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Seventeen and Pregnant (Avenged Sevenfold)

Chapter 24

Deanna’s P.O.V.
“Thanks for hurting my brother,” I glared at Katie. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and she went up to her guest room and shut the door locking herself in. Christmas Eve dinner was over, I was ticked off again, my face hurt, Zacky was mad at me, Matt was mad at Johnny for making a scene and Jimmy was just looking lost, kind of. But that was typical for him, it was just cute when he looked at me all confused.
So us kids dinner was short but I ate my dinner since Jimmy was practically begging me to, kissing my neck and letting his hand rub my side as he whispered with me begging me to eat. So I did, making him happy. He brought my plate into the kitchen along with his and I looked across the table seeing a very Matt looking at me. I sighed and went to explain something but he stopped me.
“You know, all she wanted was a good Christmas. Her parents went through a divorce and she saw her best friend dead. She didn’t want to see your brother hurt and she tried to make it better. She thought she could do it but she couldn’t. So why don’t you get off of her back some?” He asked me. I sighed and leaned on the table to look at Matt.
“Look,” I said, “Imagine you having a girl that your madly in love with, having a child and her leaving you. You are still madly in love with her and dream about your child over and over again, meet another girl and think your in love but you don’t know. Then, the girl that your madly in love with comes back and then bam, suddenly she’s not her anymore but just someone from Germany. Don’t you see Matt? My brother is broken from the lie that Katie did. It would have been better off if she would of told him in the first place instead of now on Christmas Eve.” I said and just got up from the table and helped my boyfriend with the dishes.
“Doing alright?” He asked me and I shrugged. “Why don’t you talk to Katie?” He asked me, “I got this,” He smiled at me. I kissed him and wiped my hands on a dish towel and went upstairs thinking about what I was going to say to Katie. I was mad at her for hurting Johnny but then again, he is out with Brian and Zacky who were probably drinking it off. I just hope they won’t come back drunk because if dad saw them, it wouldn’t be good for them.
I came to Katie’s door and knocked on it gently.
“Who is it?” She asked gently.
“Deanna,” I said. She sighed and came and unlocked her door and opened it, letting me see her red blotched face from her crying and looked at me with her puffy red eyes.
“You don’t have to rub it in my face,” She whispered, “I hurt enough,”
“I’m not coming to say that Katie, I came to apologize,” I said. She opened her door some more and I hugged her tightly, telling her how sorry I was for everything that I have done to her. I was just worried for my brother which she could understand. I can understand why she did it and I just hope she wouldn’t do something like this again and agreed that she would never do that.
Hours had past, Jimmy and Matt helped my dad clean up the living room for the families to be in, ok the adults to sit in and watch a movie and we all went to the pool. I was in my bikini riding my skateboard down the street and Katie kept telling me how Jimmy was checking me out.
I laughed, “He can check me out all he want’s, he ain’t getting nothing,” I laughed and she said the same about Matt. We teased them the whole way over their moving our hips just right and all that. When we got there, we saw out friends and I saw my big brother. I kicked up my board and ran and hugged my brother causing him to fall in the pool with me.
I resurfaced and spit the water out of my mouth and dived down into the water again to get my board. I grabbed it and resurfaced right in front of Zacky, spitting the water from my mouth in his face.
“Woops, sorry Zacky,” I laughed.
He laughed, putting his hands onto my hips, “It’s alright baby girl,” He said flinging his hair from his face. Feeling his hands on my hips made me feel very uncomfortable and I could smell the beer on his breath.
“Zacky,” I said pushing his hands away from me but he gripped harder.
“What baby girl? Please don’t shove me away,” He whispered with puppy dog eyes. I was getting scared. The more I tried to shove him away the harder he gripped onto me, “Don’t know you know that I’m the father? Hm? I am the one that makes the baby but you ignore me and give Jimmy all the credit,” He told me and my jaw dropped.
“Only because nobody knows about it and because Jimmy is my boyfriend so back off,” I said trying to shove him away but he smothered me in a kiss and I couldn’t shove him away. He kept kissing me, me wondering where in the heck my body friend was. Zacky pulled away and started to nibble on my neck and I was looking everywhere for anyone but there was on one around here!
“I was the one that left naked out of your room baby girl,” He whispered to me, then started to tell me sick things about our ‘night together’. I didn’t believe one word he was telling me at all. I was totally disgusted about what he was saying and again, I tried to shove him away, trying to move my legs but it wasn’t helping we were in water. I was a sitting duck! His lips were on my neck, one hand gripping onto my wrist really right and his other hand was going down to my panties and I started to scream and cry. I was scared and he was my best friend, why was he doing this to me!?
“Zacky stop!” I asked him but his finger was coming inside and I was shaking, his other hand gripping onto my wrist and his lips kissing mine so that no one can hear me scream. I was biting down on his bottom lip so that he could bleed but then he did something in me that made me cry, a stinging pain going through my body. I think he scratched me.
“Hey!” I heard someone holler, it wasn’t Jimmy though, it was my brother. Where was my hero? Why wasn’t he coming to help me?!
Zacky didn’t pull away either, he just kept it up and with one smooth move, he was inside of me and I was screaming in this unbelievable pain. My brother ran into the water trying to pull Zacky away from me, Brian running inside and helping my brother. They were able to knock Zacky out and my brother helped me out of the pool while Matt called the cops. My wrist was broken, my lower region was bleeding and I could taste Zacky’s blood in my mouth. My brother held me as I cried and I looked towards the entrance of the pool seeing Jimmy with an ice cream in his hand.



That's okay! <3 Thank you! :)

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haha im sorry, its not up yet, I should of told you guys that XD it will be up soon! Ill post an authors note and tell you lovely people <3

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I can't find the other story. I tried searching for it and can't find it...

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Idk that's what I've seen

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Idk that's what I've seen

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