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My Immortal


What happens when you constantly get bullied in school and you really don't want to do anything about it. Amy is 17 years old, goes to Huntington High and is an outcast. She gets abused daily from 5 guys in school, mainly their "leader" Matt.

Amy's been through a lot in her life, she's lived with 19 different families and never learned how to cope with her feelings. The only way she expresses them is through her music and songs but she's way to shy to actually let anyone hear it.

What happens when the person she hates from the bottom of her heart finds out her secret and then starts acting nice all of the sudden?

I do not own any famous people in this story, meaning I do not own anyone from Evanescence nor Avenged Sevenfold. I do however own the plot and the rest of the characters so don't steal. Capische? =)
© 2012 SevenfoldGirl_

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Love this story just wish it didn't end like that tho :/ other than that I hope there is a second part to it.

Silentlullaby Silentlullaby
Hey I love this story ....! But I was wondering if u can make another Matt love story and a girl named Denise...? Back in high school with the guys and if u do make the storie can u make Denise a with long brown hair hazel brown eyes and tanned with maybe a little tattoos and like the same rock music and not that girly and maybe Val can be in there trying to get with Matt or something ....??? Please
PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!! How can you just end with Amy moving away?!
I know im commenting alot, but if you dont update soon I might kill myself
Holy crap... this story involves my 3 favorite bands of all time. A7x, papa roach, && evanesance