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All My Reasons For Insanity

All The Colors Will Bleed Into One

The clock ticked two, and I was frantic, the kitchen was an assortment of silver and red. Rejected pans thrown everywhere, the sauce I was preparing had exploded, causing the great eruption of Mount Fail. The rapping on the front door rang through the empty space, and I groaned in frustration before the breeze between my legs made itself noticeable. I glanced down to realize that I was in a bathrobe, and had run to start cooking almost as soon as my feet hit the bathroom floor.

"Shit." I murmured, before sliding around the corner to peak through the peephole, slipping on a rogue puddle of water and slamming straight into the wood of the door and onto the tile on my bare tush.

"Erika?" Matt's worried voice carried through the door, I jumped to my feet, doubling over for a moment as I absorbed the pain throbbing in my bum, and unlocked the door in haste to be face to face with my brother. "What's with us running into each other while your half-naked?"

"Shower... Started cooking... Explosion..." I panted, before resting my body weight onto the wall. "We need some rugs in this joint... Fucking tiled floors."

"Wow, we mention explosions but our main concern is a rug." Jimmy chuckled, before stepping past me to peek into the kitchen. As soon as he saw the mess, he took a step back and his eyes widened in horror.

"Cant be that bad." Zacky offered, following behind Jimmy and returning the same shocked results.

As Ellie peeked around the corner, she let out a giggle and retreated beside me. "What happened, Ren? You used to be a great cook." The use of my childhood nickname gave me a bit of comfort, and I felt myself relax and sigh.


"Then relax." Matt offered. "Big dinner tonight?"

"Yeah, I was supposed to cook and have everything ready by five." I rolled my eyes as I attempted to push past Jimmy and Zacky, but they both gently shoved me back to my twin and dived into the kitchen. "what the...?"

"I got this." I heard Zacky mumble, along with more banging of pots as Jimmy climbed around the mountains of silver.

"Zacky, I'll be okay cook-" I tried to re-enter the kitchen, but got carried away by Matt. I glanced into the kitchen as we passed, Jimmy winked slyfully at me and I cringed. I still hadn't brought up the courage to talk to him about last nights events, and I had a feeling I never would.

"Let the Italian do his job!" Zacky had yelled after me. I giggled, but Matt still had me in his hold, pulling me towards my bedroom where he pushed me down onto the bed and stared at me. Ellie entered the room behind us and shut the door, causing Matt to explode in foreseen anger.

"What the FUCK is your boyfriends deal?" He steamed, Ellie's pleading look told me not to fight back, Matt was in a nasty mood. "Tell them to leave. They cant be here. I wont allow them to stay." He repeated in a high pitched, annoying voice.

"His parents are coming into town to check up on us for a while. He's just afraid that you'll..." I paused knowing the truth, but didn't want to admit it.

"Scare them? Well, they have to get used to us, if we're going to be in-laws." He spat, as he began to pace around the room, his shoes scooting across the carpet.

"Matt, I've got this under control..." I began to get up off the bed, but he pushed me down and sat on me, keeping me in place.

"Are you sure? It doesn't take much to gain power over you, small one." He grinned. I scoffed, pushed him back to his feet and followed suit to my closet, where I pulled out my black dress and heels, preceding to get dressed. Both relatives sat comfortably on the bed as I slipped into the bathroom and changed just around the corner, leaving the door open for further communication. "We aren't leaving on his whim." Matt informed.

"Great. Don't." I rolled my eyes as I slipped into the sleeveless, knee high dress I used on all fancy occasions that exposed my sleeve tattoo on my left arm. "I'm not telling you to leave, Matt. I never said such a thing."

"What are you doing with an asshole like him, anyways?" He seethed.

"I love him." I shrugged. "His parents are helping me with my tuition, and they're really nice." Matt's grumbling could be heard as the bedroom door creaked open, then was slammed shut. I sighed as I tugged my earrings on and accepted the fact that Matt would probably be a huge asshole for the duration of his stay, only apologizing when the time came for him to leave.

Reny..." Elli called, as she peaked around the corner at me. "We need to talk."

"Okay, talk." I ordered, emerging from the bathroom to walk past her and scout through the dresser in the room for my necklace.

"Jimmy... Told me everything." She confessed, her arms dropping to her side in defeat. "He asked me not to tell you, but you need to talk to him." I turned to give her a look that suggested confusion. Her sigh signaled defeat and she continued. "He's trying hard to deny the fact that you stole his heart within moments, but honestly I don't know how long the charade will last."

"El, I was drunk, and doing my job a little too thoroughly."I groaned.

"Tell him that!" She exclaimed.

"There are plenty of other fish in the sea, I'm sure he'll find the one that blows me out of the water soon." I muttered more to myself than her.

"Just talk to him, please." She pleaded. "He's a great guy, if you don't have it in your heart to give him a chance, then at least be his friend. I know your capable of that."

I slipped on my necklace Shawn had given me for our anniversary and sighed, knowing this would end very badly. "Yeah." I muttered. "I'll talk to him."

"Oh, thank you, Ren." She breathed, relived. "It means a lot to me, that you do." The door seemed to fly open on Que, Jimmy making his way into the room with wineglasses and a bottle of wine in his hands.

"Wine?" He offered. Ellie's nose scrunched up in disprovable, and she waltzed past us and out the door, leaving us alone in the room. "How about you? Don't make me drink alone." He pleaded.

"I'm not supposed to be drinking..." My eyes fell to my feet, and I quickly found an excuse to turn away from him and continue getting ready.

"Suit yourself." He sighed, placing an abandoned glass on the bed and pouring himself a drink. "Although I wouldn't want to be completely sober when all this goes down." I turned back to face him and bit my lip nervously. Smirking, he held the filled glass out towards me, and I accepted greedily.

"I'm sorry... About the other night." I offered, taking small sips to try and shut myself up as I watched him pour the liquid into the recently reclaimed glass for himself. "I was drunk, had a stressful day and lost it..."

"It's fine, really." He stated fast, downing his glass in seconds.

"But, uh, I promised El I'd be your friend, as childish as that sounds." The wine must have been an expensive bottle, it was strong enough to cause words to slip off my tongue.

"Actually, I'd really like that." He laughed, pulling me to him for a hug. The sweet smell of cigarettes and cologne drifted up my nose, enticing me. "But that's not what I originally came in here to talk to you about."

"It's not?" The happy, successful smile fell to a frown.

"We should go help the others clean up the house. After all, we do have some in-laws to impress."


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