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Grinding Greedy Gears

Chapter One

“You have to be fucking kidding, Brent!” Cassidy yelled, the anger that had been building inside of her finally beginning to bubble over.

“Don’t turn this around on me, Cas. I don’t have time for this today. We’re ending a few clients’ contracts today. I’m busy.” he replied, and edge to his voice showing a suppressed amount of annoyance with his daughter. He knew she didn’t care about the work he had to do. If she did she would have called before stopping by. “And do not call me that! I’m your father.”

“I told you I’d pay you back!” she pointed out as if he didn’t already know. His eyes darted to hers briefly.

“I’m quite aware of that. But where will you find that kind of money? If you could get it that easily you could pay the rent yourself.” He had stopped looking through the papers on his desk and was rubbing his forehead, sighing.

Cassidy knew she looked horrible asking her father for money. It looked even worse for her having recently quit her job. But she definitely had her reasons.

Cassidy was attractive, no doubt about that. With her long, blond hair that was nearly always curled halfway down her back, crystal blue eyes that twinkled when she smiled, and plump lips that gave men something to think about, she was a bombshell. Even though she was born in Texas, she was blessed with the California girl body. That earned her quite a bit of attention from her coworkers at the bar she had worked at, especially from her boss. She quit her job the moment he made a move on her and grabbed her ass, trying to pull her into the inventory room.

But was she about to tell her father that? Hell no. He thought she was an intern at a small music producing company, training to someday take over the family business.

Brent, being a single dad who ran a very successful music producing company, he didn’t have much time for his daughter. She’d spent her childhood years playing House with the maids when they could make time for her.
“I’ll find a way to get it, alright? The fact of the matter is that I need it now!” She was standing in front of his desk now, tapping her fingers on the dark mahogany. Seeing he wasn’t going to budge, she decided to use the guilt trip. “Please, Dad. I never asked for much from you.”
“Shouldn’t have quit your job. That was irresponsible, Cas, and you know it,” Brent said, rolling his eyes.

“I am the farthest thing from irresponsible! I always did exactly what I was supposed to and I still do! Can you just be a dad for once and help me out? Please?” Cassidy pleaded, furrowing her brow at how annoyed he was that his only daughter was asking for help.

Something in her father finally snapped and he slammed his fist onto the desk, making the pen holder bobble back and forth. Cassidy’s eyes slightly widened but she quickly narrowed them again, not wanting to show him he’d slightly scared her.

“Get out, Cassidy Brook. I fucking mean it. I am busy,” her father muttered, looking up at her, his eyes narrow, angry slits. She’d never seen him this annoyed with her and quite frankly it pissed her off. Cassidy never asked for anything from him. Being as good of a kid as she had been, she deserved to have a bone tossed her way every once in a while.

Gritting her teeth, she balled her hands into small, tight fists and took a step back, shaking her head. “I ask for one thing! One god damn thing and you kick me out?!” she shouted. It was supposed to come out more like a statement but sounded like a question. Anger was getting the best of her.
Her chest rose and sank from the heavy breaths she was taking, trying to keep herself from screaming in his face.

Her face grew hot and Cassidy pushed herself away from the desk.

“Whatever. Fuck you, Brent,” she seethed, almost in an exasperated whisper. “Just fuck you.”

In long, quick strides she walked out, slamming the door behind her. She felt the eyes of the maids on her as she grabbed her coat. Not bothering to pull it on, she fished her car keys out of the pocket and stormed out. Brisk Californian night air hit her face when she opened the door and quickly walked out.

“You’ll be sorry, Dad,” she mumbled when she had finally gotten to her car. She shot one last death glare, mixed with a pang of hurt, towards his office window before she got in.

A smirk crawled onto Cassidy’s face, something coming to mind that she’d always wanted to do.

“Just you wait,” she chuckled, gripping her steering wheel tightly when she drove out of the driveway to head home and get ready for the satisfying night ahead of her.

