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As Your Nightmare Comes To Life

Chapter I

“Liv, are you home?” Matt Sanders asked his best friend as he opened the front door to her house.

They had been best friends ever since they were little, and because of living next to each other, they grew up together and always hung out with the same group of friends. They attended the same kindergarten and primary school together, and when they moved to different schools in high school, they always found a way to spend most of their time together with their friends.

Matt closed the door shut and looked around the living room and the kitchen, looking for the blonde, green-eyed girl that he called his best friend. His search was interrupted when he heard the rapid clicking of a keyboard coming from the office, which he figured was her mother. He made his way to the small room and knocked on the white wooden door, before opening it in a crack and peeking his head in.

There, he saw Olivia’s mother, whose eyes were glued to the laptop where she had been typing furiously. She was one of the most recognized and successful writers in Southern California, and when she spotted Matt, she raised her head from the laptop and shot him a welcoming smile. She hadn’t been happy when her daughter first started getting along with Matt and his friends. He was known for being a troublemaker and so did his friends, but a few years later, when she realized they all loved Olivia and protected her from anything, she ended up accepting their friendship and started treating all of them like her sons.

“Oh, hello, Matthew,” she said in a friendly tone of voice. “Olivia is upstairs in her room.”

Matt smiled; having the answer he was looking for, and thanked her mother, before apologizing for interrupting her writing. She waved him off and told him that there was no problem, and Matt left the room, closing the wooden door behind him and running to the stairs, climbing them two steps at a time.

When he opened her bedroom’s door he frowned, not finding the blonde in there. He called her name, his voice echoing in the corridor, and smiled when he heard her voice answering him back.

“I’m in the terrace!” Olivia said, her voice coming slightly muffled because of the closed door.

Matt walked inside of her room once again and crossed it to the other side, so that he could open the terrace’s door. He crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled, seeing his best friend standing in front of a wooden table, feeding her hamsters.

“I searched all over the house for you to find you feeding those fat balls?” he mocked her, keeping the smile on his lips.

Olivia released her hair from the pony tail she had been using and rolled her eyes, her features softening when she looked at the cages that were sitting on top of the table.

“They’re not fat balls,” she frowned, reaching her finger to one of the hamster’s head and rubbing it. “They’re just slightly chubby.”

Matt chuckled again and sat down next to her, crossing his arms over the table and looking at her.

“They’re the size of my hand, Liv,” Matt said, diverting his gaze to one of the cages and laughing when he found the larger hamster stuck in one of the tubes that connected the bottom of the cage to the upper level. “I think that one is stuck.”

Olivia followed his gaze and gasped, quickly opening the cage’s door and helping the hamster getting out of the tube. Matt laughed harder and Olivia rolled her eyes again, even though she had a big smile on her lips.

“I think I need to buy a bigger cage…” she muttered, snuggling the big hamster in both of her hands so that he wouldn’t fall. “It’s not the first time he gets stuck.”

Matt chuckled and petted his head, making a slightly disgusted face when he started sniffing his finger, his whiskers tickling his skin. “Or maybe you could just reduce the amount of food you give them,” Matt shrugged. “I don’t know if they can grow more than this… Is it even healthy for them to be this fat?”

Olivia scoffed and slapped his hand away from the animal, putting it back in the cage and closing the door. “They’re not fat! I already told you that a thousand times.” she said. “And I’m not gonna let them starve. They need to eat.”

Matt chuckled, shaking his head at his best friend’s antics and muttered an ‘okay’, not wanting to get on her nerves.

She turned to him on her seat and smiled. “What are you doing here, anyway? Shouldn’t you be with Riley?”

Riley was Matt’s on-and-off girlfriend for a long time. Olivia wasn’t too sure if Matt really had any feelings towards the petite black-haired girl, but she always shrugged those thoughts out of her mind and tried to help them getting back together.

Matt sighed and shrugged, sitting back on the wooden chair and raising his legs so he could rest his feet on the terrace’s rail. “We decided to stop going out together.”

Olivia frowned and then groaned when she realized that Matt wasn’t a single bit affected by that decision. “Mattie, you’re supposed to be feeling sad, not like nothing happened!”

“Why?” he raised his eyebrow confusedly. “I think we made the right decision. We just weren’t meant for each other.”

Olivia groaned again and shook her head, relaxing in the chair and mimicking Matt’s actions. They stood there sitting and looking at the sight in front of them, not speaking a single word. They were so used to living next to each other and doing everything together that neither of them could imagine living without one another.

Several minutes later, Matt turned his head to the side and looked at his friend. She had her eyes closed and her straight hair was falling in her shoulders and shining thanks to the sunlight. He cleared his throat and moved his hands to the back of his neck so he could prop his head up.

“What are we gonna do this summer?” he asked her, closing his eyes again and enjoying the peacefulness that was hanging in the terrace.

“I don’t know…” Olivia opened her eyes. “Are you done with college, already?” Matt nodded. “What about the guys?”

“The same,” Matt answered.

Olivia thought for a while and groaned when she couldn’t think of anything. “I don’t know. We could meet them and see if they have any idea.”

Matt opened his eyes and nodded, reaching for his mobile phone that was inside his pocket. He texted something and then pressed the send button, grinning at Olivia. “They’ll be at the spot in 15 minutes.”

The spot was the place that Olivia, Matt and their friends used to get together. It was the place where they spent most of their time and the place where they usually met, whenever they needed to talk or simply go out to somewhere. It was located in the park, secluded by big, dark green trees with huge leaves that made the temperature not too hot and not too cold. It was protected from the wind and from the heat, and nobody could see them in there. The guys used to go drink and smoke in there when they were younger and under-aged to do those things, and as much as time passed by, they kept going there to do that kind of stuff, even if they were old enough to do that in public.

Olivia smiled and stood up from her chair, grabbing the two cages that held her hamsters and opening the door so that she could go to her bedroom. She placed the cages in her desk, turned off her computer and put on some shoes as Matt closed the terrace’s door and locked it. They both climbed downstairs and Olivia walked to the office, softly knocking on the white door. She opened it and smiled at her mother who was still tapping the keyboard feverishly.

“Ma, we’re gonna go meet the guys,” Olivia said, bringing her mother’s concentration from the laptop to her. “We’ll see if we can come up with something to do during the summer.”

Her mother nodded and smiled. “I was thinking, a few weeks ago while you were still taking your classes in college, that you could take your friends to your great-great-grandmother’s house for some weeks,” she said, removing the glasses from her face. Olivia looked up at Matt and he smiled, having liked the sound of that idea. “It has a pool, lots of bedrooms, a big garden and you can all fit in there. If you want to go there you have my permission.”

Olivia grinned at her mother but her happiness was soon replaced with a frown. “But I’ve never been there, ma.”

“The construction work ended two months ago, and the live-in caretaker is still there,” her mother said. “It surprises me that he’s still alive and taking care of the house! Ask your friends if they like the idea.”

Olivia nodded and smiled again. “Okay, ma. I’ll do that. I’ll see you later.”

“Come home before dinner,” her mother warned her. “And take care.”

Olivia rolled her eyes with a smile and told her mother that she would do that. She turned around and Matt waved at her mother. “Bye, Mrs. Marshall.”

“Goodbye, Matthew,” she smiled politely, before returning her attention back to the laptop.


This was originally posted on Mibba, and you can access the original here: http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/477527/As-Your-Nightmare-Comes-To-Life/

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