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You Found Me

Chapter Twenty

Jimmy and I have been dating for about a year now, I’m nineteen and he’s twenty-four. I wish I could say that we didn’t fight but of course we fought I mean he’s in a band and I’m a jealous person. Madison and Brian are still together and his dog absolutely hates her and it’s hilarious. Anyways it’s Christmas Eve and we’re all at Matt and Val’s house because they wanted to host it this year and not Jimmy. It’s about ten-thirty at night and Jimmy and I just finished laying out the presents, it was our job, and we are laying in the guest room
. “I guess we should get some sleep.” He said
“I guess.” I said cuddled up to his side.
I eventually fell asleep to his low singing.
“Brayden get your ass up.” I heard someone scold me.
I opened my eyes and Val was standing there in her pajamas.
“Give me a minute I’ll be down.” I said
She nodded and left the room.
I got up and pulled a pair of boxers over my underwear and looked in the mirror and adjusted the t-shirt I was wearing which was Jimmy’s so it was huge and I didn’t even bother with my hair it was fine. I walked out into the hall and stopped at the sight of a random white silky thing on the floor, I carefully walked on it and down the stairs trying not to fall when I hit the landing in the downstairs hall and there were Rose petals on the floor. I was really fucking confused but I continued to walk, when I walked into the living room I looked around and I was the only not awake and everyone was sitting on the couch. When I saw Jimmy my hands for their way to cover my mouth.
“Jim?” I asked
He was at the end of the white silk thing and he was in his pajama pants without a shirt and he was kneeling.
“Brayden.” He said
He held his hand out for me to take and I did.
“Brayden I’ve thought about this for a while and continually fought myself on this. I know your young but I was wondering if you’d like to become Mrs. Sullivan by marrying me. Brayden will you marry me?” He asked.
“Yes I would love to marry you.” I said
He slid the diamond engagement ring onto my finger and stood up pulling me in for a kiss. Everyone in the room clapped, and hollered. Jimmy pulled away from me and we sat down on the couch, I was next to Madison and she was the only person that knew what I had gotten Jimmy.
“This one’s Jimbo’s.” Brian said handing Jimmy a box I looked at it and then looked at Madison.
“He’ll love it.” She assured
I heard paper tear and I squeezed Madison’s hand and she squeezed it back comforting me a bit. Jimmy gasped and then I heard the box close.
“What was it?” Val asked Jimmy touched my leg and I looked up at him and he had the biggest smile spread across his face.
“Good smile?” I asked
“Fantastic smile.” He said
“What is it?” Val protested.
Val pulled it out of the box and her eyes quickly shifted to me
“I’m going to be a daddy!!!!” Jimmy exclaimed



I'm sorry they are so short I promise they are going to get longer but they are going to shift back and forth from short to long i did warn about that


Welcome To The Family.

Welcome To The Family.

NC-17 Romance

Sequel to You Found Me


Completed ✓
10.0 28 Votes


mrsmshadz mrsmshadz
Oh I know. They're all I think about sometimes. But I didn't know ALL of them were married. I thought Johnny and Zack were just dating those girls.

The updates on this one are done. The sequeal has started thought
Mrs.Sullivan Mrs.Sullivan
Tht asshole better not come back before Jimmy sticks with his promise and kick his ass, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
I love this story so much. One of the best I've read (:
PawSullivan PawSullivan