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You Found Me

Chapter Twenty-Two

I woke up the sound of my phone blaring my unknown caller ringtone. I groaned and carefully threw the blanket off of me. Jimmy slept peacefully under the pile of blanket. I switched the TV off and grabbed my phone.
“Hello?” I answered really snappy.
It was about two-forty-eight in the morning here.
“Easy killer.” The male said on the other line
“Who is this?” I asked
He scoffed, he was definitely gay.
“How could you forget me?” He squealed
I automatically knew who it was.
“How’d you get my number?” I asked
“Madison gave it to me mama.” He said
He has always called me mama
“Miles you do know it’s only about three here right. Not six.” I said
“Oh I never took it into consideration to check the time change. But anyways will you and Madison come here for New Year’s Eve?” He asked
“If she can bring her boyfriend and I can bring my fiancé.” I said
“Oh my god you’re engaged! At nineteen! You lucky ducky.” He said
“Yes sir I am.” I said
“Well of course you can bring them! I can’t wait to meet them.” He said
“I’ll talk to the three of them at a decent time okay? Is there snow on the ground?” I asked
“A lot actually I don’t get it.” He said I smiled
“Okay Miles I’ve got to go.” I said
“Okay call me later.” He said
“Bye.” I said
“Bye Bye.” He chirped
I hung up and went to crawl into bed but Jimmy wasn’t there.
“Who was that?” He asked sleepily
“My friend Miles.” I said
“What did he want at this god awful hour?” He asked
“Well babe it’s about seven where he is but he wanted to know if Madison and I wanted to go to his house for New Year’s Eve.” I said
“What did you say?” He asked
“I told him that I’d have to ask my fiancé and Maddie’s boyfriend.” I said
He smiled.
“I’d be fine with going.” He said
“There’s snow there.” I said
“Not really sure what that’s like.” He laughed
“I’ve been here all my life and we tour during the summer.” He said I smiled.
“Syn would probably be okay with it as well.” He said
“Yay! We’ll talk to them tomorrow.” I said
“Okay I’m really not tired anymore and it’s three in the morning. This is not like The Rev!” He yelled
I smiled.
“Get used to it baby when we have this baby it’ll wake up at the most ungodly hours.” I said
“Comforting.” He moaned I smiled
“I’ve got an idea!” He shouted
“Quit shouting you’re going to wake the neighbors. Now what’s your idea?” I asked
“Just come on.” He said I rolled my eyes and he went to walk away and I jumped on his back.
“I don’t want to carry your ass.” He said
“Of course you do.” I said “You got me babe.” He said
I kissed the top of his messy hair and he carried me through the house he stopped and dropped me onto my feet at the back door. He opened it and walked out, I followed and he locked the door shoving the key into his pocket.
“Jump.” He said
I jumped back onto his back and he headed towards the beach. I jumped off his back when he stopped. “The beach Jim? At three o’clock in the morning there is nobody here.” I said
“Thus the basis of its appeal.” He smied
“Okay Kat Stratford.” I said
“I didn’t mean to quote Ten Things I Hate About You.” He said
“But you did but why is it appealing to be on the beach when no one is here?” I asked
“Two words my dear.” He said
“What two words?” I asked He smirked.
“I’m not skinny dipping Jim.” I said
“Come on.” He said I crossed my arms.
“I’ll make you.” He said
“How?” I asked
He walked over to me and hugged me, I hugged him back and he started to kiss my neck and I moaned into his shoulder. He moved away and sat down on the ground.
“How about sex on the beach?” He asked
“I’ll do that. Just for you.” I said
I sat on his lap and he laid me down in the sand and removed my shirt. This felt wrong having sex on a public beach, but what’s the harm it’s three in the morning. He unhooked my bra and started to kiss my collar bone. He fiddled with my pajama pants and pulled those down.
“No underwear?” He asked
“I didn’t wear them to bed.” I said
He smiled and removed his shorts and boxers.
“I have underwear on.” He laughed
I laughed and he hovered over me and kissed me. He lifted me up not breaking the kiss and then all of a sudden I was flying through the fucking air and then I landed in the ocean. When I resurfaced I was gasping for breath, honestly it still scared the living shit out of me to be thrown in the water like that but usually with Jimmy he gives a warning.
“Jimmy!” I yelled freaking out
He smiled not really getting my freak out.
“What did I tell you about not warning me when you were throwing me into the water.” I whined
“Oh shit!” He said hurrying to get to me.
“I forgot baby girl. Please forgive me?” He asked
I clung to him.
“I forgive you baby.” I said
“I’ll never do it again I swear. Sometimes I forget that your dad did all of that to you because you’re so happy all the time now.” He said
“It’s fine baby I forget sometimes too but it always comes back when something along the lines of this happens.” I said
He nodded and my arms stayed hooked around his neck.
“Okay preggers can you stop choking me now.” He said
“I’m sorry.” I said
I stood in the water covering my boobs up with my hands and I shivered.
“Are you cold?” He asked
“A little.” I said
He pulled me to him and picked me up bridal style.
“What are you doing?” I asked
“You’ll see.” He said
He carried me up onto the beach and set me back down.
“Get dressed.” He said
“Is that a command?” I asked
“Yep.” He smiled
I pulled my clothes on and so did he; he picked me back up and carried me back up to the house.
“Let me down.” I laughed
“No.” He said
“You have to get you key out.” I said
He growled and set me down, he dug is key out and unlocked the door. I opened it and sprinted into the house.
“God damnit woman!” He yelled closing the door.
I squealed and ran away from him but he eventually caught up to me and pulled me to his chest.
“You are too fast woman.” He said
“You're a long legged man!” I smiled
He smiled his perfect smiled and then stopped smiling and set me back down on the floor.
“What?” I asked
“My baby's in here.” He said tapping on my stomach
“Yeah he is.” I said
“Is it a he?” He asked
“I don’t know yet we can find out in a few months I guess but for now I’m calling it a he.” I said
“I hope it’s a she.” He smiled
I smiled at him and pulled him to the couch.
“I love you James Owen Sullivan.” I smiled
“I love you to Brayden Adrian Winchester. All of you.” He smiled
I smiled and snuggled into his side, he shifted and pulled me in between his knees so my back was to his chest, he pulled the blanket over us and snuggled his chin onto the top of my head.
“I do love you baby I know sometimes you may doubt it but I don’t want you to.” He said
“I’ve never doubted it for a second Jimmy, I owe you my life. And I love you more than my heart can take it sometimes Jimmy. I don’t ever want to lose you.” I said
He pulled me closer to him bending his knees more. He kissed my neck and I smiled.
“You’ll never lose me.” He whispered in my ear.


Welcome To The Family.

Welcome To The Family.

NC-17 Romance

Sequel to You Found Me


Completed ✓
10.0 28 Votes


mrsmshadz mrsmshadz
Oh I know. They're all I think about sometimes. But I didn't know ALL of them were married. I thought Johnny and Zack were just dating those girls.

The updates on this one are done. The sequeal has started thought
Mrs.Sullivan Mrs.Sullivan
Tht asshole better not come back before Jimmy sticks with his promise and kick his ass, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
I love this story so much. One of the best I've read (:
PawSullivan PawSullivan