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All My Reasons For Insanity

All I Want Is To Be The Apple Of Your Eye

*Jimmy's P.O.V.*

I wiped the sweat from my brow with the back of my hand as I stepped up to the bar of the club. The beat of the song playing through the speakers shook the walls, and the silhouette walking towards me caught my attention from the corner of my eye, I turned to face the woman.

It was her, the dirty blonde I felt I'd just lost on the sidewalk. her once bloodied hand wrapped protectively in bandages, and her sleek, hourglass figure shown well in short daisy dukes and tight fitting top.

I was surprised to find her here, when I myself was just looking for a place to hang out until Matt and Ellie came to save me. She strutted closer, muttering something under her breath, and stopped a mere centimeter away from me, lifting her hand to my chest, and tracing the pocket to my shirt playfully as she spoke.

"How can I help you?" She breathed the words a little too flirtatiously, but the way her voice purred along with the way she swung her hips as she danced a bit to the song playing over our heads seemed to stun me into a trance of deep admiration. Her brown hazel eyes glittered with a glint of want.

"I could use a beer." I said with a grin. As soon as the words escaped my lips, A mischievous smirk played hers. She Grabbed my shirt and led me to a nearby corner of the club, pushing me into the cushioned booth seats that where lined against the wall. She climbed into my lap and stared down at me with a playful look in her eyes.

"Gracie! I need a beer!" She yelled calmly, Her hips still danced skillfully over me.

"Hey, Erika." A blonde woman called as she approached us. The mention of her name reminded me of what exactly I was supposed to be doing here. "Do you mind telling me why you're riding a man who's name you don't even know?" She handed me the open beer.

"Because, Gracie, the man just wanted a beer." Erika retorted.

"Right." The one named Gracie rolled her eyes. "I'd be careful with this one, she's usually not a bombshell, but she's had one too many shots." She warned, before walking back to her post.

Erika rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'm completely aware of what's happening." She snorted.

"So, you're Erika... Erika Sanders?" I asked. "You have a twin named Ellie."

Her eyes widened. "Are you stalking me?" She whispered, her hips fell still and I chuckled.

"No, actually I'm here with your sister and brother, they're really worried about you." I began to explain, and a surprised an excited smile crawled onto her features, throwing me back into shock. "Hold on, Didn't you used to have braces and glasses?"

This made the beautiful smile disappear. "Damn my beautiful sister, she always loved throwing my misfortune into my face." She muttered, making me laugh again.

"No, no. I think I remember hanging out with you a while back... I worked at Bill's Basket. You'd come in and order every day, do your homework." I smiled at the memory of before I knew Matt. Instantly, the image of her small body squished into the corner of a restaurant booth popped into my mind, her pretty face always hidden behind a book thicker than herself.

"Oh, wow." She giggled, and her cheeks turned rouge. "I remember that. I had the biggest crush on you."

This took me aback. "Wow, really?"

"Sorry. It's the alcohol talking." She muttered, a little embarrassed at the dirty little secret that slipped out.

I felt a peak of embarrassment myself, and I scanned her mesmerizing body once more before playfully muttering "You haven't turned out too bad, yourself. Though, I do think I preferred the glasses."

She scoffed at this. "Hey, I'm still a geek at heart."

"Oh?" I raised my eyebrows in curiosity, my fingers were now exchanging her earlier gesture of tracing her pant line. "Well, I guess I can throw my guess of you being good in bed out the window. Geeks aren't good in the sack."

Her smile fell to a frown, and she grunted her disapproval. "Excuse me? Nerds are the best at sex."

"I'm going to need a test drive." I joked, and her hips grind against my groin in immediate response, playing the teasing game. Her fingers grasped at the tail of my hair, her lips lingering on mine, my breath caught short as I waited for her to make the move I was anticipating.

"I think that's as far as I go for test drives." She snickered, her lips barely grazing mine as she spoke.

"Maybe we can relocate to a more private area?" I offered, not wanting to loose the opportunity.

She thought for a moment, before jumping off my lap and grabbing a hold of my hand, pulling me with her. "I've got just the spot." She called over her shoulder. I grunted and readjusted myself as discreetly as I could without letting go of her hand. I followed behind her at an easy pace, considering my strides where longer than hers.

As we stepped out into the humid airs of Washington, the sounds of shouting could be heard, and Erika stopped dead in her tracks, causing me to run into her backside and almost sent her toppling over her drunken feet, but caught her mid-fall. I couldn't help but feel a bit hopeful with this one, she was seductive yet cute when she was drunk, I only hoped she wouldn't be too much different sober.

"Hey, fuck off, buddy!" Matts voice boomed across the lot, and my attention was immediately turned to the group of people clumped together next to the rental car Matt had rented for the trip. Erika and I exchanged concern glances, before she dropped my hand and darted ahead of me into the crowd.

"Stop!" She yelled, only a few minutes too late. The unknown mans fist crashed into Johnny's nose before she could intervene, and Ellie's cries for concern could be heard as she rushed to her fiance's aid. "Shawn, you ass!" Erika shoved him away from the group of guys beginning to encircle him.

"Guys, It's an obvious mistake." I Sighed, stepping between 'Shawn' and Matt.

"Erika?" Matt asked. She nodded her head in response and Matt cursed under his breath, before hastily tearing off his jacket and throwing it at her. "Cover yourself up. Who is this guy, first of all."

"Shawn... He's my..." She glanced over at me, sudden regret glowing in her eyes. "Fiance."

My heart skipped a few beats, and I could feel the disappointment pooling at the bottom of my stomach. I was about to help this woman commit a sin, and whats worse was I actually wished I had.

"Can we just... head back to the dorm, please?" Erika muttered, and everyone exchanged glances. "I'll explain it all when we get there."

"We'll follow you guys there, I guess." Matt muttered, and we all split away from the two to walk to the rental car. I glanced back to see the man Erika had announced as her fiance grunt something harsh to her, the tears building in her eyes.


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I like this!
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