright.
“Wow,” She said looking at Deanna who was smiling brightly at her, “Thank you,” She hugged her friend and Deanna introduced everyone to her. Lastly was her brother Johnny and he came and hugged Katie.
“It’s nice to meet you finally,” He hugged her. I thought it was funny seeing girls taller then Johnny. Well, Katie was just a tad bit taller, Dee on the other hand was taller, she was up to my shoulders. Made you wonder how they were related, Johnny being older too.
“It’s nice to meet you too Johnny,” She smiled and pulled away and I started to get excited, knowing Johnny bought cake, ice cream and soda. Deanna laughed seeing me swaying on my feet.
“Come on babe,” She laughed and grabbed my hand which got peoples attention.
“Babe?” Johnny asked his sister. Brian looked at me and started hooting and hollering and hugged me tight along with Zacky.
“Jimmy finally did it!” They yelled making me laugh and Deanna told Johnny what happened and everyone was screeching about it. Matt chuckled and pulled Katie into the kitchen handing her something to drink.
“Yes I did,” I said proudly to my friend.
“Now we have two things to celebrate!” Johnny said thrilled. We all went into the kitchen and I looked at the cake and Deanna looked at me and we both charged after it, fighting over it.
“It’s mine!” I whined and she elbowed my side causing me to let go of my end of the cake. She laughed and she went to leave with it running into her best friend and Katie face planted the cake, everyone going quiet. Deanna looked at her friend with wide eyes and slowly let the cake down looking at her friend trying so hard not to laugh, which I was doing as well.
Katie looked up at us and licked the chocolate frosting off of her face, Matt coming over and taking his finger on her cheek and licking some off, Deanna did the same and Katie just laughed and grabbed a hand full of cake and tossed it at Deanna who ducked and hit her brother making me laugh hysterically. Johnny grabbed some coke and shook it up before opening it spraying it all over his sister who tried to get him but slipped and fell in my arms. Zacky went in the freezer and scooped out ice cream and threw it at Brian and Matt like snow balls while Deanna and I used out ninja skills and left out of the house laughing uncontrollably.
“Oh my God that’s fun!” She laughed, her laughed was so cute. I smiled at her, pulling her close to me and closed her laughter with a breath taking kiss that sent shivers through my body. She was my everything and I could already tell I was madly in love with her.
I just hope this would stay.



That's okay! <3 Thank you! :)

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haha im sorry, its not up yet, I should of told you guys that XD it will be up soon! Ill post an authors note and tell you lovely people <3

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I can't find the other story. I tried searching for it and can't find it...

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Idk that's what I've seen

RubySullivan0 RubySullivan0

Idk that's what I've seen

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