The night protected Cassidy as she jumped out of her car, locking it behind her. The gas station lit up the small parking lot she stood in. Taking off, she pulled her hood over her head, tucking her hair inside. Her sneakers padded across the pavement as she crept quickly through the shadows.

Her father’s house finally came into view. The long driveway stretched up the hill, trees lining the path. The house was dark, as usual. Cassidy never could wrap her head around why her father would want such a big house when he was almost never home. And even when he was, his time was spent in his home office. That was his real home.

She rolled her eyes as she began to jog stealthily up the hill, keeping an eye out for any maids that may have decided to work late.

Seeing the coast was clear she ducked down and sprinted to the window in outside the home office. She peeked into it, seeing complete darkness as usual. A sly grin overcame the stone cold expression she was showing before. She pushed up on the window, satisfied when it clicked and slid up a bit.

“You pay big money for state of the art security systems but you don’t even bother to lock your windows,” Cassidy whispered, silently laughing at her negligent father.

With a grunt, she climbed in and planted her feet on the floor, taking another food look around. The room smelled of her father’s cologne. She made a face and stood up, brushing off her hands.

The safe had always been hidden behind the few books on the grand bookshelf that took up the room’s entire right wall. She remembered that much.

She stood in front of the wall of books and began to pull out books from the fourth shelf, setting them aside onto the padded recliner beside her. Her fingers grazed the cold knob of the safe and she reached into her pocket, pulling out a flashlight. Clicking it on, her eyes moved up. She got a firm hold on the flashlight between her teeth and shone the light onto the steel safe. As she started to turn the knob, hearing the tumblers jingle around, she prayed the combination was the same as when she has lived there. If not, all of this was for nothing.

She would have been caught on the security cameras in his office and for what? To walk out empty handed, practically hearing her father laugh at her? No, this had to work.

Just as she was about to finish the last set of numbers something heavy hit the floor behind her. She whipped around and widened her eyes at the massive shadow looming over her.

Her mouth opened to scream but no sound came out. The flashlight hit the floor with a loud thump, complete darkness now surrounding her and the stranger. She stumbled back and hit the book case, her heart nearly pounding through her chest.

“Christ!” the stranger’s voice hissed down at her. Her eyes widened even more and she tried to slowly reach for the flashlight.

“I told you to wait in the fucking car, you little shit!” the husky voice said, a little more humor mixed in this time. “You’re lucky I didn’t kick your ass the moment you came in, Christ.” A low chuckle sounded in front of her and a click right after, a bright light suddenly being shone in Cassidy’s face.

She gasped and threw her arms up to shield her face. “Turn that off!” she whispered angrily. All she’d wanted was to bust in and take the money she needed, then leave. To be honest, she could care less who this was or why they were here.

“Who the..? You’re not Christ!” they pointed out, clearly confused. Cassidy rolled her eyes.
“No shit. I don’t know why you’d expect Jesus to be here in the first place. This isn’t a church or something,” she muttered. That earned a chuckle but it was gone in an instant.

“Who are you? And why the hell are you in here?” the stranger demanded. Growing increasingly annoyed, she smacked the flashlight away from their hands.

“Get the damn flashlight out of my face,” she sighed, leaning against the bookcase.

“I’m breaking into my dad’s office,” she started bluntly, moving across the floor and stood in front of her father’s desk to get in the line of sight of the security camera. She spoke louder and looked right up at where the camera would be, “to get something I definitely deserve!” Her eyes averted back to the shadow.

“What about you, shadow man? Who are you?” Cassidy asked, crossing her arms.

“Sounds to me like you already know who I am,” he chuckled. Cassidy narrowed her eyes in suspicion and he spoke again. “M Shadows, at your service.”

A small smile crept onto her face when she realized the irony. She saw Shadows’ hand extend out to her and she shook it, sighing.

“So, Shadows,” Cassidy said, turning back to the safe, “why are you breaking into Daddy’s house?” She spoke in her best innocent girl voice.

