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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.

New Beginnings.

I stared out the window, watching the houses go by in a blur. The social worker that was driving me to my new foster home. All I know about them is that they are young, a few years older than me, and the couple is unable to have children, which is why they signed up for the foster parent program. Matt and Val Sanders, are their names, unfortunately it doesn't say anything else about them. I looked over at the social worker, a tall,thin women with graying hair wrapped in a tightly coiled bun on the top of her head. She word a grey suit and had the coldest grey eyes I have ever seen in my life. Over all, she was cold, gray and obviously didn't enjoy her job. People like that make me wonder. If you don't like your job, then why take said job that you don't like?

I looked back out the window at all the houses going by. The houses looked like they belonged to a mixture of the upper middle class and the middle class. It looked like a pretty nice neighborhood. Other kids would probably be excited to get to go live with foster parents, in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood. However, I'm not most kids. I'm 17, all I need is to finish my last semester of high school, and wait until my birthday. Then I'm free.

I pulled away from my thoughts as we pulled into the driveway of a two story red brick house. Ms. Harris, the social worker, pulled up into the drive way and killed the engine. I climbed out of the car and Ms. Harris motioned for me to follow her to the door. I obediently followed keeping my eyes on my tattered converse that were on my feet. Ms. Harris knocked the brass knocker that hung on the door. From the other side, I could hear footsteps. In fact it sounded as if some one were running to the door. The door was flung open by a tall man with bright blue eyes, and messy black hair.

He ran to me and picked my up in his long arms and spun me around. He was still spinning me when I head a female voice.
"Jimmy, put the poor girl down."

The newly dubbed Jimmy put me down, and ran off yelling something about how he was excited and he was sorry. The lady that told Jimmy to put me down, was small with blonde hair and bright hazel-green eyes.

"Hi, I'm Val." She smiled and put her hand out to shake. I gave her a blank stare and tightened my grip the strap of my messenger back that was strapped around my shoulder. Ms. Harris sighed and stepped in front of me grabbing Val's hand in a hand shake.

"Hello, I am Ms. Harris. Adison's social worker. " She said in her "all-business" voice.

"Well come in." She smiled again and moved out of the way so we could squeeze in through the door.

"Matt! They're here!" Val yelled into the vast house. Suddenly there were more foot steps, getting louder as they approached. A few seconds later a tall man appeared, he wore a nice button down shirt that was rolled up at the sleeves showing off his collection of colorful tattoos that covered his arms. He had soft hazel eyes and a warm smile to match them.

"Matt, this is Ms. Harris. Adison's social worker. Ms. Harris, this is my husband, Matt." Val introduced them. Matt shook Ms. Harris's hand and smiled warmly. Then he turned to me.

"Hey there, you must be Adison." He smiled and offered me his hand. Once again, I gave a blank stare and kept my hands on my messenger bag. I slid behind Ms.Harris, using her as a shield from the disappointed look that now adorned Matt's face. Ms. Harris cleared her throat loudly, catching Matt's attention back.

"Mr and Mrs. Sanders, Adison does not talk. She is completely mute, and not very social. She also does not do good around people with dark brown eyes, or large groups of people for that matter. Is any of this going to be a problem?" She raised an eye brow waiting for a response.

"Uh, no. Not at all." Val smiled.

"Alright, let us just finish up the paper work and I will be on my way," Ms. Harris and I followed Matt and Val into the kitchen, where Ms. Harris pulled the legal papers out for them to sign and was explaining some kind of legal mumbo jumbo to them.

I wandered over to the giant glass sliding doors where I saw four guys out side. The one named Jimmy I had encountered earlier had a short man with a mohawk thrown over his shoulder and was about to throw him in the pool, while two other men sat in lawn chairs laughing.

That was when I saw them. The eyes. They were dark chocolate brown, not as dark as his eyes but dark enough to send shivers down my spine and make my heart race a million miles an hour. I quickly backed away from the door, going over to the island in the middle of the kitchen where Ms. Harris was wrapping things up quickly.

