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Sixteen & Pregnant: I'm Not Giving Up My Child.


"That was an awesome concert Lydia!" the 16 years old girl, Hannah Beth Johanson, told her even-aged friend, Mona Lydia McDeevo. Lydia, as she's better known as, just smiled looking to the ground being her normal shy self.

"Yeah it was amazing" she agrees quietly. Lydia has always been shy and self conscious, maybe that was what drove the 11 years older guitarist towards her. And made him decide to seduce the young girl, but then again, sometimes you don't ask for the age when you don't wanna know.

Lydia and her friend waited for the band, Avenged Sevenfold, to come out so they could get autographs and pictures with their heroes. And celebrity crushes. When the band finally came out, Lydia became very nervous not know if she could get her voice to speak loud enough to ask the man she loved for an autograph. she walked up and waited reverently in the queue until it was her turn. When she stood in front of the gorgeous man, Zacky Vengeance, she felt her mouth dry up and her voice was quiet, no sound came out. Zacky looked at her and smiled friendly towards her pointing to the ticket in her hand.

"You want me to sign that?" he asked her. she looked at him not knowing what to say, her voice had gone hiding and wouldn't come back. she nodded smiling a shy smile. he signed it handing it back to her then looked into her blue orbs expecting an answer of some sort. Lydia didn't know what to say, he laughed heartily at her.

"Cat got ya' tongue girl?" he asked with an amused tone in his voice. Lydia felled a blush work to her cheeks and looked more down before mumbling a thank you. Zacky leaned closer into her.

"Excuse, what did you say? I couldn't hear you babeh" he said. she lifted her head placing her mouth next to his ear.

"Thank you.." she said, with no confidence in her voice, but she was happy the words came out. the guitarist stopped in track, chills ran down his spine and he pulled his head back and studied the young woman, she was pale, like a glass doll, with pretty blue orbs. and light brown hair with a red glow in it. she was very petite, and very gorgeous. the slightly older man couldn't help himself. he had to have her. he leaned into her again hugging her.

"stay a little longer and wait for me here, I'll come get you when this is over" he whisper into her ears. Lydia pulls away and look up at the older man in awe, he smirks and winks to her then goes on to the next fan. Lydia walks off to the sideline debating if she should stay for what. after thinking about it for a little while she walked over to get the rest of the bands autographs, she made up her decision. A decision that would change the rest of the 16 years old girl's life.


Magenta_6661 Magenta_6661
Update update update update update update update update update PLEEEAAAASSIEES. no pressure or any thing. Haha sorry I just reeeally love this!
Please update! This is great!!
Please update REALLY soon!!!! I love this too!!!!
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Please update REALLY soon!!!! I love this!!!!