“Wait..” he said, dropping her hand, “This is.. your dad’s house? CEO for Spin Cycle Records?” She gave him a quick nod then answered him out loud, remembering he couldn’t see her.

“Holy fucking shit,” he laughed nervously, “I, uh, didn’t realize-“

“Save it,” she cut him off, “I hate him, too.” A sigh of relief made her laugh and he took a few steps back, leaning on the bookcase.

“So, care to answer my question?” Cassidy asked again. Shadows snarled and crossed his arms.

“Dick fired me and my band today. He said,” he replied, talking in a voice to mock her father’s, “’I just don’t see this band going in the same direction we want you to go.’” He growled again and Cassidy nodded, sighing.

“That sure sounds like good ol’ Dad, alright,” she muttered, clearing her throat. She’d always felt bad for the bands her father fired. A few of them actually caught her attention, seeing they had talent.

“So I was coming here to trash the place because that’s what mature musicians do,” he said, chuckling. She could practically hear the smile in his voice and she strode across the floor, deciding to get a good look at the “mature musician”.

The light flicked on when she flipped the switch and turned around, widening her eyes slightly. Trying her hardest to look him over but not make it obvious, she ran her eyes over Shadows.

His tattoos were what caught her eye first. His right arm was completely covered in tattoos, creating a full sleeve. She immediately wanted a closer look. Before she could, she smirked at his torn Guns N Roses shirt. Moving her gaze, she nearly melted at the sight of his face. His eyes burned into hers and a dimpled smile made her blush.

She chuckled at his pierced lip, gauges, and long curly hair. No wonder her father fired him and his band. He was obviously scared of them. She smiled at the thought of her dad trying to talk to him, about to piss his pants.

“Something funny?” Shadows said, crossing his arms when he smiled even wider. She caught his eyes look her over for a split second and she smirked when she shook her head.

“You just don’t look like one of Dad’s normal clients,” Cassidy said, nodding as she walked over to the safe again, redoing the combination and grinned when it opened easily for her. The stacks of money sat there, some piles looking like they had even been collecting a bit of dust. Hearing Shadows make some sort of sound, she turned to look at him.

“So that’s why you’re here? Money?” he asked, looking at her when as raised a brow. Cassidy nodded and sighed, reaching in.

Shadows hand wrapped around her wrist and she froze, narrowing her eyes when she looked at him.

“And you’re doing this just to piss him off?” he questioned, glancing back at the money. She nodded slowly and pulled her wrist from his hand, giving him a questioning look.

“Yeah?” she replied, crossing her arms, eyeing the money. Shadows smirked and bit his lip, messing with his lip ring. She could tell something fucked up was brewing in his mind and it intrigued her. She always had loved a bad boy. Cassidy also a “bad” side to her, also. She just kept it a lot more hidden than he seemed to.

“Okay,” he said, crossing his arms and looked at her, holding back a chuckle as he tried to look serious, “want to know what would really piss him off?” Cassidy glanced at the safe and nodded hesitantly, egging him to go on. Shadows looked up at the camera then slowly pushed her back, making sure they were out of the line of sight.

Her hand instinctively touched her pocket, feeling for her phone just to make sure that it was there.
Better safe than sorry, she thought.

Now they were in a corner, her back lightly touching the wall. Shadows spoke in a husky, low tone that made her wonder what his singing voice sounded like. Surely it was unique. She was nearly positive that the ladies were all over him. Her mind travelled to thought of him bouncing around on stage, girl swooning at his feet. She was snapped out of her thoughts by his hushed voice.

“We’re both angry at your dad,” he started. Cassidy rolled her eyes, slightly annoyed he was pointing out the obvious, “but no matter what you’re still Daddy’s little girl.” Her face twisted into a disgusted look but Shadows held up a finger, telling her to hold in her protest.

“Let me speak. Anyways, your dad hates me and you’re his little girl. We both want to piss him off.

