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The blue eyed, blonde, 5'3 girl sat on the main stairs in the hallway, nervously tapping her foot against the bottom step. She was nervous and had the right to be. The sound of raindrops hitting the window echoed throughout the big house, that some would consider a mansion.

They were out on a mission, to find the guy who had blown the gaff about their upcoming hit on Bullet, to Bullet. Everybody knew about the feud between Avenged and Bullet, it was in their best interest not to speak about it because they would end up with a bullet in their heads.

Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine, the two most powerful and perilous gangs in California had history between them. Good history as much as bad history.

The leaders of the gang; Tuck and The Rev had hit it off immediately during one of the annual dinners one night. The highest rank gangs would meet up twice a year for dinners, to discuss business such as who owned what territory, new rules, which gangs had been excluded from the higher circle in the mob. These dinners were mostly about business but as soon as the clock struck twelve all inhibitions and responsibilities went out the door. That’s how Tuck and Rev started co-operating.

At the party, they were getting drunk, smoking cigars and making deals with one and other. That made sure that their gangs were one of the strongest forces. Everybody from Avenged knew everyone and everything about Bullet, same went for Bullet. For two years the gangs made deals with each other, involving trades, weapons, contracts, locations and sometimes as bizarre as people. Humans; normal people who had been abducted were traded among different high status gangs, being used as anything from maids to slaves, some that would take care of their sexual needs. Some cases were quite bizarre, the gang leaders or members would go too far. BDSM was common in this industry and no body hid it, when people went too far with their own pleasure they would end up strangling their partner during the act, hit their heads against the wall too hard, things like that.

Bullet and Avenged grew a powerful army out of 2,000 people as they recruited new members to help them regain power over California and eventually try to take over the country.

Their pact came to an end when Tuck decided to kill one of the precious members of the Sevenfold tribe, Cam Rackam. Tuck strongly believed that he could take charge over both of the groups if he showed them that he was stronger, capable of anything and sly as a fox. He didn’t doubt himself until his plan backfired as Rev announced a war causing great fear to spread among people in California. The citizens knew that not even the police forces not S.W.A.T teams could stop this, when it was war between two turfs anything could happen and it would. Their army split in two, their soldiers didn’t know who to fight for or what. This was like the beginning of the end.

Blood from almost everyone one of the allies was shed, Avenged lost too many valuable members during the fights; they ended up being roughly 70. Bullet had ended up in the same position having 63 members left but they also had more access to weapons, as Avenged relied themselves more on tactical skills and being smart. Also they knew how to fight without guns, sure they all had steady hands, amazing aim and didn’t mind using weapons but they all knew at least two different martial arts.

Being a part of that world and life style was tough, it wasn't something to get used to; No it was something you were born to do. Otherwise you were royally screwed because it took a lot of guts, literally to be able to be that cold hearted son of a bitch and put your feelings as well as your conscience aside when it came to shedding blood. It wasn’t easy, you never got a break and if you managed to get a break you would have to sleep with one eye open.

The girl sharply turned her head towards the windows as light flooded in through the window, illuminated the dark room. She popped her head out through the dark curtains, looking for a familiar face, car or silhouette. The men should have been back hours ago, it was already past 3.am and it never took them this long to finish a job, they were good at what they were doing. She nervously paced back and forth, in front of the door almost as if she intended on making holes in the brown carpet. She bit her nails, a nervous habit of hers and a bad one, since she got so nervous that it almost bled from her fingers as she kept biting her nails.

The door was ripped open as a drenched The Rev walked in with an annoyed facial expression, the rest looked pissed off as well but more so solemn. The girl rushed forward, giving her cousin a tight hug and asking why he was so upset looking.

“Jade, back off. I’m not in the mood” he told her with an pissed of tone. She gulped at the harsh response; he never talked to her like this no matter what had happened. Something atrocious must have happened tonight, she believed. Jade didn’t want to push him to his limit if he already was at the edge so she let it slide. Her older cousin was always in a good mood, it didn’t matter that he was in a dangerous line of work, he still managed to be a cheerful and joyous character.

“Matt?” her voice came out soft and quiet, as she tried to get an answer out of the next person walking through the door. His hazel orbs flickered to her and then back to the floor as he dragged himself inside, shaking his head. Jade sighed loudly.

She didn’t even have to ask as she looked at the rest of the guys for them to tell her ‘no’. She wondered what the hell was going on, this was unusual behavior. They all were close, like a tight knit family, they were not blood related but they were as close as one. Now the guys had a broken look in their eyes. It was almost as if they were hurt by what had been going on at their mission.

Jade was a really curious person but she knew that this time she couldn’t push them into telling her. She would have to ask later but now the guys were drenched from the rain, tired and probably hungry, so she walked to the kitchen to prepare some light sandwiches. Not too much, they had to sleep soon otherwise they would be moody all day and moody gangsters, was not funny.

