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You Found Me

Chapter Twenty-Nine

After I got out of the shower Brayden had fallen asleep in her bra and underwear, I walked over and covered her up and kissed her forehead. I got dressed in some pajama pants and walked downstairs to the living room. I stood in the living room and sighed I decided to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare Three on the Xbox. I logged on and Matt was online so I sent him a message and he invited me to his party.
“You’re going to lose.” He said into the microphone.
“You wish.” I said back
I looked at the screen and Zacky, Brian and Johnny had joined the party.
“You guys are going to lose. I’m beast at this game.” Matt said
“Shut up and start the round Shadows.” Brian said
The round started and I scrambled around to hide from Matt but to find the other guys. I came up behind Johnny and shot him in the back of the head.
“Aye! Bastard!” Johnny yelled
I laughed and then I got shot.
“I got your back Johnny.” Brian said
“Synyster!” I yelled
“Yes Reverend?” He asked
“This is not team work sir!” I said
He laughed and I decided to stalk Zacky.
“Vengeance someone is behind you.” I said
He turned around and I shot him in the head.
“UNCOOL REV!” He yelled
“Gosh baby shush.” I heard Gena say in the background
“Sorry baby.” Zacky said
“You are whipped my friend.” Matt said
Brian laughed and Matt shot all of us.
“Shadows.” Johnny whined
We played and they ended up bombarding me with questions.
“So when Payson is born are we going to have to cut down on the cussing?” Brian asked
“I don’t know I think that would be up to Bray.” I said
“Hmm when she’s sixteen are you going to let her go to Warped Tour?” Zacky asked
“Umm let me think about that......... Fuck no.” I said
They all laughed.
“Do you want her to look like you or Brayden?” Johnny asked
“Brayden.” I said
“Blue eyes or brown eyes?” Matt asked
“Brown.” I said
“Do you think she’s going to get picked on in school?” Johnny asked
“Look who her family is.” I said
“Could you imagine bring your parents to work day?” Brian asked
“Hah no one would fuck with her like ever.” I said
“And they’ll also have our kids too.” Johnny said
“Short shit your kids are going to be too short.” I said
“And don’t see you having kids anytime soon.” Brian said
“I see Matt or Brian having one first.” I said
“Val and I are actually trying.” Matt said
“Congrats bud.” Johnny said
“We’ve only been trying for a month so we’re working on it.” Matt said
“If she does get pregnant it cannot be a boy. We do not need mini incredible Hulks.” Johnny said
Matt laughed and agreed.
“What about you Syn. You and Madison want kids?” I asked
“I… I have to go.” Brian said
Before anyone could say anything he logged off.
“That was strange.” Zacky said
“Yeah.” Matt said
“Maybe you’re not the only on expecting.” Johnny said
“Don’t you think Syn would tell us?” I asked
“I don’t know man, Madison is getting a little chubbier.” Zacky said
“Get Val, Gena, and Lacey on that.” I said
“Brayden too. Madison is her best friend she could get it out of her.” Matt said
“When she wakes up I’ll talk to her about it.” I said
“Okay. Zee do you want kids?” Johnny asked
“Yeah a few would be nice.” He said
“I want two and that’s it.” Johnny said
“I could go for four or five.” Zacky said
“One or Two would be cool.” Matt said
“I agree with Zacky.” I said
“That’s a lot of kids’ man.” Johnny said
“We’re family guys.” Zacky said
I laughed and Gena took his headset away from him.
“Hiya guys.” She said
“Hey Gena.” I said
“Preggers asleep she didn’t answer her phone?” She asked
“Yep the mama’s asleep.” I said
“When she wakes up can you pretty pretty please tell her to call me?” She asked
“Just because you added an extra pretty in there I will.” I said
“Thanks Jim.” She said
“No problem Gee.” I said
She handed the headset back to Zacky.
“I don’t understand how you get along with her but not my ex.” He said
“Dude your ex was a total cunt.” Matt said
“She really was.” Johnny said
“Okay guys I’m hungry so I’m going to go eat.” Matt said
“Fat ass!” Zacky said
“Says the one with man boobs.” I said
“Hey now mister you have a tummy.” Zacky said
“Yes but I don’t have man boobs.” I laughed
Matt logged off leaving Johnny, Zacky and I laughed.
“Zacky has moobs.” Johnny said cracking up.
“Shut up!” Zacky whined
“What bra size do you wear?” Johnny asked
“Geennaa.” Zacky whined