What’s the one thing that will really grind his greedy, asswipe gears?” he said, crossing his arms and leaned on the side of the bookcase, raising a brow. Cassidy chuckled, pulling her hood down and ran her fingers through her hair in though.

“I don’t know, Shadows,” she sighed, smiling smugly. “What will grind my dad’s greedy, asswipe gears?” He rolled his eyes when she mocked him but smiled anyway, running his hand through his curly, brown locks.

“Daddy’s little girl fucking the ‘bad guy’,” he said bluntly, laughing when she widened her eyes and stared at him. “Hey! It’s the perfect scheme! Grind Daddy’s gears, and maybe a few other things.” He shot her a wink and a sinister smile crept onto his face, his dimples indenting his cheeks.

“There’s no way you’re serious!” she replied, letting her mouth hang open slightly. Her cheeks burnt when she found herself actually considering the idea. It really would get her dad angry. And to be honest, she wanted that more than anything. All these years she’d been itching to do something crazy to make him regret not taking more time to turn her into the daughter he wanted, instead of the daughter he couldn’t stand the sight of.

Maybe this could actually work, she thought. Cassidy’s eyes met his and a triumphant smile was beaming down at her. He could tell she was considering it.

“Think about it, babe,” he started, a small smile covering her face when he called her that. “Your dad comes home from a satisfying day of pissing off his daughter and firing a kick ass band only to see the lead singer and her going at it like a couple of animals on his security camera.” His arms still crossed, he took a step toward her. She could nearly feel his body heat now. His tattoos caught her eye once more and she studied them for a short moment, biting her lip.

She narrowed her eyes at his arms, cocking her head to the side a bit. “You know what?” she said, a sly smile slowly starting to show. “I’ve been a good girl for way too long. That asshole got off easy with me. Time to show him what we’re really capable of.”

Her inner demons fluttering around in her stomach, she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. She could tell he was slightly surprised she was so open to this. He figured he’d have to at least make a move before she’d be into it.

“Really?” he replied, clearing his throat. “I mean… awesome.” He made a face, realizing how lame he sounded and she laughed.

“Really,” she answered, “Let’s kick this shit.” They exchanged devious grins and he narrowed his eyes, looking her over.

His eyes roamed her body, lust quickly clouding his eyes. Even in her tight jeans and hoodie, he could tell her body was one of the ones he’d be whistling towards at the beach. Her blond hair was a turn on for him immediately. The loose curls framed her pale face just the way he liked. It was long, which gave him something to pull. He was definitely a man who liked it rough. No, he and his band weren’t all that well known yet, but girls loved a guy in a band. He used that to his advantage.

He pressed his body against hers, pinning her to the wall. Locking eyes, his firm hand cupped her chin and felt her body melt against his in a kiss. It quickly turned heated, his hand snaking to the nape of her neck and his other hand trailing down her body, settling on her hip. He pulled her towards him, their bodies sliding over each other as they moaned slightly from the kiss.

Shadows pulled away slightly, pulling a hand down to work at his belt. Cassidy broke the kiss, panting slightly. She gripped his wrist and turned her head. His lips brushed over her neck, groaning softly.

“You said you wanted this,” he whispered softly, sending shivers down her spine. His tongue flicked over her sensitive skin and he heard he breath hitch. She swallowed a moan and bit her lip, closing her eyes.

“I do but,” she said softly, feeling the tingling in her core grow even more intense. Cracking her eyes open, she smirked at the paper and pencil covered desk across the room, “the desk.”

Shadows caught on quickly, chuckling darkly. “That’s fucking rich. You really are a bad girl, aren’t you?” His hot breath hit her neck and she nodded, pushing him towards the other side of the room.

He instantly pushed her back against the wall, giving her a dominant look. Looking at each other with lust-filled eyes, Shadows trailed a hand down and worked the button on her jeans, unzipping them slowly. He could feel her getting aggravated at his slow pace, but that was part of his strategy. Get em’ worked up, angry, horny and they’ll give you the roughest sex ever. By the looks of it, she liked it just the way he did.

