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~Rated R~ A7X Smutty One Shots ~Rated R~


It All Started With A Bottle of Jack.

"So what do you think, Carter?" A deep but childish voice asked from beside me. My thought train was cut off by his question. I blinked aimlessly and shook my head slightly before looking at the blue eyed boy who sat beside me with a small glass of Jack Daniel's. I furrowed my eye brows curiously and smiled stupidly.
"Sorry, what was the question again?" I asked curiously. The five men looked at me as we sat around the table in the bar with drinks. Matt, the bulkiest guy looked at me with a curious gaze and crackled lively.
"Carter, are you feeling alright?" He asked curiously. I wasn't sure if I was okay. I should be okay, I've had a good day. I woke up on the floor next to my flat mate, Jimbo. We spent the night watching horror movies and we must've fell asleep. I woke him up and made breakfast which was chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes. I had a shower and then we spent most of the day in the studio before the guys' girlfriends and wives came over. They were all lovey dovey with each other. Including Jimmy and Leana, they were especially lovey dovey with each other. I sat in the corner by myself and watched them be happy with one and other. I blinked and shook my head in responce to Matt's question.
"I'm fine," I lied.
"Still heartbroken about Kieran?" Zack asked the question that made me steaming inside. I was not heart broken about that. He dumped me, so what? It's not like we spent 3 years together before he left me for some blonde haired bimbo. I felt my heart jerk inside my chest as I shook my head again, lying to them all.
"I know what you need." Brian said shooting back his drink. I looked at the tipsy man with a curious and intent expression. He smirked his famous sinful grin at me. He poured some more Jack into my glass with a grin.
"I need to have some more shots?" I asked curiously. He chuckled and shook his head with a sinister smirk.
"You need to get laid." He stated making my cheeks go bright red. The guys laughed as I sank into my seat embarrassed.

