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We're Going To Hell


Payden Harris, Saleigh Vaughn, Valary Dibenedetto, James Sullivan, Zackary Baker, Matthew Sanders, Johnathan Seward, and Brian Haner Jr. have been friends for a lifetime, almost. All straying very close to one another while Avenged Sevenfold is making its breakthrough, selling millions of albums by the year. Everything is going good, especially for Payden and Saleigh…until a few days after Christmas.

December 28th, 2009. That was the day James Owen Sullivan was found dead in his apartment in Huntington Beach, California, putting Payden in a depressed state lasting longer than her beloved friends. Every day, she finds herself reading the note Jimmy left for her, leaving her to wonder what was the cause of his suicide, which he vaguely mentioned. Everything in her life is at a standstill now. She’s flunked school, lost touch with everybody, and she barely even gets up to go to the bathroom. It’s when Valary convinces her to finally get out that weird things start happening. Is Jimmy really dead? Or is he hiding from something far too dangerous, a cause of him playing around with things he shouldn’t have been? What will she find when she goes digging around in things she shouldn’t be? Horrified of the truth, she starts hiding things from her friends, telling lies to cover up other lies, so she can lead everybody else to believing everything is okay, so they can live their normal lives. Will she be able to handle the deceit forced upon her, or will she, herself, also end up in the morgue, a place where she doesn’t know somebody really wants her?

What will happen to the seven, and how will their lives be affected by the death of Jimmy, and his past mistakes? Lies are made, hearts are broken, tears are cried, lives are taken, and relationships are broken, and we’re going to hell for it.


*DISCLAIMER; I do not own any of the characters in this clearly fictional story, except any original characters. Sexual content and vulgar language.



@Avenged foREVer
Yes, hello, I was confused writing it.
We can both be confused together.

This is the importance of plot creation prior to writing LOL.

snuff; snuff;
Ok wtf happened?I am sooooo confused!I love the story so much but it fucking pissed me off at the same time because I have no mother fucking clue what happened!Pleeeease get back to me about that!But it was amazing and had me on edge the WHOLE time!And there were so many parts that made me laugh my ass off which I thuroughly enjoyed!!Really great just fucking confusing.Especially the last line.Why would they all be going to hell?
Avenged foREVer Avenged foREVer
more please :)
cant wait for more :D
Awesome story! cant wait for more update soon please