He quickly yanked down her jeans, only breaking eye contact to smirk at the wet spot that had formed in her red lace panties. He licked his lips, fighting the urge to thrust his tongue deep into her, drinking all of her up. Cassidy ran a hand through his hair, pushing his face towards her core. She hadn’t intended on foreplay, but she didn’t want to pass up the chance if he was more than willing. He glanced up at her, feeling himself grow harder in his jeans. The look on her face was pure lust, hunger for him. Sure, they had only just met a few minutes ago but that just fueled the fire in the greatest way possible.

It was only a fling, just one night. Why not have a little fun?

Nearly forgetting why they were even doing this, Cassidy swallowed and stared at him, trying to find the right words to say. All she could think about was him fucking her relentlessly on that desk, pounding her into euphoria.

“Camera,” she finally said, glancing up at it. “it can’t see us.”

Shadows gave her a puzzled look, following her gaze and nodded. He swiftly picked her up by the back of her knees and wrapped her legs around his waist, his hands on her ass for support. Her jeans fell from her ankles and hit the floor. “Nearly forgot we needed an audience.” He spoke against her mouth, reaching between them to rub her between her legs, earning a low moan from her.

Moving his hands away, he grinded his core into her, holding her up just by pushing her against the wall. Running his tongue over his lips as he pulled off her shirt, he tossed it away and pulled her back towards him, carrying her over to the desk.

She wasn’t surprised that he could hold her so easily, but she let out a small gasp when he took off his shirt once he laid her down on the desk. She quickly pushed all of the contents out of their way and marveled his chest. It was nearly more toned than his arms. I didn’t think that was possible, she thought to herself, groaning softly. He smirked, taking his good old time tossing the shirt aside before hovering over her.

“Say hello to our audience, baby,” he whispered against her mouth, nibbling on her lip before he pulled away again to work the button on his jeans. She let out a giggle when he shot the security camera a wink then flipped it the finger.

Cassidy turned her head, staring up at the camera, imaging her father’s face when he discovered the tape. The thought brought a grin to her face and she narrowed her eyes, also flipping the camera the finger. She mouthed “fuck you” before turning her attention back to Shadows, widening her eyes when she saw he’d taken off his pants and was standing there in just his boxers.

Somehow this whole time she’d neglected to notice the bulge in his pants, but now it was completely visible now. She blushed and swallowed softly, seeing he was going to be the biggest she’d ever had.

“Think you can handle it?” he laughed, raising a brow and held his hands on his hips. Her eyes travelled back up and met his.

“I think I should be asking you that question instead,” she replied, narrowing her eyes with a devious grin. “Besides, I’ve seen bigger anyway. This’ll be cake.” She saw a pang of annoyance cross his face but it was quickly replaced with a smirk.

“Let’s see if you fuck as bad as you lie, kid,” he said, his voice low and his eyes piercing into hers.

She could tell he wanted it just as badly as she did. How he was containing it so well, she didn’t know.

Before she could think further Shadows grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer to him, hooking a finger in her panties. Her breathing quickened as they ripped with a flick of his wrist, tossing them across the room, conveniently landing on a framed picture of her father.

“Neat trick,” she said, trying to hide the desperation for him in her voice. He winked and slipped his boxers off, kicking them away. Cassidy sat up slightly, reaching behind her to unhook her bra. She tossed it behind her, trying to make as big of a mess as she could.

She felt Shadows’ fingers brush against her inner thigh, sending tingles throughout her body. He knelt down and ran his tongue along her skin, stopping just before he got to her heat. She groaned softly, half out of pleasure and half out of frustration. She knew he was going slowly just to drive her crazy, but this was getting ridiculous.

Cassidy’s back arched as Shadows tongue plunged inside her, loving the way she tasted. The sweetness drove him insane and he reached a hand down, pumping himself slowly. He moved his mouth to her clit, sucking it furiously and replaced his tongue with two fingers, pumping quickly. His hand down south worked faster and faster as he grunted against her heat.