She grabbed butter ham and cheese out from the fridge, and then took 5 baguettes, slicing them in the middle. After she had fixed the sandwiches she put five beers on a tray, knowing that would help them relax and fall asleep easier, after a night like this. Everything was set on a big, black trey and she walked up the flight of stairs to knock on the guy’s doors.

First she arrived at Zacky’s door, or as he was known to everybody else ‘Vengeance’. They all had cover-names to prevent cops from finding out, what their real names were. If the cops knew then the government wouldn’t be afraid to actually put a hit on them and that would endanger the entire mob. Not only Avenged.

She knocked timidly at the brown, wooden door and carefully opened the doors as she heard a muffled ‘come in’. Zacky sat shirtless on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands and mumbled a few profanities.

“You okay?” she asked, showing her concern.

He shook his head before he stood up and took his sandwich along with the beer. “Uh yeah…Thanks”.

The lack of answer was a cue for her to leave so she went to the room next to Zacky’s which happened to be Johnny’s also known as Christ. Once again she knocked on the door shyly, hearing heavy footsteps approach the door and the open it forcefully. Johnny gave her a small smile, and then took the sandwich and beer, to only close the door in her face. Jade sighed heavily, this was annoying her. Maybe she didn’t go out and do the dirty work as they did, but she did play an important part in this family gang. She was the one who made sure the messes were cleaned up, that all the surveillance footage magically disappeared and made sure to erase any serial numbers on the weapons so that they couldn’t be tracked. She believed that she had every right to know what was going on since she played a big part in Avenged Sevenfold.

Her feet stomped against the wooden floor as she made her way to Matt’s room. He was known as Shadows and everybody knew that he had dark desires, not only in bed but he had a twisted mind when he went into killing-mode. She calmed herself down before knocking at the door, if anything she could get an answer out of Matt, since he was like a brother to her just as Jimmy was.

“Come in” she heard the husky voice of Matt call. She turned on the knob and slapped a sweet, innocent smile on her lips. Matt wasn’t in the room so she assumed he was in the bathroom, since that door was closed. She sat down on the bed that had a dark green cover on it and put the tray to the side of her, looking around. It was unusual for her to be in his room even though she loved it and they were good friends.

He had a lot of CDs from several metal and rock-bands; next to the shelves of those he had a huge sound system. She wasn’t surprised to see new Cd’s, she thought that if he wasn’t in this career he probably would have gotten one in the music industry since he loved it so much.

The bathroom door opened, revealing a Matt clad in only grey towel around his waist and his body glistening from water beads. Jade had a crush on Matt a year back, he was very attractive and right now she couldn’t help but to bite her bottom lip at the sight in front of her.

Matt ran a hand through his wet hair, it wasn’t that long since it was buzzed but it had been a while since he cut it. He looked at Jade, giving her a small smile not at all feeling embarrassed by walking around almost nude.

“What’s up?”
She handed him over a plate and a beer, “Not much just thought I’d make you something to eat.”

He thanked her and sat down next to her on the bed. As he munched on his sandwich, he noticed her unusual silence. Matt turned to look at her as he chewed slowly, inspecting her. He cared for her, just like he cared for his biological sister, Amy.

She sighed, “What happened tonight, Mattie?”

“Look, J I really don’t think that-” Jade was furious. “…that I shouldn’t know? Come on, I have every right to know what’s going on!”

Matt groaned before he left the plate on the bed and got up, pacing around as he rubbed the back of his head.

“We thought it was better not to tell you. Just for now okay? We have to fix this mess before we, uh… actually tell you anything. Please you got to understand, J”

Jade huffed and quickly got her tray, rushing out of the room. This was not fair.
She knocked hard and loudly, not caring if Jimmy, her cousin, would be even more pissed than before. As he opened the door with a displeased look, she shoved the plate and beer in his arms then marched over to Brian’s. The tray was put on the floor in front of his door and she left it there after she banged three times on the door, walking away to her bedroom.

She slammed the door shut as she walked into her bedroom, almost ripping her clothes off and throwing on her over-sized baseball tee to sleep in. Now she was going to sleep not knowing what the guys hid from her but tomorrow she would be damned, if she didn’t get it out of them one way or another.




NC-17 Romance Drama Crime

ft. Synyster Gates & The Rev (Not a slash!)


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This was interesting. It left me hooked to see what happens next.
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores
This was fairly interesting, though I did feel that some parts were a little rushed. There were a few typos that are a little too easily spotted.

But the story sounds really interesting, and I think it's great that this is just a small taste of what you're going to turn into something bigger. I love mob stories, and I obviously love Avenged Sevenfold, so I can't wait to see what you do with this.
Haylie Jaed Haylie Jaed

Haha yay! Lol, but thank you :) <3
Mrs.Sanders Mrs.Sanders
@SevenfoldGirl_ sweet thank you... I can't wait to read your other stuff. You have a new groupie lol
zackystheman4me zackystheman4me

I just copied it from my mibba.. Otherwise I believe its t globe with a chain under =) Just mark one word and then click the globe (next to the quote symbol)
Mrs.Sanders Mrs.Sanders