"I will be back in a few weeks to check on you Adison, if you need me you have my number."

With that she turned as Matt and Val followed to show her to the door. I lean again the island, trying to calm down from seeing that man's eyes. But nothing was working.

"Hey, I got your stuff." Matt said holding up my small suit case. I jump at his voice, not expecting him to be there. I just nodded in acknowledgement and thanks. Val appeared next to him a few seconds later, smiling yet again. Does she ever stop?

"Well, Adison, would you like to see your room?" I nodded, vigorously, ready to get away from people. I really needed to be alone. Val bounced a little and clapped. Then she came to me and grabbed my wrist and started pulling me out of the kitchen and into the direction of the stair I saw when I first came into the house. Matt , I noticed, rolled his eyes at his wife's excitement and followed us up the stairs. When we got to the door that was apparently my room, Val stopped and turned suddenly and stood in front of the door, not allowing me access.

"Close your eyes." She smiled. I just stood there, blank expression.

"Please?" She tried again. Nothing. A little down trodden, she let out a small sigh but kept her smile. She opened the door and before me was the most amazing room I had ever seen. I even smiled a little to show them I liked it.

"Yay! She smiled!" Val squealed. Matt laughed and set my bag down on the floor and went to his wife's side.

"Since you obviously don't have a lot of clothes, we will go shopping tomorrow, and get everything you need. Is that alright?" Matt asked smiling, while Val wiggled excitedly next to him.
I smiled a little and nodded my head.

"Alright then, we will leave you to unpack and get comfortable, and we will make sure that none of the guys come up here and bother you." he smiled and then pulled Val out of the room, softly closing the door behind him. I made sure the door was firmly shut and the turned around taking in my new surroundings.

The room was large, with tall, dark purple walls with black trim and a black ceiling. There was a large wooden entertainment stand with a plasma screen TV and shelves to put movies on. The dresser was wooden as well and stained a glossy black color, as was the wooden vanity set that was next to it and also the entertainment stand. The bed frame was made of the same wood and stained the same color. It had a dark purple comforter with fluffy pillows with matching dark purple pillow cases. At the end of the bed sat a dark wooded chest that was empty.

Across from the bed there were too doors, I opened the first door to find it was a large closet, with shelf space for shoe or whatever I decided to put there. The next door was a large bathroom. It was painted the same color as my room and had a large mirror with a marble counter and a sink. The bath tub was one of the huge tubs that looked like a Jacuzzi with the jets and all. The shower head above large and hung from the ceiling, instead of the side of the wall, and the shower and tub were closed off by a huge glass door that was the blurred glass, so no one could see anything on the other side.

I walked over to the sink looking at myself in the mirror. Frankly, I looked like crap. My eyes had dark bags under neath them and my heavy black eyeliner did nothing to help that. My skin was paler than usual and my white hair was in a tangled mess.( You see, I am an albinoid, which is like being albino only not all the way, my skin and hair are white but my eyes have color.) I turned the cold water on and splashed some on my face. I grabbed one of the dark purple towels that was hanging on the towel rack next to the sink and patted my face dry. I looked back at myself, my one blue eye and one green eye still as dull and lifeless as they were before. I dropped the towel on the counter and headed back into my room.

I put my messenger bag on the chest on the end of my bed and then climbed into bed. I laid there and waited for the tears to come, they always do, eventually. And when I cried, I cried for not only myself, but for my mom and my dad, and my brother. And eventually, I cried until I fell into a restless sleep, filled with nightmares, and those eye.


Hello, there.
If you are reading this, then you are awesome.
This story is one I started on Mibba, and I have decided to continue it on here and Mibba.
I really hope you guys enjoy it. :3

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*puppy eyes* i miss this story

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Jessi6661 Jessi6661

YEA-AH, NEW UPDATES :D love this story so much, please keep updating C:

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Anytime Love <3

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