Moans and gasps freely falling from her mouth, Cassidy tugged on his curly locks, shoving his face deeper into her. His moans and groans only made her crazier and it wasn’t long before the hot ball in her stomach began to grow.

“Fuck!” she gasped, bucking her hips as she whimpered, feeling her orgasm get closer with every pump his quick fingers made. His tongue circled her clit as he breathed heavily, feeling himself get closer, too.

Her tightly shut eyes flew open when her orgasm finally hit, milking his fingers and mouth. The euphoric feeling swept over her, Cassidy’s breathing heavy and loud, moaning softly from the feeling of her orgasm rocking her body still.

Shadows fingers slowed and he pulled them out of her, quickly sucking up all her juices and licked her clean. Cassidy moaned softly and her back touched the desk again, gasping for air.

“Fuck, Shadows..” she whispered, hearing his quickening grunts. She let out a startled scream when he quickly stood up and yanked her towards him. She instantly became wet again seeing the look in his eyes. They told her she was about to feel 10x better than she just did. Images of him pounding inside her filled her head and she was more than willing to bend over when he stood her in front of the desk.

“Spread,” he ordered huskily. As if he had to ask. She loved when a man was dominant in the bedroom. Well, her dad’s home office in this case. Cassidy spread her legs and gripped the desk, feeling his hand on her back as he pushed her forward, causing her to lean over the desk. The camera had a perfect side view of them.

He wasted no time giving her ass a hard slap and she let out a loud moan, arching her back once more. He grinned and did it again, again, again.

“If you don’t fucking get inside me now, I’m gonna cum just from the ass slapping,” she said through gritted teeth. Shadows smirked widely and looked at the camera, licking his lips hungry before wrapping a hand around himself and held his tip at her entrance, rubbing it against her wet folds.
Cassidy whimpered and wiggled her ass, earning a laugh from him.

“Eager, are we?” he said, leaning over her to whisper in her ear as he pushed his tip in slightly.

Cassidy held back a moan and rolled her eyes. “Oh, and like you’re not? You’re hard as a rock, Shadows.” And he definitely was. His dick throbbed, wanting to be inside of her, filling her up as much as he could, feeling her warmth and milky cum coat him once he’d done his job.

Cassidy let out a scream when he plunged himself inside her, loving the tightness around his dick. Pain and pleasure swept over Cassidy’s body as she tried to adjust to his size. It wasn’t before long until pleasure completely took over as he slowly began to move in and out, gripping her hips tightly, digging his short nails into her soft skin.

“God dammit,” Shadows grunted, admiring her ass and arched back, loving the way it curved inward when he went deeper. Cassidy loved his moans mixed with hers and it only made this whole thing feel even better. She was right about before, this feeling 10x greater than his magical mouth and fingers between her legs. It was a completely different feeling now, a more pleasurable feeling she didn’t want to end any time soon.

Though, she knew that if he fucked her like this for much longer she wouldn't last as long as she wished.

Shadows sped up and went at it with everything he had, hearing the heavy desk slightly rock back and forth with every forceful and deep thrust. Cassidy’s cries and his moans filled the office, the camera catching every single moment of it.

The familiar hot feeling in her core returned, making her body hot and sensitive. The feeling of Shadows hands roaming her ass and hips felt like enough to make her come undone right there, not to mention the sounds he was making. He threw his head back and moaned loudly, his dick throbbing inside her.

“Ah!” Cassidy yelled, her knees beginning to grow weak. “I’m so close, Shadows!” The sound of her voice drove him crazy, especially when she said his name.

“Say it again,” he seethed through his teeth, feeling his orgasm building up, “Fucking say it again!” He reached a hand beneath her and circled her clit, causing her to let out a startled and pleasure-filled scream.

“I said,” Shadows said defiantly, circling even faster now, “say it again!”

