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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.

Bitch, mind your own damn 'bidness. Part 2

Val and I climbed out of the car and I slung my messenger bag over my shoulder as I looked around the school's campus. It was fairly large, with a few trees. Since class hadn't started yet I could see all the different cliques hanging about with their group. The jocks, the cheerleaders, the stoners, and so on and so forth.

We made our way through the door and to the main office, where Val started talking to the receptionist.

"Hi, I'm Val Sanders and this is Adison Vanhanan, we are here to pick up her class schedual." Val told the woman. The woman smiled and shuffled some papers on her desk and handed Val my schedual, who handed it to me.

"Oh, and young lady, this is Jason, he has all the same classes as you and will help you find your way around." She smiled at me.

A boy stood up from a chair that I hadn't even noticed was there before and held his hand out to me to shake it.

"Hi" he said nervously. I reached over and shook his hand, but of course, stayed silent. Val smiled bightly and shook his hand next.

"Hi Jason, I'm Val, Adison's mom. It's nice to meet you. "

"You too Mrs. Sanders" He said. Val turned to me and gave me a hug.

"Have a good day sweetie, I'll be back when school gets out to pick you up." She smiled at me one time before telling the secretary goodbye and leaving the office.

I looked over a Jason and he smiled nervously some more. God, this kid is needs to chill out. I'm not going to rip his face off or anything. We stood there just looking at eachother in an awkward silence. It was only awkward because he was figiting and being all nervous and stuff.

While we stood there, I sized him up. He was tallish, taller than me anyway, with medium brown hair that was cut kind of short and spiked a little in the back with bangs that fell in his face. He appeared to have eyeliner smudged around his eyes and he wore a plain black v-neck, some skinny jeans, and converse. He had that whole 'emo' look going on, and he could really pull it off.

"Okay, so maybe I should show you to your locker first?" He asked sheepishly. I nodded and I followed him out of the office and into the now crowded hallway to find my locker.

Well, this should be fun.

*Time Lapse through out the day.*
The day had gone by quickly, which was surprising cosidering I usually hate school and it feels like it drags on forever. But this time was different, I like most of my classes, all of them really, except for math. Math can fucking die, in a fucking hole, for fucking ever. Fuck.

Jason, although being very shy at first, opened up rather quickly and has started to grow on me. I know that seems fast, since it's only the first day we've know eachother, but he just has one of those personalities. I can definatly see us being friends for a good long while.

I had hoped that nothing bad was going to happen, what with me being the freaky mute and all, but that wasn't the case. It's last period, English 4, and we were put in groups. Of course, the teacher put Jason and I together so I was cool with that. He actually liked writing notes to me, it seemed to make him more comfortable and I was totally cool with that too.

But anyway, back to the original topic. So, we are in our group talking about the questions about the play we were reading and some blonde bitch walks up to me and lays a folded piece of paper on my dest, sneers, and walks away. Like seriously, what the fuck?

So, I open said folded piece of paper and it says:

"I would have actualy said it to u but I was afraid that u woudnt understand me. So I desided to rite it to u. GO HOME U LOOSER MUTE FREAK OR WE WILL MAKE IT HELL FOR U HEAR!

XOXO, Marissa

I snorted, laughed at her bad grammar and spelling, and the whole note in generall, and then showed Jason who did the same. I then had a brilliant idea. I got a red pen out of my bag, corrected the errors and wrote; "Next time you write a threatning letter, do it correctly. ;)"

I refolded the paper, quietly got up, walked over to her desk, and dropped the paper infront of the girl that had given it to me and walked away. Jason and I sat and watched as she opend the letter, and a look of confusion was written all over her face. Then her jaw dropped and she started shouting and complaing at her friends who in turn, glared back at us. At that point though, we were already laughing hysterically. God, I loved stupid people.

The final bell rang shortly after our little laugh-athon and Jason and I gathered our things and walked to our lockers. Apprently, the office people were nice enough to give me a locker right nect to my "escort", not only was it easy to find, but I didn't ever have to be alone. I kind of hated being alone. Also, on another not, I was so distracted by Jason, in a total non-romantic way, that I didn't flinch at anyone who had brown eyes. Personal accomplishment here. Fuck yeah.

I threw my books in my locker and made sure I had my unicorn note book before closing my locker and turning to Jason, who was waiting for me. He walked me outside, to the front of the school where Val was already waiting for me, and much to my surprise he swooped down and hugged me.
I was a little shocke but after a second I awkwardly hugged him back. He pulled away and stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets and smiled.

"Well, meet you here tomorrow morning?" He asked out loud, and I nodded and smiled before waving and turning in the direction of Val's car. I hopped in, closed the door and put my seat belt on.

"How was school sweetie?" Val asked, smiling brightly. I pulled out my notebook and wrote:

"It was pretty good" and showed her. Satsified, she smiled and put the car into gear and took off twords home.

Tehe, I made a friend.


So, this chapter took forever, I KNOW.
BUT, I have a good excuse?
My laptop broke. Like, it was bad. The keyboard got all messed up and it was just...a mess.
HOWEVER, I got a new one, obviously, so updates should be a little more frequent now. XD
You know what to do . :)
Love and Pudding,


*puppy eyes* i miss this story

Jessi6661 Jessi6661


Jessi6661 Jessi6661

YEA-AH, NEW UPDATES :D love this story so much, please keep updating C:

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Anytime Love <3

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Thank you so much! This comment completely made my day! <3

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