After we had a couple more bottles of Jack and some vodka and a few beers, it was time to go home. Since Jimmy and I's apartment is a couple blocks away we decided to walk. Jimmy and I skipped and danced and sang our way home. We didn't know what we were singing or how idiotic we looked dancing. And honestly we didn't care. Jimmy clumisly unlocked the flat door and we both stumbled in.
I threw myself onto the couch, my body quaked under the softness. My entire body sank into the sofa. I tossed off my shoes and jacket, leaving my black leather vest and leather pants exposed. My vest shoed off my stomach and lots of clevage. Jimmy reappeared from the kitchen with two beer bottles. He smiled as he collapsed beside me and handed me a bottle. I sighed and opened the bottle, taking a long swig of the drink. Jimmy remained silent as he sat there looking at me with blood shot blue eyes. I smiled meaninglessly at him.
"I know you're not over Kieran." He spoke smoothly. I frowned and stared at the bottle.
"I am, I'm just,"
"-Lonely." He filled in the blank. I swallowed hard and nodded sadly. I felt his large hand lay on mine lazily. I looked over at him and nodded again.
"And when I saw everybody had somebody, I got even more lonely." I added softly. Jimmy frowned and sat up on the couch, he looked down into the bottle sadly.
"Not everybody has somebody." He said before chugging the drink back like no tomorrow. I furrowed my eye brows at him and sat up right, swinging my legs over the edge of the couch. I sat directly beside him with a confused expression.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked. He looked at me with those solid blue eyes and frowned. The pain in his eyes let me know he was hurt and wounded badly. His pain made my heart ache slightly. The seriousness on his face made me feel horrible.
"Leana ended it this afternoon." He announced with a cracking voice. I felt my entire world drop to my feet and shatter into billions of unfixable pieces. I know I was jealous of what they had because ever since we were kids I've had a crush on Jimmy but seeing how much he loved her and seeing how hurt he is now, I'd rather be jealous for the rest of my life than see my friend go through this. I frowned and put my hand on his back, swaying my palm on his spine and the back of his ribs.
"I'm sorry, here I am sulking over a guy who'd beat me,"
"Wait! He beat you?" Jimmy exclaimed as his entire body jumped to face me. I frowned and nodded, feeling bad for telling him that I'm still in love with a woman beater. Jimmy's large palm cupped the side of my face as he stared deep into my eyes. I winced slightly as his fingers tapped a fresh bruise that was hidden under a pile of makeup. His hand recoiled from my face and went to the tissues that sat on the coffee table. He licked the white tissue and wiped my face with it, removing the makeup that covered the bruises. He fell back in awe as his eyes were glued to the purple, blueish yellow sploch that was painted onto my cheek. I sat there ashamed of myself for being so stupid. I loathed in my self pity before I felt a set of large hands consume either side of my face and a set of soft welcoming lips pressed against mine softly. I was taken back by this but soon I pressed my lips back to his. I rested my hands on either side of his face. He pulled away, rising to his feet. He picked me up bridal style, crashing my lips back to his. He carried me to his room, he had a bigger bed since he got lucky like every night. His room was your typical twenty-one year old's bedroom. He put me down on the bed and crawled on top of me. He pulled away with a devilish smirk and stared down at me with eyes full of desire and lust.
"We're doing things my way." He told me before throwing himself off of me. His hands found the button and zipper on my pants, he tore them off of me, dragging my panties along with them. My heart raced as I stared at him with wide eyes. He leaped back onto me. He sat between my knees as his fiery blue eyes were full of lust and desire. The corner of his mouth curled into a devilish smile.
"You were his bitch for three years, you're gonna be my bitch for tonight." He growled at me in a lustful moan. I felt my entire body catch fire as his hands roughly ran up my body from my inner thighs to my breasts. His hands found the top of my vest, his long fingers curled around the fabric and tore it open, leaving my entire body exposed to his line of sight. His hands then tightly gripped my wrists making me wince in fear. He pulled them up to the head board there where were two leather binding ropes. He tied my wrists to the head board muttering dirty and sadistic things to me, calling me names and saying I deserved to be punished. He pulled his hips up to meet mine, his already hard penis didn't waste anytime with entering me, he burried himself deep inside me, not letting me have the time to adjust to his enormous member. I cried his name loudly making him pull from me then thrust himself deep inside me. Each time he made me cry and scream. I've never had someone as big and determined as him.
"You let him punish you, you don't know punishment." He spat angrily. "-Punishment is having to hear him fuck you every night."
"Punishment is having to lay on the other side of the wall listening to him fuck you hard and you screaming his name." "-But tonight you're gonna be screaming my name." He growled at me as he pounded into me like there was nothing to it. I looked up at him with angered eyes and clenched teeth.
"Now you know how I felt every night you fucked that little skank. Hearing her scream your name like you're some sort of God. She was obviously faking it because you're not a very convincing God." I intagonized him, letting the words roll off of my tongue. His lustful desire turned into lustful anger. He untied my hands and flipping me over onto my front. His hands tightly gripped my hips, pulling them up to meet his. He burried himself into me deeply making me scream again. I felt his hand ride down to the front of me, his finger rubbed my clit roughly making me breath heavily as I threw my head down between my shoulders. I lifted my head back up again and laughed.
"Still not convinced." I spat at him wanting him to fuck me harder. And he did so. He threw himself into each thrust. I could feel every inch of him deep inside of me.
"Oh my God!" I screamed loudly. I heard him crackle at my cries.
"That's right baby, scream my name." He said as he fucked me deep and hard making my walls tighten around him. I felt him push himself further into me as I hit my climax. I felt him ejaculate inside of me making me get off even more. As soon as the orgasm passed he pulled out of me and flopped down onto the bed beside me. I panted heavily and smiled at him.
"We should totally do this again some time." I said before I got up and went to my room, leaving him alone in a teasing way.



Woo! o.o damn. You should update
sdwigt sdwigt
When is the next update...this was really good
MoMo_92 MoMo_92
Love the angry sex, dude! Update soon!
synfully sexual synfully sexual
Update please :)
KilljoyDeathbat KilljoyDeathbat
I like where this story is goin, it's really good and sexy and I enjoy the angry sex between Jimmy and Carter, anyhoo can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)
MoMo_92 MoMo_92