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I Killed Them

The Virgin Girl


I drove for about a half hour in complete silence. The streets were quiet but the noises heard when I reached Stan Hill Street were more that loud. Both men and women would look into my car, searching to see why a girl with such a crapy piece of machine would enter. Music played loudly, the engines on cars were forced on, girls in revealing clothes were clinging on their men. My heart was telling me to turn around but it quickly changed when Brian scared the hell out of me.

"Boo!" he yelled, hitting both of his hands against my window and smiling big. It must have been the first genuine smile I saw come out of that guy.

"What?!" I yelled. He backed away in deafeat and continued smiling.

"What are we doing here, Brian?" I asked in a whispered tone once I had lowered my window. He put his head into the car, breathing on my face as he usually did.

"We're going to watch a race while I tell you."

"Get in the freaking car and tell me now. You said once I got here you'd tell me."

"But I really wanna watch a race with you!" he sounded like a child, a side of him I hadn't seen.

"Fine, but in here."

"No one watches races in their cars."

"What if we have to run or something?"

"What's the thrill of it if you don't desperatly try to get to your car?"

I opened my door, taking my keys with me and closing my door. It's not like anyone would have stolen it. My car looked like crap next to their shiny neon colored cars. My heart beat loudly as I walked behind Brian. The fact that I was surrounded my criminals and drug dealers had finally hit me and I was trying my hardest to not make a run for it.

"Damn." a guy with long hair said. He had three women beside him, yet he was openly checking me out. I gulped and turned to Brian, who had all of a sudden gotten way ahead of me. I ran, trying my hardest not to fall or cry and continued walking normally.

"Take it easy, okay? Don't let them know you're new here." Brian whispered. I felt his fingers intertwine with my own and my breathing stopped for a few minutes. I knew that what I was feeling at that moment toward him had to go away.

We finally stopped near a tall guy's car. He was bald but seemed like the only friendly guy. He knew Brian since they talked for a while.

"Alright, come on, Ellie." Brian said. I followed him out of the street and we continued walking.

"Where are we going?"

"We'll pick up the car later. Let's just talk."

"Alright, well, what happened?" he giggled as I asked the question and he continued being silent.

"Alright, alright, well what's the last you remember?"

"We were at Jimmy's house."

"Crap, you don't remember anything?" he stopped.

"N-no, that's why I wanna know..."

"Okay, well you were hitting on me." he laughed.

"That can't possibly be it!"

"Okay, it wasn't. When I called Joe he wasn't home. He was actually on his way to Jimmy's house. So I stayed with you in the car until Joe got him which was like a few hours. I thought you'd pass out in a few minutes but I swear, you like never stopped talking. After a while I decided to park the car in the drive way. You then started complaining that you didn't want to be in the back by yourself so I sat beside you. You started saying things."

"Things like that?"

"You said some really graphic and perverted stuff. I tried to get you to stop talking but before I knew it, you were unbuttoning your shirt. And I hadn't realized because I was looking out the window. But when I did, you were taking it off."

"Brian! W-what did I do?"

"I asked you to stop because you would regret it. But you threw yourself on top of me. So I guess I got caught up but remembered you were just drunk. So we stopped."

"Stopped what? What did we do? How far did we go?"

"I-I don't want to say."

"Come on, Brian. I'm not a whore and I really need to know!"

"Okay, we just kissed for a while. You were so sweet, I can't even explain it. You sat on my lap as we kissed and..."

"Did it go further than that?"

"No, I just kissed you harder and you were into it at the time. And I pushed you away when I found myself wandering."

"What did you touch?"

"No, just your stomach. And your back. That was it. Don't worry. But you said something too."

"Gosh, what'd I say?"

"You said you'd never been kissed and that you were still a virgin. But I knew that as soon as we were at Jimmy's house. You act like a virgin. You're not aware of the effect you have on guys and sometimes you don't realize what a guy's intentions are."

"What do you mean?"

"For example, you wasted no time on chugging down that beer and you kept going just to prove me wrong. You didn't have to do that. And when we were in the car, you hardly made sense. And yes, you were drunk. But you were saying some things that just wouldn't be said by a girl who knew what she was doing. And, I don't know. Even the way you kissed me. It wasn't forced. I keep going back to this, but yeah, you were drunk. Either way, you kissed me like you cared, not as if you were some girl who just wanted to lose it."

I stayed silent, not really knowing what to say. The thought of me kissing a guy - the thought of me kissing him was starting to get to me. Not because he's some weird dude who enjoys creeping me out. But because the little bit of feelings I've been having for him, that "crush" I thought I had on him was now more. And it was because his words seemed to leave his lips in a caring way.

"How do you feel about what I did?"

"Wow, that's a question," he said, he movies his hair back and sighed as we continued walking, "I don't know how to respond to that. We hardly know each other. I know it's crazy but I thought it was cute."

"What was cute?"

"The fact that you were so intensly into a guy you met for the first time that you forgot about everything else in the world as you kissed me."

"I think we should go back." I said, turning around and continuing my way. I didn't hear his footsteps until a few minutes later, they ran behind me and grabbed my hand, turning me around to face him.

"Don't tell any of the guys, okay? Jimmy tends to lose respect and he wouldn't understand. Matt would most certainly disrespect you, he'd think you're easy. And Johnny's cool. I mean, yeah, but I think you should just keep this between us."

"I'm scared right now, okay?"

"What, why are you scared?"

"Because I've seen those girls who look at a guy and start having feelings. But I just met you and everything you just said made me - gosh, forget it. I have to get home, it's late."

"Tell me, you like me?"


"Well do you?"

"Put yourself in my shoes. I'm the virgin girl who's never had anything to drink and has never been kissed. All of a sudden, this strong guy who's creepy at times says these words that mess with your head. That you kissed him while you were drunk but he enjoyed it because it wasn't like other girls would kiss. Because the kiss meant something. What would you feel? Little virgin girl can't just nod her head, laugh, and walk away. Because now what she feels is something weird and it's insane and no one would understand because she just met this giant, muscular creep. I have to go. See you tomorrow." I walked away angrily. I couldn't even realize why I was so mad. But I couldn't let Brian see me.


I like this a lot. I hope you update!
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores
Thanks! :)
I'm glad Brian didn't take advantage of her. I like it!
Mrs.Sullivan Mrs.Sullivan
I can't wait to read more of this it's good so far. I'm excited to see where its going
Mrs.Sullivan Mrs.Sullivan
Well, I can relate to Ellie in the fact that I don't drink, so I got pretty tipsy after having just one bottle of whatever I drank once. Fun, fun.

Again, quite interesting. =)
Haylie Jaed Haylie Jaed