Pleasure coursed through Cassidy’s body as a whole new sensation took over, her orgasm flushing through her body, sending her into a whole new world. She screamed his name as she milked his cock in her sweet juices. That was enough to send Shadows over the edge and into his own orgasm.

He stiffened as he poured into her and threw his head back again, groaning loudly. His short nails dug into her left side and the stinging sensation felt amazing in the state she was in.

The two rode out their orgasms together and he finally loosened his hold on her. He pulled out slowly, smiling softly at the whimper that escaped her mouth. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist and lazily lifted her up, setting her down onto the desk. They panted together in unison and took a while to catch their breaths.

“That was…” Cassidy groaned, closing her eyes and smiled to herself. Every now and then the aftershock would get to her and tiny tingles of pleasure would sneak up on her, causing her to moan softly.

“Fucking amazing..” Shadows said, nodding slowly as his legs nearly gave out. He gripped the desk as he tried to regain his balance and opened his eyes, looking down at her. Cassidy was staring off into space, breathing softly. The sweat glistened on her breasts and he had to look away before he got too aroused again. As amazing as round 2 sounded, he didn’t think they should risk it. It had to be getting late.

His eyes scanned the room and he chuckled, seeing all their clothes everywhere. Cassidy smiled and sat up slightly. “What’s so funny?” She narrowed her eyes playfully and raised a brow. Shadows gestured around the room and she laughed, hopping off the desk, gripping it when he knees felt like Jell-O. She picked up her jeans and hoodie, slowly starting to pull on her jeans.

“Uh, sorry about these,” Shadows said, looking over at the panties, a sheepish smile covering his face. “I get carried away sometimes.

Cassidy pulled her jeans up, slightly making a face at how they felt without her panties but shrugged it off. “Never, ever apologize for the way you fucked me tonight, Shadows.” He laughed and winked at her, reaching for his boxers. The two dressed and decided to leave her panties and bra behind, a present for her father. Cassidy took the money she needed, and then some. She beamed down at the money, glad she decided to come here tonight.

“Well, thanks for tonight?” Cassidy chuckled, looking at him with a blush and a smile. Her blond hair was crazy, curls all out of whack and going in different directions. Shadows couldn’t help but laugh. He walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, giving her cheek a quick kiss. They both took turns making faces in the camera and yelling vulgar things, laughing their asses off. They headed over to the window, making small talk as they made their way out.

“Wait! One more thing!” Shadows said, crawling back in and propped a chair up, stood on it, and looked directly into the camera. Cassidy raised a brow and watched him, wondering what he might do.

He cleared his throat and narrowed his eyes, speaking in a low tone.

“That’s for fucking me and my band over, asshole. You’ll see one day that we’ll make it big and you’re not going to be the one we’ll be thanking. Regret the day you let Avenged Sevenfold go. I swear to fucking God we’ll fucking play with Metallica one day, just like you said you were going to do for us. But we don’t need your help.” He flipped the camera the finger again and stepped down, brushing off his hands when he walked over to the window and climbed out again.

Cassidy stared at him. “Much respect.” She raised her hand and broke the tension, giving him a high five. They walked down the driveway together and stopped at the sidewalk.

“See you around?” he said, shoving his hands into his pockets and shot her a sly grin.

Cassidy shook her head and stretched slightly, checking the time on her phone. 2:39AM. She looked down the street and saw the gas station where her car was parked. Taking a step in that direction, she waved goodbye to him.

“Nah,” she winked, “this was for just one night.” Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she turned and walked away. Her fingers lightly grazed the stacks of money in her pocket and she smirked widely, satisfied with herself tonight.


This was a submission I entered in a writing contest. :) Thoughts?


awesomely hoooooooot
calousedheart calousedheart
Write more xD i wanna see her dads reaction , hahha xD
KilljoyDeathbat KilljoyDeathbat
Oh my god yes.. I think you should write more, like after a couple years and they see eachotehr again. That would be amazing!
Sinister Desires Sinister Desires