“Yes?” I heard her ask
“Johnny and Jimmy are being mean.” He whined
“What are they saying?” She asked like he was three
“That I have man boobs.” He whined
“Awh baby.” She said “You do, but I love them they make you, you.” She said laughing
“That’s why I like your girl Zee. I’m getting off guys I’m hungry now too.” Johnny said
“Bye Christ.” I said
“I’m going to go do some shit.” Zacky said
“HEY! I am not shit!” Gena said
“Go spread your baby gravy.” I said
He laughed and logged off. I turned my Xbox off and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of cold Pizza out of the fridge and ate it. I decided to play a little piano. I went into the living room where our Upright Grand Piano was and sat down on the bench. I thought of what to play for a minute or two and finally decide on a song from album Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet; Warmness on the Soul. I started to play when someone touched my shoulder, I looked over and Brayden was smiling at me. I scooted over and patted the bench next to me; she had put on one of my shirts and a pair of shorts. She sat down and I began to play.
“Your chocolate brown tint eyes watching every move I make. And the doubt of feeling, it’s erased.” I said changing Hazel Green tint eyes to chocolate brown tint eyes.
She smiled
“I’ll never feel alone again with you by my side. You’re the one, and in you I confide.” I sang
She was contently watching me and waiting for me to go on
. “And we have gone through good and bad times. But your unconditional love was always on my mind. You’ve been there from the start of me. And your loves always been true as can be. I give my heart to you. I give my heart, cause nothing can compare in this world to you. I give my heart to you. I give my heart, cause nothing can compare in this world to you.” I paused to look at her.
She looked to have tears welling up in her eyes.
“And we have gone through good and bad times. But your unconditional love was always on my mind. You’ve been there from the start of me. And your loves always been true as can be. I give my heart to you. I give my heart, cause nothing can compare in this world to you. I give my heart to you. I give my heart, cause nothing can compare in this world to you.” I sang
She was biting her bottom lip so I leaned over and kissed her
. “Your voice is amazing.” She said
I smiled and wiped the tear from her eye.
“So I talked the guys earlier and Matt and Val are trying for a baby.” I said
“Awh! I hope when they do it’s a boy. Little Incredible Hulks.” She smiled
I smiled.
“Anything else?” She asked
“Johnny and I made fun of Zacky.” I said
“How?” She asked
“His man boobs.” I said
She laughed “He really does have them. Honestly you can’t tell unless he’s shirtless.” She said
“We asked Brian if him and Madison wanted to have kids and he just kind of shut off and said he had to go. The guys and I were thinking that maybe you weren’t the only one having a baby.” I said
“The girls and I can talk to her today.” She said
I nodded.
“Oh and Gena wants you to call her.” I said
“Lots of things happen when I go to sleep.” She said
“It’s been about two hours to yeah.” I said
“We’re hungry.” She said getting up and walking into the kitchen.
I laughed and followed her as she got some leftover pasta Zacky made and heated it up.
“Don’t stand in front of the microwave.” I said even though she wasn’t
“I’m not even near the microwave at the moment.” She said
“I know.” I said.
The microwave beeped and she got the bowl out and started to eat it. when she was done she had the sauce around her mouth, I grabbed a paper towel and got it wet. I wiped her face and she just looked at me.
“It wasn’t a good look on you.” I said
She smiled.
“I’m gonna go call Gena.” She said
I nodded.



The Piano


Welcome To The Family.

Welcome To The Family.

NC-17 Romance

Sequel to You Found Me


Completed ✓
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mrsmshadz mrsmshadz
Oh I know. They're all I think about sometimes. But I didn't know ALL of them were married. I thought Johnny and Zack were just dating those girls.

The updates on this one are done. The sequeal has started thought
Mrs.Sullivan Mrs.Sullivan
Tht asshole better not come back before Jimmy sticks with his promise and kick his ass, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
I love this story so much. One of the best I've read (:
PawSullivan PawSullivan