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Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem

Chapter Nine

-meanwhile in the mansion of Miss Ruby-

It is a torture to see this girl taking me away without being able to even talk. She somehow organizes a wheel chair and lifts me into it while she wears the nurse costume she stole out of my closet. On our way outside, Camille gets in our way. Sweet and poor Camille. She wants to protect me and take care of me but she messed with the wrong person. Quickly I heard Camille's body dropping on the floor and I hope for Ruby's sake that she is not dead.
After this incident, she pulls me into the car and we head off. The whole drive I just wish that I could at least move my head but no chance. When we arrive she gets me out of the car and just a few moments later I was in the house. With an inner grin I realize that my hand is lightly twitching. I will be able to move again soon but unfortunately she saw my hand moving and so she hurries downstairs where I get cuffed to some pipes in her little cellar.

As soon as is done cuffing me, she gets out of a room with the words: “Alright, you're... gonna sit here and such, okay? I gotta meet up in less than half an hour. I'll get you some water before I leave and I won't be gone for long, handsome”.
Slowly I gain back my ability back to move my muscles. I sigh deeply while I can't do nothing much than sit there and wait until she comes back home. If Alice is caught like I am, this is not going to end well for me at all. While my thoughts swirl around the painful torture I will receive and the slow death that follows. I have no idea when she will be back so I just start to wake up my muscles again before I close my eyes to try and get some rest so I can gain full strength back.

I manage it to actually fall asleep in this position and it feels like just ten minutes passed when the cellar door got ripped open again. My eyes snap open and I look at a furious redhead rushing up to me. She makes her way up to the table and grabs one of the daggers before she suddenly sits on my lap and holds the blade against my throat.
“What does your blonde friend want from my brother? Why did she get involved with him? Who's her boss and why does anybody want to see him dead?” She hisses and I can see the anger burn in her eyes. The fact that she hasn't cut my throat yet surprises me but her words don't make any sense at all.
“What the...? I have no fucking idea what you're talking about!” I snap at her out of confusion and slight fear.

“Don't treat me like a fool. You're around her 24/7 and you have to know that she's got a 'boyfriend'. Now you tell me what the fuck she wants from him or I'll make you suffer for her mistakes just as much as herself. So spit it the fuck out already!” My muscles tense at her words and the cold metal is pressing itself against my throat. I can feel a thin line of thick blood running down my skin and try not to move much more so I won't kill myself in the end.
“I fucking tell you. I have no idea what you're talking about! I only know that he's some kind of stupid sound guy at a club, nothing more. Ask her if you want to find out something and not me. I don't have anything to do with this shit!” My breathing goes faster and out of frustration it seems, she gets up and rams the dagger into a table standing nearby. I flinch lightly at so much aggression and reflect her words once more.

Alice is dating her brother. This sound man douchebag is her goddamn brother and because of her job she thinks he's a new target. I think the power relations just turned around. Carefully I watch her while she sits down. She is drowned in her thoughts completely, trying to figure out what to do as it seems. After a bit she slowly gets up again to then walk up to me. I shift around shortly and looks at her all confused. I have no idea what she is up to while she crouches next to me.
“What're you doing?” I ask her in a groan and try to move away from her but she places her hands on my upper arm and shoulder. She has a tight grip on them and looks at me before she speaks again.
“You're now gonna tell me everything you know about your blonde snake. Every-fucking-thing.” She only mutters and before I can say another thing, a smooth move of her dislocates my shoulder. A stinging pain runs through my whole body as I let out a painful scream.

With disbelief I look down at my arm and watch my arm that simply hangs there. As soon as I move an inch the pain grows and so I simply tilts my head back and close my eyes. Slowly I breathe in and out so the pain steadies itself. She demands once more that I tell her what I know about Alice and her voice is threatening, full of dominance and anger.
There is no way I can talk back and tell her to find everything out by herself so I start talking. I tell her that I know Alice from High School, that her father was the biggest Mafia boss in town -Los Angeles and surroundings- and I tell her that this is how we both got into the business. I take in a sharp breath to then look her dead in the eye. Also I tell Alice's father told me to take care of his daughter at his death which was five years ago.
“You killed him and that's why she is freaking obsessed with you. But I honestly have no fucking idea what all this has to do with your stupid ass brother!” I end my little checkup on my friend and her jaw drops just then.

The shock and anger burn in her eyes and suddenly she twists my dislocated arm around which makes me growl loudly in pain which causes tears to burn into my eyes but I swallow them down. No weakness for her to see from me anymore. She kicks over a chair and walks around shortly.
“She can't be fucking serious! Her father was an asshole! A rapist! An abusive, narcissistic and arrogant rapist!” She scolds and I can just mentally shake my head about her. She obviously never had a caring family that makes you ignore everything else they do.
Quickly she makes her way back up to me and locates my shoulder again. The pain remains but I can move my fingers again and with a slow speed I try to use my muscles again and get them used to the position again.

Vaguely I hear how she yells at someone on the phone while I try to swallow the pain and just sit there, not being able to do anything else. To say that Ruby is angry would be an understatement and so it appears that she yells at whoever is one the other line to end Alice's life. This makes me prick up my ears. I rattle on the cuffs to get her attention and take my courage together. Now or never, I tell myself before I speak.
“I could offer you a deal…”
“What could you have to give me?”
“We both want her to get rid of that sound guy moron.” I say and realize I chose the wrong words. Her fist hits my jaw and I groan in pain before she grabs my chin roughly.
“If you start your stupid deal with family insults, I'm not going to agree.” She scoffs and I take in a deep breath to hold myself back from picking the wrong words again.

“Alright … listen,” I smile shortly and look straight into her eyes. I got her full attention and I like that. “All you have to do to get her off your … brother … is to get her someone better, right? I know for sure that she is into kinky stuff when it's about sex and also what she likes in a man. Every romantic gesture she would melt at and every word you have to say to win her over. Also what looks she likes but you should know that already thanks to your … brother. He is exactly her type. Black hair, tattoos and bright eyes.” I close my eyes for a second to get over the wave of pain that still comes from my arm. “My deal is following: We get her away from your brother and we both are happy. You provide someone who she falls for. I can heal her broken heart. You on the other hand let me live and we will never get into your way again. I will make sure she doesn't. We just … well, have to be very careful with everything because if she finds out about it, we are all dead. No exceptions, not even I will survive then.”

For the whole time I speak, she stares at my lips and listens to every word carefully. Afterwards she seems to recall every word in her mind and slowly nods.
“That's a deal. I can mange that my boss drops the money that is on your head.” I sigh relieved. A bit too loud for her liking because she immediately narrows her eyes at me. “Don't screw this up though. I have you in my hands and I will surely not let you go without any tracking device. Speaking of it, I have a nice little wristband that I can try with you. It's electrocutes you whenever I want it and if you run away or tell her about our plan, I can shock you to death.”
I swallow hard at her words but I nod slowly. With a slight look of awe I look at her. For a moment I have to think about her screwing me over and simply playing around but it seems that her brother is more important to her than the money that is on my head. She reaches out her hands and sets my wrists free. Slowly I move and rub the marks to then holds one out for her.
“Deal?” I ask and look straight into her eyes.


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